Painful Patriotic Pancakes

Painful Patriotic Pancakes

Cream and sugar! Eggs and flour! Milk! Queenjam! Add eggs! Add milk! Whip the crap! Add flour! Time to fry the shit! And fry! Not done yet! Tom! Put some cream in my beard! Perfect! Next time! We’ll eat a spruce forest! Or a pine forest!

100 thoughts on “Painful Patriotic Pancakes

  1. Why the hell do you have lunch and dinner with milk but for breakfast (well, pancakes are usually for breakfast) you eat with water?

  2. fina videos av dem. vad äckliga pankakor!! jag hade sett hur de gjorde video, de åt ny mat inte som de serverad på videon Hahaha

  3. Почему вы не заворачиваете в панкейки сливки и варенье?
    Именно так мы поступаем с блинами.

  4. Hey Niclas I actually tried your method without baking powder / soda and I like it much better. I was wondering how you got your pancakes to be both thin and consistent because when I tried again with less flour to make them thin like yours, they started breaking off (it was basically an omelette with flour). Any ideas?

  5. man you people in Sweden are super amazing I wish I could taste your food guys in real life and honestly guys you should open up a resturant in
    Pakistan. Your cooking skills are sooper amazing :). Also I liek to eat mayonnaise too :3

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