Pancake Art Memes

Pancake Art Memes

– Hi everyone, my name is Tyler Oakley and if you think about
art throughout all time, what do you think of? I think of okay, what’s
that bitch, Mona Lisa, you got fuckin’ Starry Night, Last Supper. There’s a few big pieces but I feel like what we’re really ignoring
is true modern art and if anything is modern art
it is memes on the internet. I truly believe that memes
are just as impactful and universal as a lot of
art throughout history. But I do not believe memes
get the respect they deserve. So today I’m going to immortalize
some of my favorite pieces of modern art the only way I know how, by turning them into pancake art. Okay so I am a professional
so I spent my afternoon making pancake batter, dying each one. I then asked y’all to
tweet me your favorite, most iconic pieces of modern
art, memes, that you love. So with all that said, I
am ready to immortalize the art that you want me to make. For the first image I’m going to do, it’s that blurry picture of Pikachu. I feel like this one is
a good place to start because it seems doable. I have once before tried to do
pancake art with Hannah Hart and I was not good at it. (screaming) I feel like this time
I’m much more prepared. I have like these squeezy things, different colors, she’s a professional. Oh my god. This actually might be a lot easier. Oh, maybe not actually. Bam! Ha, I don’t think I’m
that bad to be honest. A little bit of red. A little red. This so far does not look bad. I asked you guys for the
most iconic memes of all time and a lot of people sent this one. I don’t really know the origin or why we’re embracing chubby Pikatchu, I mean, obviously body
positivity even for Pokeman, but like, why was this a
meme, I don’t really know. Oh! Wow, I don’t say this lightly,
but I’m a fucking artist. Bitch, hold on. It kinda looks like an egg,
still in a breakfast world, so it’s kinda like it’s fine I guess. Pokeman fans, eat your heart out. I have really created a masterpiece. Hang it in the Lourve. Okay, next image is, oh my god. Well, I am going to
try to do this justice. It’s Kermit spreading his
asshole for the people. So we’re gonna need a lot of green. This image is actually very versatile. You can reply to anybody’s
tweet if they’re really hot with just this, it’s
kinda like a come hither. So this is going to be his head. Not bad. Okay, not bad, not bad, not bad. His mouth, oh, oh my god,
this is not bad per say. Oh my god (squealing) and then his legs. Oh my god, this is. Okay so that’s good, that’s good body. She’s giving you body. The most important part of
this whole piece of art, whole piece of art, is Kermit’s hole. I will never be allowed on any set for any Muppet after this, I swear to god. It is a very pristine hole. And now, fill in the rest I guess. Oh, okay, his hole is bubbling, same. Okay so this one’s big
so we need Nathan’s help. So, oh my god I just also need you to care about Kermit please. Where are you, where are we going? We need to have a game plan. So it’s kind of like, oh
baby, oh baby, oh wait, no. – [Nathan] No. – Ready three, two, (laughing) – [Nathan] Oh! – He’s burning. Now I wouldn’t say this is of Jesus, in fact I would call it a little, unholy. Thank you, thank you. I actually feel like this
is very family friendly. Perfect for breakfast
with the mom and the kids and things or whatever families have. Miss Piggy goes perfectly
with this, bacon you know. Nothing says puppet
quite like a gaping hole ready for anybody’s hand. Very me. Okay so the next submission
is one of my favorite things of all time, I truly believe
this is honestly art. It is the Cher tweet that says, “What’s going on with mycareer”
because honestly, same. This is gonna be a full pan situation. I feel like I’ve been working myself up to this type of masterpiece. I feel like I’m prepared. I’m a little intimidated by
writing out all of that text but you know what, I think I got this. That is supposed to say what. Oh hunny, maybe you’re just gonna have to suspend your disbelief. What’s going on with my career? Okay, while that cooks I have
not much time to do the rest. Okay so I have to really kind of. Whoo! We’ve got Cher’s image
and then we’re gonna have all the text I think
is gonna be like this. Cher. And her verified check mark. And the reply button. Retweet button. And then a heart to like the
tweet and then a follow button. Oh, oh sure, whatever. And then the rest is just pancake. Cause it’s a screen shot. Does this, oh my god, how
is this gonna turn out? There’s no world where this looks good. Oh no, I really fucked this. (laughing) Once Cher was watching
one of my live streams and she told me she liked my pants. So Cher, I know you’re watching. I hope I’m doing you justice here. Oh no, maybe I shouldn’t
have done what I just did. Now that I’m looking
at what I have created, I’m curious how it’s gonna turn out. Oh, I just realized that
it didn’t quite matter what the text said ’cause
it’s gonna be reversed. Right. And the final (laughing). You know, an attempt was made. I just feel like there’s gonna be some day when I am a grown man
with a husband and kids and they want pancakes one morning and I’m gonna be like, oh have I got just the meal for you motherfuckers. If you would eat this pancake,
please like and share. Okay, let’s just do one more. For the last one we are
gonna do a meme that I think encapsulates everything
that we are all feeling. Surrounded by eternal flames,
but also lying to ourselves and saying this is fine. I’m not gonna lie, this one
seems a little bit tough but I’m gonna give it my best shot. Let’s go. Okay, so the eyeballs, ear, nose. Definitely missing a hat. Not bad, this isn’t bad. It’s fine. Pancake art is actually pretty difficult because you’re like racing
against the clock a little bit. Now because I have to
wait for that to cook and I’m feelin’ a little
cocky with how great that turned out, I’m going
to take it a step further. Oh no! Text is very hard is what I’m finding. I honestly feel like I have
gotten progressively better at pancake art with each
single one that I’ve done. Turn it up. Let this motherfucker cook. You guys! Y’all suddenly the Koons is me. I am sorry to say that this
is gonna be my last video because clearly I have found my passion. I have found my purpose
and that is pancake art, in the form of memes. Tell me this ain’t good. Tell me you wouldn’t eat this. Tell me you wouldn’t be
bewildered and be wowed. Be wowed, be wowed. This may be my highest and most valuable contribution to pop culture. Honestly, I have found my new passion. I am very talented and
I wish you could find your passion just like I have today. So that is all I have for you guys today. I’m gonna try this pancake. Let me see if it’s actually pretty good. Yeah, it’s delicious. (laughing) This is fine! So now that I’ve conquered
this new form of art I would like to conquer another one. What should I do next? What should I turn memes into next? If you have a suggestion, let
me know in the comments below and if you liked this
video, give it a thumbs up because obviously you liked it. I don’t know how you
couldn’t have liked it. Thank you! That’s all I have for you guys today. Thank you so much for watching. Good luck with your lives. I’ll see y’all next time. Deuces.

