– This is the craziest pancake
art challenge we’ve ever had. Whoa! – This is so much fun. I love it. – Mom, what are you doing? We’re cleaning up. – You caught me. I just wanted to make one more. I redid the Pikachu. – It looks so good. Let’s see who’s gonna win. Who’s gonna win? It’s time to flip the pancake. Whoa! What is going on Shares? Welcome to the vlog. Welcome to another awesome day. Today’s pancake art challenge
is going to be totally crazy. But wait, first off, we
gotta switch something. Hang on. Oh yeah, that’s right Shares! We now have pink Share the Love
t-shirts in the swag store. (wild applause) And they’re totally epic! And now Shares, it is time to
bring in our special guest. This is gonna be the hardest
pancake art challenge ever. If you saw our first
pancake art challenge… – Whoa! – Whoa! – Whoa! Liz, you’re making more? That’s Patrick! – Yeah, I made Patrick! – I actually don’t know who won. In fact Shares, if you
wanna win a swag pack, A.K.A youtube play button key chain, watch till the end for the secret codeword for a chance to be entered to win. We got our epic bottles of pancake mix. Now let’s bring in the special guest. Shares, you saw all the
painting all around our house. Well, they’re all drawn by one artist, and that one artist is… Da da da daa, My mom! – Yeah! Hi Shares! – Oh my gosh! This is gonna be the hardest
pancake art challenge ever. My mom is such a good artist. You ready to do this? – I’m ready. – Okay! – Let’s do it! – Okay, Shares, let’s get
ready for round number one. Pokemon! Oh, so we got to draw a Pikachu. You gotta vote for who
draws the best Pikachu. You ready to do this Mom? – I’m ready. – Alright, let’s get to work. Here we go. Three, two, one, Go! – At the same time? – At the same time. – Oh, I didn’t know! – Half and half, half and half. – I guess I wasn’t ready. – Go! C’mon times ticking, times ticking. – I don’t know how to do this! I’m not really sure what I’m doing! – I’m going to an outline. Woo! I’m gonna do the ears up
here, face, the body, tail. The eyes here. And then I gotta fill in. Oh my gosh, I don’t know
how this is gonna turn out. And then I’m gonna fill it in with yellow. Here goes nothing. Let’s see how this
Pikachu Pokemon turns out. Hey, I think this is gonna look good. Oh my gosh, my actually might… I might actually win this round. Shares, I’m feeling pretty
confident about this. – Oh man! – Okay, I think mine’s done. I just gotta wait for it to
cook all the way through. Mom, I don’t know. Oh, Shares, I don’t know
what my mom’s looks like. Quick! You gotta go quick! Yours is burning already. Go fast! There you go, fill it all the way in. – I didn’t know this was green. – Shares, I think I’m
gonna win this round. Mom, you’re a little rusty. I think mine’s done. – Alright, let’s flip. – Oh, mines ready to be flipped! Okay, Shares, get ready for mine. Here we go. – Flip? – We gonna flip in three, two, one. Uh oh, Mom’s messed up. – Oh no! – Go! Oh, mine’s not bad! Hey, mine looks pretty good. Oh, yours isn’t bad either! Okay, let’s do the
final reveal on a plate. I’m gonna flip it back
over on the other side. I think that’s the better side of mine. Three, two, one… Oh, not bad. Hey, that looks pretty good. How’s yours look? Okay, Shares! – It’s a little green. – Comment right now who you think won. #Stephen, if you think I won, or #Mom if you think my mom won. Okay, that was round number one. Uh, didn’t do very well. So, you know what, let’s
get rid of these utensils. These were not the right ones. Shares, check out what I got! – Whoa! – This huge spatula! This is definitely ready
to flip some pancakes. Okay, you ready for round number two? – I’m ready. I didn’t do very good. – You think you’re
actually ready this time? – I gonna do better this time. – Okay, I think I won round number one, but Shares, it’s up to you to comment. Let’s do round number two. You ready? – I’m ready. – And round number two is Lego! Oh yes, we’re going to
draw this lego character. Any color you want, it’s just
gotta be a lego character. You ready to do this? – Okay, okay, I’m gonna
do it yellow this time. I want yellow this time.
– Okay, let’s get to work. Ready? – Okay, I’m ready, I’m ready. This is hard!
