Hello and welcome to The Vegan Corner. Today’s video is for a food we all
know pretty well- pancakes! Now, we all have a good recipe for pancakes, and due to the fact that they are
really quite simple to make, we will focus this tutorial on how
to get perfect pancakes at every attempt, instead of proposing
a specific recipe to you. As usual you will find the exact
ingredients we are using for these pancakes in the description
below the video. We really hope you walk away from
this tutorial with more knowledge about this super famous sweet treat. Are you ready to be turned into a
professional pancake machine? A recipe for gluten free pancakes
will follow very soon, which will be a normal recipe and not
a cooking lesson such as this one. There are only a few things to consider
when making great pancakes; consistency and temperature
of the batter being one, proper cooking, thickness of the actual
pancake and the colour of them being the others. Why do some pancakes end up
thinner or thicker than others? Why do some have a uniform brown colour whilst others never colour properly? What’s the best cooking time? When’s the right time to flip a pancake? If you have ever had any of these questions
rushing through your brain, then this might just be the perfect video for you! First, let’s talk for about the batter. Pancakes can be any size, any
thickness and any shape. Although, when was the last time you
enjoyed a triangle pancake? Pancakes are best eaten round.
In our opinions at least, but if you want to spend the time
trying to achieve a triangle pancake, we won’t judge you. Much. Making thicker or thinner pancakes is
something we can easily control during the preparation and should
never be left down to luck. The best way to control the thickness
of the batter is obviously by increasing or decreasing
the quantity of flour, or by adding or removing milk. Only experience will tell you
how the batter should be in order to achieve the pancakes you desire, but if you experiment a bit…you will
become a master in no time! What is the best thickness for the batter? No matter what you’re trying to
cook, there will always be a correlation between size
and cooking speed; for example thin pancakes will obviously
cook faster than thicker ones. How much faster, you might wonder? Every time you double the thickness of a food, you are not doubling the cooking time,
but actually quadrupling it, because that’s how heat travels through food. This of course is not exclusive to pancakes, so you might want to remember that the
next time you put something in the pan. Now back to the main question, what
are the main differences between thick and thin pancakes? And what’s best? The answer is simple! Thinner pancakes are
a better option in almost every way; they cook faster, colour better,
they’re less floury, easier to digest and they
also look pretty good. But hey, if you still prefer to eat
thick pancakes, be my guest! Eating raw flour has never hurt
anybody…that I’m aware of. Something you should know is that colour is no sign of the pancakes being done, so if you think that your pancakes are
100% cooked on the basis that they have a lovely colour, I’m sorry to disappoint you
but that’s unrealistic and they might well be undercooked,
despite not looking it. There are two things in the mixture that
speed up the caramelising process, which is what gives colour to the pancakes; the first is the baking powder, which
is indeed used as a rising agent, but it is also lowers the PH of the batter
making it easier to caramelise. The second thing is the sugar, the more sugar
you use, the more colour you’ll get. As I’m sure you can understand,
neither of the ingredients speed up the cooking process; they only
speed up the colouring process and lower the temperature at which it occurs, which has nothing to do with cooking
the flour contained in the mixture. So how do we know if a pancake is really cooked? Exactly as you would do with any
other foods you put in the pan… by guessing! Unless of course you have fancy
and expansive equipment such as a laser thermometer. And what is the right temperature for the pan? Once again, you’ll have to make a guesstimate here, unless you have access to some fancy
and rather expansive equipment. However, for the sake of being thorough, a temperature that will allow to cook
the pancakes in a correct time, is somewhere in between 230 and 260°C
(or between 460 and 500°F). But be warned! If you use a non-stick pan, the non-stick coating starts to decompose
and becomes toxic at temperatures over 500°F or 260°C, so you might want to be double-extra
careful in that case. What about the cooking time?
Is there any rule? If the temperature of the pan is
right, or at least close to the ones we mentioned
a few seconds ago, your pancakes will cook in 45 seconds
to 1 minute on the first side. If they are properly browned in
less than 45 seconds, they are likely to remain raw in the middle. However, if they take longer than 1 minute to
cook, they might end up overcooked. Is there a right moment to turn pancakes
over and cook the other side? Some say that they should be turned
when the surface facing you becomes dry, and others like to turn them
when some bubbles appear. These are both good solutions
and it really depends upon personal taste and quality of the batter.
Personally I like to turn pancakes when the first side is properly browned, which also happens to be when
the surface facing you is dry. And how long will it take to cook the second
side? Roughly half the time of the first side, as there isn’t really much left
to cook at this stage. But again, this only depends on how
properly the first side was cooked. Now to the most important thing of the video
and then I promise I’ll let you go; when it comes to pancakes, make
sure to prepare a lot of them, otherwise you will be very sorry
when they are finished, especially if the recipe you
followed was a good one. And here you have the final pancakes. If you followed the video paying attention,
instead of spending your time drooling, by now you should have a degree in pancake making. I hope you enjoyed this informative tutorial, which hopefully turned you into
a master pancake maker and if you now feel like you could make
pancakes with a blindfold on, then give this video a thumbs up to
let us know that you enjoyed it. Many thanks for watching and to the next video

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  33. Hi,

    In Romania we call them "Clătite" and… And they're really thin, flat and only using eggs, milk and mineral water.
    We fry them with really really little oil and use lots of toppings.
    We roll them as ciggarets and they become "filled" with different creams.

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