100 thoughts on “Pancake Art Memes

  1. I love you and your personality and will watch your videos no matter what but, you really should branch out some more. Like, your chosen family videos are a good example of something you could do. Or even something completely different. Just some sort of evolution would be great

  2. Hey Tyler!! You are great! Been following you for a while now!! New account, new sub! I'm motivated to have a youtube channel like yours, maybe better ๐Ÿ˜‰ I've got videos coming soon, would love feedback! xoxo

  3. I see your buffering mug Tyler.

    Thank you for clarifying what's inside those bottles – pancake batter and food coloring.

  4. Okay so I havenโ€™t watched your videos in FOREVER cause my homophonic parents hovered and I would have gotten in trouble but now that theyโ€™ve finally given me room I am back and TYLER I HAVE MISSED YOU!! Your puns give me life and damn your laugh is actual happiness. Hope youโ€™re having a good day

  5. Tyler, my name is Ethan,I'm 37yrs old,father of 3 kids,married,my family is falling apart because of cancer happen to mother and mother in law,my father got brain stroke,and wife is having cyst growing in ovaries,my life saving is drained to the point I can't afford to help them anymore,I have a fundraising page==>>

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  6. โ€œ-When I am a grown man with a husband and kids-โ€œ
    Alright Iโ€™ve been drifting around, kinda sipping my toe into the water of your content for a while, but I feel like Iโ€™ll have taken the full plunge when I learn whether you meant for that or not.

  7. When I began dating my girlfriend my friend personalised the Kermit meme many times and it was interesting let me tell you

  8. Yโ€™all postin that this channel โ€œdiedโ€ and how he only gets 100k like about yโ€™all donโ€™t have a channel or even 10 likes lmaoooooo. Actinโ€™ like he doesnโ€™t have other venture outside of YouTube ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ yโ€™all sad

  9. That last one was actually not bad! Turned out pretty good, well done.
    Also yall saying Tyler's channel is dead and perhaps its not as popular as it once was but he is doing what he wants to do and is happy about it and there are thousands of people that still support him so.

  10. I just want to say thank you to Joey Graceffa for introducing me to Tyler if I didn't watch escape the night I wouldn't have descovered his channel but I am so happy I did bc ur now one of my favorite people ๐Ÿ’•

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