Pancakes With Maple Glazed Bacon: Bring On The Brunch

Pancakes With Maple Glazed Bacon: Bring On The Brunch

Hi I’m Rich Harris and welcome to my new series
where I’m going to be showing you some great brunch dishes. So if you need to kick away
that hangover, or just impress your friends and family, these ones are for you. This recipe
is a great one from our friends across the pond. It’s my buttermilk pancakes with crispy
maple glazed bacon. [Music] First thing we need to do, is to fry the bacon.
I’m using streaky bacon, because it’s going to get really nice and crispy, and you’re
not going to hear a sizzle because I’m starting with quite a low temperature pan and just
bring the temperature up slowly. One of the secrets to getting really crispy bacon is
to cook it nice and low and slow, it’s going to render the fat out, and make it really
nice and crisp. Don’t shake the pan, don’t keep turning it, just leave it, and turn it
over in a couple of minutes. Lovely. I have a sneaky feeling that cameraman George
had a couple of drinks last night, so I can tell this is getting him excited. I don’t
think there is any better smell, than the smell of crispy bacon in the morning, or any
time of day. Right, so once you have got it to that stage,
take it out of the pan and drain it on some kitchen paper. So, just carefully pour off that oil. Just grab a bit of kitchen roll and then wipe
out the pan, just to get rid of any excess oil. And then a good glug of maple syrup. Straight away that maple syrup is going to
start bubbling, and start reducing in the pan. As soon as you get these kind of nice
small fine bubbles, chuck your bacon back in. And then you just keep moving it around in
the pan, just so it all kind of coats and glazes. This is where the bacon is going to
get really nice and sticky, and caramelized. Keep shaking it around the pan until those
bacon bits get really sticky and glazed and shiny, and for a full list of ingredients
just check out the description box. Take that off the heat and just set it to one side,
that will stay nice and warm in the pan. Take a clean pan and heat it up, ready for our
pancakes. So with the pancakes, start off with all the
dry ingredients, we’ve got some plain flour. Teaspoon of baking powder, and just a good
pinch of salt. And just give those a good sift, and that
is going to make the pancakes really really light and fluffy. Make a little well in the center, I’ve got
some buttermilk which is going to add a great acidity to the pancakes, and it’s also going
to react with the baking powder and going to make them really really fluffy and light.
So straight in with it then, and then three large eggs. So just whisk up the buttermilk and the eggs,
until they are smooth. And then pour your buttermilk and egg mix
just straight into the flour. Now this isn’t like a traditional English pancake or French
pancake batter that you can make in advance and then just fry up, because the buttermilk
is going to react with the baking powder you need to start frying them pretty much as soon
as the mixture comes together. So pour all that in. And then just gently combine the two ingredients
together. And then transfer the mixture into a jug.
I always find using a jug makes it far easier and then you aren’t messing around with ladles
or spoons, you can just pour out the right amount. So just drop small amounts of the pancake
batter, because it will spread as it cooks. As you pour it it will naturally form into
a circle shape. Don’t overcrowd the pan otherwise the pancakes will start clumping together
and you’ll get one massive pancake. So keep an eye on the pancakes here and you want to
see these little bubbles here starting to form on the surface. When these bubbles start
to pop, you’ll know that the pancake is ready to turn over, see now they’re just starting
to pop. So get a spatula underneath, and give them
a flip. You’ll see they’ll start to rise up and fluff up. This is the perfect brunch recipe
for me, it’s quick, it’s easy, it doesn’t take too much effort so if you’re a bit bleary
eyed from the night before it’s a nice easy one to do, and you can just cook it and serve
it straight to the table for your friends. So, take the pancakes out. And just transfer them to a plate. Cover these in some foil just while you are
cooking the other ones and keep cooking until you’ve used up all the batter. Right, so that’s
the last of the pancakes, all that’s left to do now is build the stack. So I think the
height of your stack of pancakes should directly correlate to how many drinks you had last
night, and given that cameraman George is feeling a little shaky, we’re going to go
quite tall. So just stack up your pancakes, then grab
some of this lovely, sticky, maple glazed bacon. So sticky it won’t even come of the
tongs. Look at that. And because we’re not on a diet,
I’m just going to finish it with a little knob of butter. And for good measure just
a little bit more maple syrup as well. So there we go, my buttermilk pancakes with
crispy maple glazed bacon. If you’ve enjoyed this recipe, click the subscribe button. Cheers.
Come on in George, these are for you. Come on. Sticky, very sticky. Very sticky. Very. I’ve always wanted to use one of these cameras. Good! Good! There you go there’s a sure sign, pancakes
are a winner. George is happy. Cheers mate. [Music]

26 thoughts on “Pancakes With Maple Glazed Bacon: Bring On The Brunch

  1. Hahaha,poor George is going to be out on the razz all the time if he knows he's going to be fed recipes like huevos rancheros & buttermilk pancake stacks,lol.Keep an eye on his liver! And I now know why I could never get my bacon as crispy as yours,so cheers.

  2. Not a fan of pancakes or bacon but once you glazed that pork in the maple syrup…i kinda want to know how it all tastes, lol…thanks for the recipe.

  3. How can the butter melt into the pancakes when it is placed on top of the bacon? Very pretty but illogical.

  4. Ha we shall do. Otherwise Rich is going to be kept hostage in the Videojug kitchen cooking up brunch for George!

  5. Not if the pancakes and bacon are still hot. If you put a little bit of butter on the last pancake out of the pan the heat from this and the bacon will make it melt. Naughty but nice!

  6. I could always be George's stunt double for those occasions when he can't rise to the challenge, 😉

  7. Hahahahaha.Lightweight,lol. Gawd,now for some reason I've got this mental image of Delia Smith wobbling around the studio with a hand-held in one hand & a bottle of rough red in the other,lol. 😉

  8. All men should know how to make these and serve them after a night of hot sex. That's the kind of chivalry we miss in life!

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