‘OMKalen’: Kalen Hosts a Pancake Mukbang

‘OMKalen’: Kalen Hosts a Pancake Mukbang

Hey, y’all. So today, we are going
to do this little thing that I saw on the
YouTube called a mukbang. M-U-K-B-A-N-G. That’s
how you spell it. So I’m about to eat
me some pancakes, and we just going to
chit-chat and talk, baby, OK? We’re just going
to have fun today. So lean back, relax,
and let’s just kiki. [LAUGHS] [MUSIC PLAYING] OK, but first, I’m a
little parched, baby. I got to take a little drink. I’m glad they covered
up my straw, though. Because, you know,
folks got germs. That ain’t cute. Oh, this is some
good orange juice. Is this freshly squeezed? OK, I’m going to start
with my original pancake. So that ain’t enough syrup. I need another one. You know, my home
girl, Ellen DeGeneres, she just signed on for
three more years, baby. OK, don’t we love
job security, girl, ’cause I got bills to pay, and
I got a whole life to plan for. I gotta get this 401(k). Yes, indeed. Well, y’all, I done took a bite
out of this and didn’t even bless the food. My mama would whup my ass. OK, bow your heads
and close your eyes. Here we go. Father God, thank you so
much for this wonderful meal that you have
prepared for me today. Please bless the hands
that prepared this meal. I hope that they used
antibacterial soap. You took me from a
poor college student, and you brought me
here to Hollywood. And I’m really living my best
life, and I’m so thankful. And yeah, that’s all. I will talk to you tonight. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen. OK, let me finish eating now. Now, this pancake is
an original pancake. And it’s actually delicious. That’s what’s wrong. When people try to cook, they
try to take classic stuff and just change it, kind of like
they did that mac and cheese. Remember when they put them
Brussels sprouts and carrots in it? Why are you putting that
in mac and cheese, baby? Just make mac and cheese. All you need is mac and cheese. All right, baby. Now, let’s go on over
here to my breakfast one. So now I was told that this
has bacon, hash browns, and egg in it. Wow. It smell good. Let’s try this. I feel like I’m going
to like this one. Why do I keep blowing the
pancakes like they hot, y’all? That’s good. It’s got, like, a whole bunch
of surprises up in here. It’s like you get hit
with each little flavor. Like, you get a first
and a little bit of egg, then you get a little
bit of the bacon. Then you get the
hash browns too. And I think they
season the hash browns. Oh, you know I love
some seasoned food. And I don’t even
think this is bacon. I think this is Canadian
bacon, like ham, you know. You know how they do
over there in Canada. Wow, that’s great. It’s smoky too. It’s like a sausage. All right, I’m going to move
on to the green tea pancake. I ain’t never had no tea in
no pancake, but I do like tea. They gave me this, whatever
this is, some green cream stuff, and it’s supposed to go
on top of this pancake. Looks like a green
tea whipped cream. OK, well, let me
put this on here. Oh, lord. That’s a lot of sugar. I gotta put this green
stuff and the mascarpone? Oh, I forgot I have
some bacon over here. Ya’ll, I love bacon. And I tell you, I can
get a whole pack of bacon and just eat all the bacon. Yeah. This bacon’s good. This is some good ass bacon. I’m chewing. My mama told me not to
eat with my mouth full. Hold on. I mean talk with my mouth full. Y’all knew what
the hell I meant. And they got this
bank-level security on this damn container. Some people in there are
stealing the mascarpone? So this is mascarpone cream. Is that how you say it? No? Do I know how to say it? No. Do I know what the hell it is? Absolutely not. Let me taste it for y’all. OK, so I gotta put
this on here too. Oh, lord. This is a heart-a-take
waiting to happen. What’s a heart-a-take? [LAUGHS] I’m going to eat
another piece of bacon. I’m sorry, turkey
bacon a little chewy. That’s why I’m eating it. It take too long to
dissolve it in your mouth. OK, it’s almost gone, y’all. Oh, guess what, y’all? I just adopted a
new little puppy. His name is Karter. Baby, he is literally
the love of my life. He literally is so
well-behaved already. We just started
training last week. He just cuddles up with
me when we go to sleep. He get right next to me. He likes to bite on my ear. He likes to nestle up in
the crevice of my neck. He is great. Karter, his first name, is
because Beyonce last name, you know, but with
a K, because of me. It is Karter with a K.
Don’t you be putting no C on my baby’s name, OK? Put some respect on his name. Second, there’s Lee. Now it’s Lee because that is
Ellen DeGeneres’s middle name. I had to name him
after Momma E. And you know his last name, Allen,
’cause that’s my last name. But yes– no, he is so precious. Y’all would love him. Oh, yeah. Baby, I can only
eat one of these. This is some heavy
pancake, probably because of that mascarpone. About to dip that up in there
and get it all sopped up. Oh, I feel my blood
sugar going up. I’m not a fan of the green tea. I don’t know why you would
want green tea on a pancake. Let me wipe the stuff off. I ain’t trying to have no green
tea debris up in my other one. [SLURPS] So now I’m going to try
this black sesame, right? Black sesame pancake. What the hell is a black sesame? And why would I want
it in a pancake? Is this a healthy one too? See, that’s why you can’t
eat it in LA, y’all. Everything healthy. OK. I already am little
wary about this. Mm-mm. This has gotta go. Mm-mm. Take this back. Return to sender. It contaminated my silverware. Dang, look, it even
tearing up my damn napkin. What kind of bionic
seeds is them? I would have to say that
my favorite pancake is this original pancake
over here, right? Just because I like to
keep it plain and simple. However, I would say what I love
more than pancakes, actually, is a good crepe, OK? Because it’s thin,
and sometimes pancakes can be a little doughy. So I love a good crepe, and
I love to make it savory, or I like to have it fruity. So like, comment, subscribe. Do whatever you
feel is necessary. Down there in the
comments, tell me what your favorite pancake
or breakfast food is. And also, since
this summer I want to do a little bit
of experimentation, I want you to tell me what
you want to see on OMKAlen. We’re going to try and
make it happen, baby. Happy SaturKay. I’ll see y’all next week. I’m going to keep
eating my bacon. [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 thoughts on “‘OMKalen’: Kalen Hosts a Pancake Mukbang

