Peach Pound Cake with Michael’s Home Cooking

Peach Pound Cake with Michael’s Home Cooking

Let’s make a cake today, does that sound
good? I have one cup of flour in here I’m going to add 3/4 a cup of flour, 1/2
teaspoon salt, a teaspoon of baking powder I’m gonna start sifting that give
it some room in there I’m going to add another cup of flour so that’s a total
of 2 and 3/4 cup flour with the salt and the teaspoon of baking powder and we’re
going to sift the flour we’re gonna make a peach cake done that sound good
have some fresh peaches here and it’s something that is wonderful if you like
peaches. We are going to take 2 cups of sugar, 2 sticks of butter which is 1 cup
of butter and mix this up until it’s fluffy. oh right that has mixed up for about five
minutes what I like to do is mix it for a minute or so and then you know scrape
down mix it for a minute scrape down five times to try and make
sure that the sugar gets really mixed in well. I’m gonna add one egg and we’ll mix
the egg in, and we’ll do that three more times so four eggs but separately mix
them in. okay scrape down I’m going to add my last egg the batter is looking
much better it looks like the sugar is getting dissolved a bit better I go
about a minute per egg just gonna add the last egg in add 2 teaspoons of
brandy now if you don’t want to use brandy and use vanilla extract which is
also an alcohol, they’re both alcohols or you could use bourbon we’re going to mix
this in for a minute next I’m going to take peaches that I
cut up I use three large peach peaches make about two cups there, a little bit
over I’m going to add 1/4 cup of flour and mix this up I’m also going to turn
my oven on to 325. Next I’m going to add start adding my flour and about a
third of it mix it in slowly on the slow speed, and the rest of the flour. I have
that fairly mixed not all the way the flour we’ll add the peaches fold these
in. we want to take my baking pan and spray it with cooking spray so it
doesn’t stick. like that and put this into your pan and spread your batter out kind of like that and into your 325
degree oven. Here it is out of the oven it bake for one hour 60 minutes one hour
we’ll let this cool down 10 minutes, then I’ll turn it upside down and let it cool to
room temperature. The cake has cooled off and I have two cups of confectioner’s
sugar here and 1/4 cup of water 60 milliliters I’m going to pour half the
water in or most of it in the mix and this will make a glaze
you can adjust, you need 2 cups of sugar about 1/4 cup of water and you can play
with those amounts as well to make your glazing there thinner or thicker just
however you want it to be you know it’s a glaze like you get on doughnuts and just drizzle this onto your cake you can drizzle some of it and kind of
let it sit and then drizzle more I like to do that so I’m going to let this sit
here for about ten minutes, then I’ll drizzle the rest on there. I have a piece of the
cake here and I made a peach puree like a sauce to serve with it and if you’re
interested in that just look in the description and the recipe will be in
there under the video. mmm it’s so good dropped my fork it’s really good,
and that peach puree wonderful too. thank you so much for

34 thoughts on “Peach Pound Cake with Michael’s Home Cooking

  1. I have some local Calhoun County peaches, and I may try making this, it looks awesome.Β  You did a real nice job on this video, thanks.

  2. I could eat a few servings of that. I could make a smaller cake here, but I'd need to use mangoes because peaches are unavailable.

  3. That looks excellent. I will have to make this after I'm done experimenting with my other desserts.
    Have a good weekend Michael.

  4. I love peaches. We had two peach trees at the house that I grew up in. We had so many every year that we had to give bushels away to friends. My parents ate two peaches πŸ‘ that they really liked and decided to plant the stones.

  5. That's the definition of delicious! I've got a box of peaches just waiting for this recipe. Tess posted an ice cream recipe using peaches. I think I'll make them both!πŸ‘

  6. You always have great produce. Peaches are one of my favorites. Nice recipe- nice attention to detail for the end result, eggs one at a time, mix the butter & sugar at a time. WONDERFUL

  7. OH MY!!! Looks so beautiful and yummy Michael!! Instead of water, you could add a little peach nectar/ juice and vanilla extract, or some almond extract. πŸ™‚ I just saw the peach sauce!! there you go!!! YUMMMMMM

  8. How about adding peach brandy in both the glaze and cake brandy..then homemade vanilla ice cream too with a drizzle of peach brandy too..

  9. Oh my that looks sooooo good. I have been buying some really good peaches here in NC that they bring in from Georgia. I just might might give this recipe a try before the peaches go out of season. As always I really enjoy your cooking videos. Thanks for sharing.

  10. You just WOW and AMAZE me these days Micheal. The cake looks so yummy!!. All the best, Have a great weekend.

  11. Michael, the minute I heard the clash at the end I thought, "It's so good he dropped his fork!" I understand why! What a beautiful treat using, maybe, the most wonderful fruit of the summer. We love peaches and nectarines. We have them fresh every week when in season. We already had our peach pie treat this summer so we'll plan on your Georgia Peach Pound Cake for next year! (and maybe that peach pie also!) Something to look forward to! Thanks!

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