Nuggets 360 | Pancake Challenge

Nuggets 360 | Pancake Challenge

welcome to sunny Sacramento California
Chris Dempsey Katy Winge and we are at the world-famous Jim Denny’s Diner it has been
here since the 1930s and they have an extra special challenge that Chris
Dempsey over here has accepted it it’s called the Hub Cap
Challenge and it is a giant pancake So we’ll see if I am still living at the end of this thing let go check it out Your throne awaits you This is where it is all going down Do you think this is enough space here? This will suffice? You know if it is not, than I am going to be worse here than I already am. Let’s get the whole lo down here It’s the size of that fan or Elsie the cow here and it comes with 8 pieces of meat and 2 eggs and if you finish in 20 minutes its free here it comes look at the size of this
please it’s huge! Walk me through your strategy, I thought I had one but it’s gone they put this down and I dont know if I have one No butter wow that’s gunna try to stay healthy anyway yeah get the action shot he is getting after it little bit more now. Just for the play by play bite, you guys need this he is really committing I think he maybe thinks that it’s possible right now he
hasn’t cut up too much where it’s just like he is shoveling it in at this
point yeah you don’t want to small cause then it’s like umm shut your mouth. It just in I am admitting defeat. Wow. The Denver Nuggets have done a really good job of founding ways to win This is not going to be a W here today He gave up with 2 minutes left, I gave up. take that L on the way out Take that L that that L on the way out.

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  1. I've been wanting pancakes for days now after watching this. Thanks guys! Katy you're doing a great job, glad you've joined Altitude. Demps great as usual.

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