  1. I only eat pancakes if I have a taste for them. I love French toast. You should do a French Toast or a Waffle Mukbang.

  2. We need not use straws! Not good for the earrh, oceans and wildlife. Thank you for listening.

  3. Kalon it’s pronounced mukbong the”a” is pronounced as an O, other than that, You are supposed to eat everything not tease and just a bite, you are to eat everything and all the orange juice out there you drink all the orange juice to bake and then I see all of that too he can just taste is not tasting of so that’s not a mug but eating at all is a mukbang. I Have been looking at mountains for a long time my favorite person is Ben Deen, he is on YouTube check out on colors there’s other ones that I like him, he is English speaking.

  4. is it sad that i was just focused on all the garbage being produced after hes done? them cups and them mini containers and them straws D:

  5. omg please let us see karter sometime, kalen! also, i can feel my asian ancestors screaming. i love green tea and black sesame sweets 😭

  6. I make a mean lemon ricotta pancake with a made from scratch berry syrup. You can use strawberries, blueberries or whatever is in season.  Everyone loves them!

  7. So we all🙄 gon' act like we don't see Demetrius Harmon's "You Matter" Hoodie💛. Thank you Kalen❤️ for raising Mental health awareness✨🙏🏾

  8. Yes Kalen! They try to do the most with classic food. That's not hot!!! 😳🙄🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞 However Banana pancakes are delicious

  9. When he was about to pray for the food, didn’t anyone else close their eyes and bow their heads when he told us to because I did

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