– Okay, okay, here we go. I’m gonna outline in black and
I’m gonna fill it with color. Here we go in three, two, one, go! Oh, I don’t know where to start. – I don’t know where to start. – I’m gonna start with
like the round head. Oh, I think that was pretty good actually. Oh, that’s like a really skinny neck. It’s gonna be like a t-shirt, and then I’m gonna do some short legs. You gotta have some arms. Mom, how’s yours coming? Mom, you’re concentrating so much. – I’m concentrating too much. I need to be free. – My mom’s is looking really good though. What is the head? The head is yellow. Yellow for the head, perfect. Oh no! – Oh no! – I think you’re doing it backwards. You’re doing the wrong technique. – I had an explosion. – Oh no, okay. And now I’m just gonna do… Ah! You’re taking my colors. I’m gonna do… Ah! I don’t know what color. I’m gonna do blue, blue for the shirt. Alright, I gotta fill this in quick, before the whole thing burns. I think mine looks good. I think yours is ready to flip. Mom, grab the giant
spatula and flip yours. Quick! – The giant one, but mine’s little. – What? You need the giant one or
it’s gonna break apart. It’s gonna break apart. You have to use the big one. Oh my gosh! Uh oh. – I gotta just try it. – Here we go, three, two, one. Oh, not bad! You’re just missing the eyes, but hey, that looks pretty good. Okay, I think mine is ready to flip now. – Alright. – Okay, this is like… I feel like every time we
flip it, it’s like surgery. It’s so hard to flip these. – Do you want help? – I don’t want to break the Lego man, but I think I got it. I think I got it.
– You got it? – I’m gonna do the little
spatula and then the big one. Combine them together. – C’mon Stephen. – Here we go, three, two, one, go! – Oh! – It’s stuck, it’s stuck. C’mon, get off, get off, get off, c’mon! And come on… Oh! Hey, that looks good! – Great, look at that! – Yours looks more like
the actual picture. Mine is a little bit off from the picture. – I like the freedom. – I think we’re getting a little closer. Put them on the plates
for the final reveal. Let’s see. Oh, you flipped yours that way. I’m gonna… Oh no! Hang on, hang on! – It’s too big, it’s too big! – Don’t look. I don’t wanna lose you! Oh, it looks so good! – C’mon, perfect! – Oh, it looks so good. – Oh, check this out! Oh yeah! Check that out! They look so much better on this side. Okay, Shares… – They look good, they look good. – I don’t know. Who do you think won this one? #Stephen for me, or #Mom for my mom. I don’t know. This is a close call. – Mine’s wearing sunglasses. – I think mine looks good too. – Awesome! – I don’t know, Shares. Comment right now who you think won! – So, we have done two rounds so far. I’m actually thinking
my mom might have won that first round. Yours looks good.
– It looks great. – Now that it like dried
out, I think it looks good. So, ah, I don’t know! Now, we did a round number
two, which was Lego. Okay – Oh! – Oh no! Very very fragile Lego man. Okay, now it’s time
for round number three. Mom, do you think you’re
down to win this time? – I’m getting better. Go forth with round number three. – Round number three, let’s do it. And round number three is, Minecraft! Oh, yeah. – Oh boy! – This is one of the best games out there. Can I draw it though, is the the question. Can you draw it? – It’s kinda boxy, but
let’s give it a try. – It’s kind boxy, similar to the Lego, but a little bit different. Let’s give it a try. Round number three, let’s do this. Okay, I always start with black. Ready? – Yes. – Three, two, one, go! Minecraft, I’m gonna do
legs, boxy arms like that. Oh my goodness, my shapes
are all over the place. I’m gonna do, like, a
cool fill in technique. This is gonna look weird at first, but it’s gonna come out totally epic. This could actually
gonna look really good. This is gonna be awesome. Okay, fill in. I don’t know how this is
actually gonna turn out. I’m trying to do all squares, but it didn’t quite come out that way. I’m almost done it. One more final color. Okay, mine is done. Now, it’s time to let it cook. – I’m not done, I’m not done! – Oh, my mom’s actually looks really good. That actually looks so good. – I’m ready. – Oh, my mom’s looks really good. Oh no! I’m afraid to see what
they turn out to be like. – Cute! – Alright, is mine ready? I don’t think mine is ready yet. The waiting game begins. (upbeat playful music) Do you think yours is ready? – I think so, I think so. – Should I grab you a plate? I’ll grab you a plate. – Yeah, grab me a plate. – Careful. – Oh, I don’t know. – You gotta use the big spatula. – You’re right. – C’mon, flipping is the hardest part. It can make or break your pancake art. – Okay, hold on. I got it. – Ready? Ah! – Oh no! – Fix it! Fix it! Okay, while she’s fixing
that, I’m gonna flip mine. Flip! – Oh, wow! – Oh, it looks so good. It always sticks right there. – It’s sticking. – I gotta reposition it. – Da da da daa! – Hang on, hang on, hang on. And da da da daa! My Minecraft pancake art challenge. That looks so good! – Wow! – Yours actually has like a good face. Oh, I forgot to put a mouth! Oops! – I finally put the face in first. – You actually got the face this time. – This time, finally! – This time I actually missed the face. Okay Shares, you gotta comment
