My Drunk Kitchen: Pizza Cake ft. THE TRY GUYS! (Part One… Ned)

My Drunk Kitchen: Pizza Cake ft. THE TRY GUYS! (Part One… Ned)

– Hey guys, this week on My Drunk Kitchen I’m joined by not only one special guest not only two special guests not only three but four! Welcome The Try Guys! – (incoherent) – I’m already drunk. – You only had one drink. – It was a double! – [All] Cheers! – [Hannah] Macarena! (upbeat music) Hey guys thanks so much for being here. – Wait, I got it. – There’s a cat on his back! – As you can tell this
is a pretty tight fit. Charles, I’m going to need you to go. (laughter) – I’ll make a platform. – We’ll make a human ramp. – It’s working. – [Try Guys] Yeah! – We’re a 600 dollar cat ramp. – So I know what you’re thinking how are we going to do this? Is Hannah slightly uncomfortable with all of these people here? – I would be. – What? – Yeah! – And the way we’re going to get through that is by eating pizza. But not just any pizza. A multilayered pizza of deliciousness enjoyed called the pizza cake. – Oh, that’s what pizza cake meant? – So I’ve noticed something
in you guys videos is that you are all like really competitive with each other. – Uh. – Well, they are. And then we’re also here. (laughter) – Instead of competition, My Drunk Kitchen is all about loveitition. – Whoa. – So I want to see each of you put the most love into your layer. Good God, Charles! – It’s biting a power cord. – That can’t be healthy. – The power strip. – He loves power. So each of you is going
to make a dedicated layer. It’s going to be great. So three of you need to leave. I’m going to have to take
care of Ned right now. He’s going first. – Yeah we’ll go and you take care of him. – Let’s Kitchen! – We’ll see you in the order
of least favorite to most. Alright. – Did he even consider how that
would even hurt my feelings? – [Eugene] I’m kidding. – Oh my God I have a fanfic about this. – It’s loveitition! – This might have been the
gayest MDK has ever been. Ned, where did you get that glass? – I found it in your glass area. – So you know we’ve met like twice, right? – