wooooooooper. IAHAHAH love little girls they make me feel so good Let’s make another pancake art video Absolutely not I’m not making another pancake art video. How many views? Hey guys welcome to another pancake art video! Ha Today we are going to be making some– Pancakes! Pancakes! Pancake! It’s hot back here… How you guys feeling? Feeling fresh You guys know the deal you guys going to challenge each other either very hot so be very careful. I’m going to give you a picture, and you’re gonna pancake draw it, okay? Can you like my onesie? Hi First things first? I’m the realest realest up to the hall with The first design is the Youtube logo Alright. We got a little playbutton action going on. Wha- what are you doing keep going I’m waiting for you I’m using the white one right now because I’m like gonna make the out line of the playbutton Looking amazing Well, I think you said either flip. What do you think? I think I’m going to have the best one hold everything I think I’m gonna win You guys let us know in the comments Oh, look at that flip How about that flip though Ohhh, how is that flip? Woooow, That’s pretty good Look at that. That’s like. Oh, maybe they’re like Super Dark chunky uh Chunky! ?? Wow that’s good decide if you want you to like video. You can click right here, or is it? It’s right there. It’s right there All right all the flip! Do you need help?
No. Okay, oh boy. Why it’s sticking don’t bring we should spray something I asked if you needed my- How are we doing that? It like, folded when I was flipping it. Flippity flip! Alright, so. Round one, let’s see who won. Well, I think we have a winner: Mr. Monkey wins! (Woohoo!) Round two! Round dos! A cool little bumblebee! bobblehead there – a little bit a little bumble body for those wings you got there? Yes, I’m going to do a- Little line, okay that kind of looks like a bumble bee. You can redeem yourself now. Oh! Look at that! Okay! Looking good monkies! ah I get in the wrong spot. I’m on the edge. You can still win this. This looks like mustard. Can you imagine me pranking you guys pranking you guys it’s mustard? PRANKED! YOU JUST GOT PRANKED! Wow, that looking like a cute couple you know you guys know if you make it too big it’s hard to flip and you can’t flip it it doesn’t Yours go big boy. I know that looks cute that looks cute, but That’s giant.How you going to flip that?No Idea yet. All I do is win win, no matter what got pancakes. Oh my thighs never get enough, and I did Nothing that was not supposed to happen. Thank you. Good. That looks very good use nothing what service. Oh Using you so here’s like a honey. Oh, honey Doesn’t he look cute before let’s go let’s put that on the plate in three two one oh Look at that shit both of cute. I think you’re so cool on ritalin. You know you got a big size betta That was hard to flip good job monkey good job however. I think we have a winner here Running rNa let it O muhammad to one round not round Wow Hanky batter senior every realiza Coming onto the good of great mind look that’s a real patient all Right was ready from the ground is necklace A little singer such a thing to me, you know what Else’s Business, okay here. We go. Can you make the crying laughing emoJi? man he is We got blue. We got yellow. We got some brown we got some white We got the teardrop, okay? And now I’m going to move on to the eyebrows and the eyes look up clean mine in and then look at this guy this Makes it hot because you’re wearing a hood No, because it’s working already Please burn In the frigging bed, I’ve already made it a run out of all Fucking women can you fire me? Yes, thicker neck Okay Looks good It’s not as a giant you Looked at my employees look at her compared to mine. Mine. Looks like it. Just came out of a horror movie wow Expectations vs.. Reality you’re Gonna flip yours, wow oh You made the flip that’s good so exhausted. Oh open it wow very similar Emojis oh yes. Oh, yes Jeez man Your version more like like guys. We didn’t raise are gonna burn. Why? if you went from Texas to three two one Toss down below oh do you think one to the goodness. It’s a balloon reduce Wallah It’s art its art sweeter. I appreciate it when your art Guys good, art is what you make it let us know in the comments who won that emoji Crime face or was it hi? I am esther I should be on a cooking channel say I’m going to win them all this I am going to win the trophy I’m going to win $50,000 and I’m going to thank my husband Tom Mexico Very that much medicaid so freaking cheap I just want to make another batter. Are you ready for the file? Yeah? Yes? Who’s ready to make a Minyan Yeah, good luck All right now. I don’t like it so big hi, Nia. Don’t make it big Concern your pancake batter Is no hot this burning cigarette pepper top? Yeah always amazing. Oh, you look like three good eyebrows Please thank you Yeah Why are we so bad at what am I doing? What am I doing with my life? Let’s just do this and then we’re going to go like whoa wait a minute I’m just playing with you, so sunburned are you – oh? Let me show you what to do What are we doing? Oh? You like it dick this is Bob. I don’t know I don’t know it looks like a minion Why not eat it? All right, all right now chalmers off ryder. No my teeth are fine. Why did I eat that that I went below the Food : If you ate the yellow food color you wouldn’t like make a difference cooties Thank you for releasing me. You know my teeth are not yellow. I’m always here for a whole season susie What a free pancake no table And I’m not done. I don’t want that crash All right now that add Raza. Whoa whoa. What are you doing? The whole goal volumes uberaba? We there’s a g right there guys if you can totally tell that’s a jean under J. Cuz you know I’m such a great tank. Oh, I forgot the hand that’s my goodness It’s not a minion without the hand I have no idea what I’m rushing right now. Yeah, oh my goodness the hand just fell off of the This is what I would only get 3D printer like hello there, okay? Now. We wait because she’s very patient when she makes pancakes You’re not looking good. Hey frank man. All right here. We go. Look at he flips oh That’s cute you guys told me very people You’re making the iCIj dress look yeah an opinion, okay? Wow, we’ll forgive me that problem with a Minyan pancake art Yeah I like it Oh, my soul always regatta. Do you know what time it is? Where’s your min do? I make it the boots for it right now, so be patient patient to crash And burn in my favorite popper Yeah Yep, oh Oh, no tractor beam yin. Well looks like I won that Minion one minion to let us know who won in the comments. Oh Thanks for watching guys. We love you, and now we’re just going to continue to make real pancakes And I’m just going to take a bite out of this swoop. It won’t make Thanks for watching everybody, please like driving me the comments down below if you haven’t subscribed yet Please click on the icon on the left and a little thing will pop up and you zippe subscribe if you already have subscribed please Forget everything that I have just said Which is my radio board? by

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