who’s you thinks is the best. You know what? Let’s flip ours back over, and see what the other side looks like. Flip it in three, two, one, go. Ooh! – Puffy! – Oh, yours looks so good. Okay Shares, now you gotta vote! Who do you think won this round? I don’t know, they’re so good. They are looking really good. – They look great. – Alright, I think we’re
ready for round number four, the last round. Shares, this round is
worth double the points. So, far this pancake art
challenge is off to great start. In round one we had the Pokemon round, where we drew our own Pikachus. We had Stephen’s yellow Pikachu and Mom’s lime green Pikachu. Then we went to round number
two, which was the Lego round. The Lego round we had Stephen’s Lego man, and we had Mom’s Lego woman. (crickets chirping) The most recent round
was round number three, the Minecraft round, where
they got super colorful. We have Stephen’s giant Minecraft man, and Mom’s giant Minecraft woman. Shares, it is a very close competition, and it’s up to you to
vote and decide who wins. We’re on to round number four. That’s right Shares, we’re
back with round number four. It is a very close challenge,
but we’re ready to do this. You ready? – I’m ready, let’s do it! – Alright, round number four is… Da da da daa! Minion challenge! – Yeah, I love minions! – I feel like I could do good at this. This is a basic shape, and his one eye. Maybe a little strings for the hair. Let’s get going. – Let’s do it. – Let’s do it. – I need to see what this looks like. Oh, it’s so cute. – Okay, minion challenge, here we go. In three, two, one, go! Alright, some little legs, and now I’m gonna do the big
circle body, simple arms. Oh, I like the way it’s
turning out so far. Black dot, and then, oh,
I gotta do a blue eye. So, blue around the eye, big eye. Oh, then I gotta do
something for the googles. Ah! I forgot we have white. – We have white. – Okay, I’m just gonna
fill in with yellow. Here we go. And just like that. Oh, my mom’s is looking good. I have no idea how mine’s gonna turn out, but this is what it looks like so far. Oh no, my mom’s looks so good! Whoa! As long as that doesn’t burn, that’s gonna turn out totally epic. Look at my mom go! Mom you are doing excellent at that! Whoa! – This is so much fun! I love it! – Whoa! This is crazy. This is one crazy pancake art challenge. Mom you are the artist to compete with. Wow! This is the craziest pancake
art challenge we’ve ever had. These minion pancakes are
looking so good, Shares. It’s time for the final reveal. You ready to flip it Mom? – Let’s flip! – Let’s do it. – Don’t ruin it. Don’t ruin it whatever you… Ah! Careful! Oh no, the arm is coming off. Careful, careful, careful. It’s not ready, give
a couple more seconds. It needs to cook more. Mine’s ready, mine’s ready. Alright, here we go. Oh yeah, mine’s totally ready. Flipping in three, two, one, go! (wild applause) Hey, that looks pretty good. Not bad, not bad. Flip, flip, flip, flip, flip. And, go! C’mon! – And go! – Oh, that looks good! Okay, now we gotta flip it
back over to the other side, and Shares it’s time to comment who you think won this round. Remember it’s worth two points. It’s time to flip. You ready? – Yes! – In three, two, one, go! – Flip! – And let’s see! Oh my goodness, that is so good. I think you clearly won that round. – Aw, so cute, so cute! – Oh my gosh, look how good my mom’s is. – They’re both awesome. – Whoa, yours just blows
mine out of the water. – Nah, that is adorable. – Oh Shares, comment who
you think won this round. I think my mom won this round. – I like him better,
but I always like mine. – I’m commenting #Mom for this one. Wow! So far we’ve done all four rounds. It’s looking really good. We’ve got some pancake mix still left, so it’s time for a bonus round Shares. – Woo, yeah! – This bonus round is going
to be a swag pack bonus round. So, Shares if you made
it this far in the vlog, comment right now #Bonus, for your chance to be
entered to win a swag pack. – Oh yeah, #Bonus! – The bonus round is free for all. So you can draw anything you want. – Free for all, anything? – Anything you want. – Oh now you’re talking. – I’m gonna do a youtube
play button keychain. – Alright, I have no idea. I gotta think of something quick. I don’t know. – Well, you better think quick, because the round is starting. In three, two, one, go! – Okay! – Here we go. – I don’t know what to do! I don’t know what to do! – Well you better choose quick. – I’m just gonna go for it. – The swag packs are awesome. Then you gotta do a play button here. Oh, I’m gonna fill it in with lime green. That’s gonna be cool. Oh, yeah, it’s like a watermelon. What are you drawing,
like a ghost or something? Oh, no! I don’t know how that’s gonna turn out. Okay, that does not look
like the Share the Love logo. Ah! Youtube play button keychain,
AKA swag pack, here we go! What is that? Oh, oh! I know what that it! Shares, comment right now
if you know what that is. Oh, first person to
comment what this is… Oh my gosh, you’ll get something… You’ll get a shout out for sure. This is awesome. I know what my mom’s drawing. Oh, I know what you’re drawing. Oh, Shares, I’ll give you a hint. I have a feeling that
what my mom is drawing, is something that we got
in the fan mail today, from Camden and Gavin! Check this out! Oh, it’s so epic! Are you drawing baby otter? – Baby otter! – Oh, it looks so good! – Out of pancake batter! – Oh yeah! Okay, I think mines almost ready to flip. Okay, hurry up Mom. Yours is gonna burn. – Well, let’s flip it, let’s flip it. – Flip Baby Otter.
