Pastry Chef Reviews Boxed Cake Mix

Pastry Chef Reviews Boxed Cake Mix

(door creaking) (upbeat music) – I’m Zac Young. I’m the Pastry Director for
Craveable Hospitality Group. I’ve been a pastry chef for 12 years. Today, I am eating cake out of a box. It looks pretty good. Solid cake. Spongy. I feel like everyone had this
for their birthday growing up, except for me. Thanks, mom. It has a little bit of
artificial vanilla flavor, but I think that’s what cake mix is about. The texture’s great. It’s moist, almost like impossibly moist. You could put a dish sponge and layer it with chocolate frosting and give it to me and
it would look the same. This is your base model box of cake. Two and a half. It’s basic and everyone can have it. (classical music) Ah ha! I’m guessing this is
going to be spice cake. It looks good. It’s springy. It smells spicy. Flavor is really good. It’s not too strong, you
get a nice hint of nutmeg, but the cake itself is
almost unnervingly damp. Marshy. The spice flavor’s good though and the texture, it’s oddly crumbly. It’s warm, it reminds
me of fall, two stars. It looks good, it looks red. That’s red velvet. It feels nice. Kinda feels like a loofah. It’s like a little dry. There should be a little
hint of cocoa in there. The cake isn’t overly sweet,
it doesn’t taste fake, it just doesn’t really
taste like anything. I mean, this is a pretty
classic red velvet cake. It’s just a vehicle to
get cream cheese frosting into my mouth. I’m gonna give it two and a half. This cake was trying really hard, but it just didn’t live
up to its potentials. Chocolate. This looks great. It looks chocolatey. It smells really nostalgic, like the inside of the
bag of Tootsie Rolls, which I think is a good thing. She’s a sturdy cake. She’s a thick cake. It tastes like cheap Halloween candy, but honestly, I kind of like that. I pretend to be sophisticated, but um, I’m really garbage. I just wish the cake were
a little bit more rich. Three stars. It’s a chocolate cake, guys. How can it be bad? Wow. She’s dense. It didn’t really rise. There’s no webbing. It doesn’t look spongy. If you can mess up
making a boxed cake mix, it’s not you, it’s the cake mix. Oh, yeah. It’s chewy, like nougat. Gummy has no place in a cake. The flavor is really good. It tastes like real vanilla, real butter. If this had been light and airy, this would’ve been phenomenal. I’m gonna have to give
this cake half a star. Flavor’s great, the
texture needs some help. There is no shame in the box. It’s quick and easy and
the results are delicious, but honestly, it takes just
about the same amount of time to make a cake from scratch. If you have the right recipe, the results are way more delicious. I encourage you step outside of the box, especially when it comes to cake. Or, of course, you can support
your local pastry chefs and go buy some of their cakes. Shameless plug. (upbeat music) (door creaking)

100 thoughts on “Pastry Chef Reviews Boxed Cake Mix

  1. When he said ”I pretend to be sophisticated… but I’m really garbage” that reminded me of shane dawson so much, like his old videos. I miss shane 🙁

  2. Interesting cake mixes, outside of the well known ones.
    I prefer to bake from scratch, or help small emerging bakery's and cafes

  3. Did you see his RED tongue after the Red Velvet Cake? That's petroleum-based, toxic FD&C artificial colors, friends! That poison has NO PLACE in a cake.

  4. Who remembers him from top chef:just desserts!? He was one of my main inspirations to become a baker/pastry chef

  5. So this is why I don’t like store bought cake 😏 my parents love it but I’m like “now listen here…”

  6. No, it can be you. Adore my boyfriend, he's banned from baking anything though. He can't even make boxed cake mix.

  7. To be honest I never had yellow cake that was boxed though for my birthday I had a chocolate cake with a cream cheese coffee frosting and crushed pecans on it that my mom would make for me and my siblings when it was one of our birthdays.

  8. I thought I was gonna hate him because he was gonna bash my childhood cakes but I LOVE HIM HE IS SO GENUINE! Like not a complete snob good job

  9. 2:30 "if you mess up using a box cake mix, its the mix's fault"………. bull crap. lots of people cant even boil water

  10. ….. Is it weird that I am aroused by this man?

    I will gladly help him get that cream cheese in his mouth (:

  11. To any British people. Morrisons own branded cake mix worked a lot better for me (a beginner baker) than the expensive ones. You've just gotta make your own topping for it though or buy a topping. Go for supermarket own!

  12. 'Pastry' and 'Cake' aren't really along the same lines…how about a pastry chef reviews pastry and a baker reviews cake?

  13. "This cake was trying really hard but it just didn't live up-to it's potential!! " felt like he described ME !!

  14. tbh take a box mix and doctor it (instead of water use milk or coffee for chocolate cakes; use one more egg than the box tells you; add flavor like vanilla, almond, citrus, etc based on whatever kind of cake you're making) and everyone thinks you've done something revolutionary

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