Pancakes: Bush Cook’n ► All 4 Adventure TV

You wake up in the morning at camp, and generally
I am the first one out of my swag, and I usually go over there and I rattle on Simon’s swag
and all I get for him is urghhhh. It’s like the mummy from return of the tomb or something. Anyways so I thought what I would do is knock
him up a bunch of pancakes see if I couldn’t get him out of bed with that.
Apparently he’s sleeping in his fancy roof top tent here. So if he’s not waking up
by all the noise I’m making! He might wake up with the smell of some yummy pancakes. Alright, let’s get this happening. So first
of all to make pancakes from scratch you need the ingredients, flour is the first one and
I’m going to stick a bit of milk in there. So some cream, I am going to make them a bit
flasher. Get a couple of eggs out of the fridge. I got 2 eggs here, will crack 2 eggs in. Right
a little bit of imitation vanilla essence. You can use the real stuff if you want, if
you are feeling rich. But I use the cheap stuff. I got a bit of yoghurt here, so I might
slap that in and then I am going to stick some sugar in. So we give that a bit of a whip up, alright.
That’s looking really good. Now pans looking good too, so I reckon it’s time to get some
mixture in here so, I got this big hefty spoon here and I am just going to dollop it in,
and this will give me a good measure, so I just go 2 spoons. Oh he should be able to
smell them now. Oi get out of bed you big monkey. Get out of bed, you want some pancakes? What is going on out here, you are making
a hell of a racket. Pancakes mate. Something smells good. Look at that. That’s worth getting out of bed for. Yeah, I’m nearly finished, so go and grab
a seat. What time did you get up? Oh you know, not that early, what time did
you get up that is the question? Too early. So we are going to get some mixed berries,
and we are going to drizzle them over the top, icing sugar here we go. Simon, you ready
for a feed mate. Stop talking about it, mate, hand it over
here. Here we go, knife and fork. I could get used to this, this is what I am
talking about. Give that sucker a whirl buddy. Good? Well
there you go, that simple, good tucker, great place, and good mates.

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