Pancakes make for a great breakfast, always. Period. The best thing about them is how easy they
are to make, and how easily customizable they can be – but have you ever wondered if there
was a life beyond decorating your pancakes with whipped cream? TWO words: Pancake Art. We’ve rounded up some super talented Pancake
Artists for you to discover, enjoy, and maybe even emulate! For more videos on Pancakes and other perfect
things, hit the subscribe button and don’t forget the join our notification squad! TigerTomato
If you scroll through TigerTomato’s feed, it’s
an endless playlist of creating and mixing up
two of the coolest art forms. What makes them so
cool? Well, for one, PANCAKES. DUH. The second
reason is, however, something that looks past the spongy deliciousness that comes with it
and focuses more on the visual appeal of your
meal. TigerTomato’s creations are eclectic and
keep you guessing the true genre that inspires
this creator. Infused with a sense of pop culture
that is bound to appeal to kids and adults alike. If we were to walk through the creation
process of the minds behind this account, it
would probably be as calculated, steady handed and perfectly measured, just like their
creations! Fans of Rick and Morty will be
delighted to finally get a taste of pickle Rick
– Cyanide and Happiness readers, doesn’t this
look all too familiar? In a cool throwback, we
even see videos creating Cartman from Southpark! Here’s him as the coon! For younger audiences
(and the young at heart, TigerTomato creates Spongebob tributes, Pokemon tributes – and
more, but we don’t wanna spoil ‘em for you,
so better check these guys out on YouTube and Instagram! TigerTomato also experiments with non-canonical
cartoons, with creations of their own that are
borderline quirky, infusing you with the right amount of nostalgia and a dash of envy with
the right amount of #Goals and heaps and heaps
of #swag. Dancakes
This YouTube account run by Dr. Dan and Hank come together to form Dancakes, who, other
than making incredibly hyper realistic art on paper,
can make them out of pancakes as well. You know
these guys are the real deal when they’re pancake ARTISTS, hired for events all around
the world! What sets these guys apart is their incredibly
intricate designs that turn out PERFECT. Ever
craved Rey from Star Wars? They’ve got you
covered. Remember Chewie eating a Porg? The
closest you’ll get to one is in pancake form –
these guys have got you covered there too. Sure, these videos are sped up, and sure,
this is a skill level of a Jedi Master, not a Padawan
– but every Jedi starts somewhere, right? Even
if Star Wars isn’t your thing, you have a variety of fandoms to choose from, and, eat
from. TV shows, Movies, Games – I mean, check
this out – who’d have thunk pancake Thor and
pancake Hulk would look good enough to eat? I
mean, the characters sure are a snack, if you
catch my drift… well, maybe not HUlk… unless
you’re into that *ahem* And OMG Overwatch? I’m
gonna get to making me some good old Widowmaker to go down nicely with my morning coffee. Anyone
who prefers milk and nostalgia – hold your horses: These guys also have a tutorial on
how to make the most SAVAGE looking Link from
Legend of Zelda! And Pancake Shrek?! ( “somebody once
told me the world was gonna roll me” meme? ) some
really good looking pancakes, and it’s such a
pity because these are so good and they’d sit so
well in my mouth, maybe with whipped cream, or
some ice cream on the top? Delicious. The Pancake Warrior
and Surprises Described to be saving the world, one pancake
at a time, this channel is known for its regular
uploads, and its attention to one very important detail: the power of Anime. In this beautiful
mix of very old and very new, you will find yourself lost in the syrupy sweetness of
perfectly measured nostalgia. How many of us
crushed super hard on Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta? Y’know, other than the fact that Dragon
Ball Super is back on, he was one of the first
animated bad boys to steal the show in a lot of
places. Speaking of sugary sweetness, remember
Baby Looney Tunes? So do these guys! Check out
baby Taz! Another bad boy, but mostly because of
his inability to stay put. Him and Vegeta seem
to have a lot in common… Anyway, the more you
scroll through this feed, you’ll see that these
guys also do cool videos on how to make “normal pancakes”, but with a twist! A stunning example
would be the super helpful, super easy video on
how to make rainbow pancakes! For those of us
with limited time to impress, a quick and easy
batch of pancakes is always a good answer. One
of our favourite collections on here is the Powerpuff Girls tribute – a combination
of the new and old Powerpuff Girls, the Rowdyruff
Boys and eclectic villains to choose from. The most
you can do to help the girls save the city is
chomp down on their villains like the Giant Godzilla that you can be. Randombreakfasts
aka Kevin Blankenship Pancakes always taste best when dad makes
‘em, right guys? If your dad was never much of a cook
not even to save his life – don’t worry. Neither
are we. But our friend Kevin here seems more
than capable of leading an army of dads to making the perfect pancake. What is perfect, you
may ask? Well, the love and dedication he puts
into making these, of course! This young dad
with his two boys has no training in art whatsoever – but that doesn’t stop him
from experimenting with designing pancakes, AND
uploading them, on a day to day basis! These
designs are nifty, DIY as HECK and are easy to
achieve, just like anything you or I could do
with one hand tied behind our backs. Like most
dads, this one seems to have found himself at
home, literally, making designs based on iconic characters from Star Wars and Marvel. The first
effort to go viral was his Spider Man creation, with a lot of characters from definitive Sci-Fi
moments taking up the space and time on his girdle, hopefully one day, Doctor Who included? Kids aren’t his only crowd, he also comes
up with quirky designs based on Clerks, Jay and
Silent Bob, icons in their own right, a good old
mug of beer and even relatable band logos, like
The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Bob Marley –
Definitely the daddest of dads, out dad-ing them
all! For more updates and inspiration, you can
follow him on instagram and see if you can send
out a challenge yourself. Saipancakes
The mind behind these pancakes belongs to an
illustrator, math teacher and professional dad. Nathan Shields is the dad behind this crazy
brand that included (DUN DUN DUN) DOCTOR WHO PANCAKES!! Each design seems to follow a festive
theme, or comes out randomly from his imagination – we’re not complaining! I mean, on
one hand we have his BASIC emoji Pancakes, meh –
PANCAKES. Now, that’s freakin crazy, right? We’re just getting started. Inspired by Disney,
TV, Comics and iconic Shows that define and determine pop culture as we know it, Nathan
is definitely one of the cooler, definitely nerdier
dads around. There are a LOT of
biology-inspired, anatomically correct DIYs that
have been posted, along with other fun challenges like Christmas Pancakes and “Ultimate
Pancakes!” These extend into satirical faces of
people you may know, and even a replication of
some memes that are gone but never, ever forgotten. In additions to creating incredible
designs, he also does commission based designs, in which he will send you a time lapse video
of the process of creating your very own
personalized pancake masterpiece – this can
range from anything to anything. All proceeds
are distributed between charity and his kid’s college education fund. He inspires dads
everywhere to pick up their ladles and get to
it, encouraging this method as just another way
to make breakfast an even more important part of
the day! Keinagaki aka uriah2004
This self described Otaku Chef boasts of his ability to turn any pop culture icon into
a pancake, and we don’t think he’s joking. These
pancakes literally look like art, drawn by an
artist on some brown paper at times. His
breathtaking style can be traced back to his time as an artist – and like any self described
Otaku, a fan on manga, the lines, eyes and detail that go into his works is a sureshot
reminder of your own days off tracing your favourite character. Speaking of faves, if you
ever did have a favourite anime character of
all time (Deathnote, anyone?) His YouTube
channel, uriah2004, is a brilliant showcase for
more of his works. Mostly the pancake
equivalent of black and white, the impeccably toasted lines that define the rest of his
work is probably as crunchy and delicious as it
is admirable. Among these recreations, you’ll be
sure to find an original character or two – all
good enough to eat… except, maybe, you wouldn’t want to dig in. Shaded, lined and hatched to
perfection, it’s almost as if these pancakes were playing tricks on our minds. Along with
Anime recreations, if there are those of you who prefer the Manga – he’s got you covered. Rows and rows of icons from Shounen and Shoujo
mangas to fill your heart with nostalgia and your stomachs with desire. Did you ever have
that really specific dream in which Princes Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin and you were
stranded in a desert together and you guys were
both so famished, you considered gobbling her
up? If so, this channel right here shows you
the step by step process behind making your dream into a reality. antsbento
Instagram user antsbento has got it all figured out. This account is a dedicated blog detailing
the everyday cute foods made by this parent for
their kids for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But
that’s for beginners, right? WRONG! These guys
here really know how to think outside of the box and go all the way, assembling things,
pancakes especially, into the cutest shapes and
beings for bento box lunches for kids! If you
have kids or just love bento boxes – this one’s
for you. Upon scrolling through this feed, you
better proceed with caution, as they don’t have
a sign that says “GO SLOW – HEART WRENCHING CUTENESS AHEAD”. Currently, their countdown to
Christmas features an assortment of creative and exciting ways to present a pancake, and
not just draw with it. Using good old berries and
whipped cream, these guys do a great job in finding newer and newer methods of not only
making their foods cute, but also super interactive! The amount of time it must take
with these presentations, phew! Round up the
kids for a little Christmas themed “Ultimate Pancake” challenge of your own for a hearty
breakfast. Other ideas you can take away from
this account, other than how to be GREAT at getting little kids to eat their meals without
fuss, is also how to turn a simple, round pancake into a myriad of faces, animals,
creatures and other ridiculously cute things I
can’t squeal about enough since I have three more entries to go through. Brek Nebel aka pancakebrekfast
Another Pancake lover who is a dad and loves to
cook for his son, Brek Nebel’s creations are
incredible! These original designs are
enviable, oh-so doable, and are very, very cool! While there’s nothing more incredible and
lovely than the amount of time one puts into creating something beautiful for the ones
you love, Brek here manages to do both. His
instagram, is filled with cool pancake designs stemming from his own inspirations ad
obsessions – Is Star Wars specifically a dad
thing? Good thing kids love em too! – as well
as out of this world decorations that he customizes himself. The feed gives us a little
sneak peek into what goes on behind the scenes of a pancake artist’s life, as well as out
takes and tips on how to ice the perfect pancake – based on who the kids want to
eat today, y’know? While Disney is a first almost
all over, we get sneak peeks of Marvel’s superheroes, fun animals, colourful characters
from popular films and TV shows. Hyper
realistic designs of wildlife are crazy cool, as are the many ways to present a plate of
pancakes to the world. Take notes and you’ll be
sure to cook up some perfection in your kitchen soon enough! Sometimes, we get a sneak peek
into what icing a big cake is like, since some
of Brek’s other hobbies seem to include baking
cakes and icing them too! The one you’ve been waiting for…
Gordon Ramsay. By now, you guys are already
familiar with the fact that gourmet chef Gordon Ramsay is super in touch with his love for
breakfast, and pancakes definitely fall under that category – along with the fact that
we absolutely LOVE the master chef himself. In
this bonus entry, we take a look at a pancake that is in a league of its own: Scotch pancakes
with caramelized bananas. Grab your notepads –
this is one tutorial you do NOT want to miss. The key ingredient to these fluffy pancakes
are the perfect blend of water, salt and
buttermilk. Make sure to get your measurements
right and make sure you have no lumps in your batter. With half a ladle per pancake with a
minute and a half given to each side, these fluffy delights are now ready to be customized
with the bananas! Chop the bananas diagonally
to ensure they cook on both sides and do not go
mushy in the pan. Leave the sugar to caramelize
in the pan and once it’s the colour you desire,
add in the butter and the bananas… oh boy, can
you smell that? We wish we could… But wait! There’s one important ingredient left! Yes! RUM! Drizzle this creation onto your pancakes
and top it off with vanilla for some great flavour explosion early in the morning. We
know, we know – this isn’t pancake art… but
Gordon Ramsay’s presentation IS art…and he IS
making pancakes here… so point made. #pancake porn
And for the final, most important entry, we start with a question: Have you ever found
yourself longing for the perfect video of syrup
as it slowly dribbles down a stack of rainbow pancakes? Or maybe a slow motion video of
whipped cream being used to decorate a stack of
golden brown lovelies? If this video hasn’t
satisfied your cravings, head on over to any social media search bar and enter #pancakeporn
into the field. We’re totally not kidding –
you’ll thank us soon enough. Thanks for watching! If you’re not busy
looking up these cool pancake artists already, hit the like and subscribe buttons
for more sweet delicious content.

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