– Hold on, hold on. – You gotta fill in
his mouth or something. He’s almost done. Oh my goodness, this is gonna be awesome. Alright, let’s see who’s gonna win. Who’s gonna win? It’s time to flip the pancakes. Okay, I think mine is ready to flip. – It’s ready. – Uh oh, uh oh. – Careful, careful. – Teamwork. – Teamwork. – Ready? Lift and flip. – Oh yeah! – C’mon, it’s stuck again. Ah, once we get this off, I think it’s gonna turn out really good. Carefully peel it off. – Careful, careful, teamwork, teamwork. – Ohhh! – Awesome! – Oh yeah, look at that! Hey not bad, not bad. I can’t wait to see what
the other side look like. Oh, and I think yours is done, Mom. – Oh, I’m definitely ready. – Baby Otter could come
out to be a masterpiece. Alright, teamwork on the flip. Let’s do this. Uh oh, quick! The ear’s about to fall off. Ready? And flip it. Go! Go! Go! – Woo! – Uh oh, hang on. Oh, that looks so good! Oh Baby Otter looks really good. Flip it back over, you good? Three, two, one, go! Ohhh! Baby Otter looks so good! Whoa, that is the most colorful
pancake dog I’ve ever seen. Whoa, this is awesome, and the best part is, we can eat these. – Mmm, they smell good. – Woo, okay, that was a lot of hard work. That was a good pancake challenge. – It was a lot of hard work. I’ve never done this before. It’s so much fun. – It is so much fun to do
the pancake art challenge, and the best part is, it’s edible. You can snack on them when you’re done, but Shares, the final
results are in your hands. You have to comment who
you think won each round. So round number one was the Pokemon round. Mine, my moms. Then we had the Lego round. Mine, my moms. Then we had the Minecraft round. Mine, my moms. Then we had the Minion round. Mine, my moms. Then we had the free for all round. I drew a swag pack, and
my mom drew Baby Otter. Shares, here are all the
awesome pancake arts. Who do you think won? #Mom for my mom. – Oh yeah, pick me,! Yeah! – Woo, or #Stephen if you think I won. Shares, it’s gonna be a close competition. Well, at least I hope. I hope I did good in this. It’s all in your hands, Shares. You gotta comment who you think won. Mom, what are you doing? We’re cleaning up. – Oh, you caught me. I just wanted to make one more. I redid the Pikachu. – It looks so good. – Alright Shares, time to flip. On the count of three. One, two, three, flip! – Oh yeah, that looks so good. – Awesome. – Woo, Mom you’re a pro now. – Hey, stay tuned. I’m gonna try to get Stephen
to let me do this again. Comment below if you have any ideas. I’ll take special order. – And if you made it
this far in the video, there’s actually another
change to win a swag pack. First, all you gotta do is
make sure you’re a subscriber, because only subscribers
can win swag packs. So, hit that subscribe button
and join the Share fam. Head over to the last
pancake art challenge we did with Carter Share and Lizzy Sharer, by clicking the card right there. Go to that video and comment #Bonus, for your chance to be
entered to win a swag pack. So Sharers, there’s actually
two chances in this video to win a swag pack. Plus if you got first comment, you automatically win a swag pack. Mom! Don’t eat it. – Sorry Stephen! I thought the competition was
done and it was time to eat! – Well, I might as well eat this one. – Might as well! – Mmm, oh it’s so good! Alright Sharers, well
that’s all for today. We’ll see you in tomorrow’s vlog. So, until then you know what to do. [Together] Stay awesome and share love! [Together] Peace! [Stephen] So yummy! ♪ Snow day ♪ ♪ It’s a snow day. ♪ ♪ Snow day ♪ ♪ No school today ♪ ♪ Snow day ♪ ♪ It’s a snow day ♪ ♪ Share the love ♪ ♪ Everyday ♪

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