Old School Cake Decorating / Basic Buttercream Piping

Old School Cake Decorating / Basic Buttercream Piping

In this cake tutorial, you’re going to see
how to make a beautiful vintage old school cake. With basic buttercream piping skills you can
do this too. Hi it’s Lorelie. Welcome back to my channel and if it’s your
first time welcome to Wedding Cakes For You Cake Tutorials. If you want to build your skills and confidence
to create beautiful cakes and memories, subscribe and ring the bell. Start by coloring about two cups of buttercream
pink. About one cup or so of green. You can use a mix of moss and juniper like
I did here if you like. Fill one bag with the green, and one with
white. The tips that you’ll need are 18, 104, 3 and
102. Now you want to crumb coat your cake with
a thin layer of bu7ttercream. This cake here I’m using is just a demo cake
so I didn’t bother to fill it. I use my Italian meringue buttercream recipe. If you’d like to get a free copy of my Top
Five Buttercream Recipes you can visit Wedding Cakes For You I have the link below to get
your free book. It’s an e-book by the way, not a real book. Now coat your cake with pink frosting or whatever
color you decide, I mean you can use Lilac, is really nice with this kind of a cake, or
a soft yellow. Smooth out your cake as best as you can and
then refrigerate it for 10 minutes or more. A doily is really perfect for a Victorian
style cake like this. Hot glue holds the cake firmly in place. Once the cake is cold you can smooth it out
a bit more by using a straight edge like this bench scraper. You can find this and all the other tools
that I use in my cake business in my Amazon Shop. The link is below for you. Now mark your cake for your garland placement. I’m just using a little nick on the side of
the cake there. It will be covered when i do the border.So
no worries there. And you can buy templates for this but I usually
just eye ball it and I sometimes use a cup and I mark a half circle. Using a number 3 tip pipe squiggles to fill
in under the swags. This is called Cornelli Lace. Pipe the lines without overlapping them. Once your done with that grab your 104 tip
and with the wide end down squeeze out and wiggles the tip back and forth to create ruffles. Now back to the start tip number 18. Pipe an edging along each ruffle as a finishing
touch. For the top border use a number 18 and pipe
to make reverse scrolls. The bottom border is a straight shell. Now for the bows using your 104 make two loops
then two ribbons coming down. For detailed instructions on this type of
piping I have a basic piping skills class on Teachable, It’s in my Academy and it’s
called Cakes with Lorelie Academy. And the link is in the description box for
you below. And there it is! Your beautiful Victorian old school style
beautiful buttercream cake that you made for your family members, they are gonna love you. Alright well thank you so much for being here. Join me on this channel every Wednesday at
one o clock for a live demonstration and or Q&A. You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks so much for being here and I’ll see
you in the next video.

15 thoughts on “Old School Cake Decorating / Basic Buttercream Piping

  1. Piping is the first thing I learned in 1984 when i was asked to make my girlfriends wedding cake. Her wedding is also where I met my hubby. He was the guitarist in the wedding band LOL Whats the first for you in cake decorating ?

  2. My first cake was a 25th anniversary cake for my parents after I finished my Wilton courses. Thank you, Lorelie!

  3. Very very classic, the new generations of Pastry makers know little of this technique so elegant and fine, I agree to follow these decorations in current cakes.

  4. I love this! Reminds me
    Of my wedding cake of 28 years ago
    I’m enjoying being part of your Cakes with Lorelie Academy, highly recommend joining anyone who wants to take cake decorating to the next level. You’re a great teacher

  5. I love this cake!!! The old school piping is one of my favorites, hope you do more of these cakes on your YouTube channel 😁 do you have a picture of your friends wedding cake that you could share? My first cake was a barbie doll cake for my granddaughter Zoe. It turned out pretty well I think! At least she was happy with it which was all that mattered!! 🙂

  6. Those bows! I tried to pipe buttercream bows on a cake last Christmas and ut was a disaster! You make it look so easy. Thank you for sharing. I am determined to get better. I'll be practicing this one. ❤

  7. My cakes always lean over, they also fall while slicing, please help me why am I having this problem and my buttercream cracks all around the cake

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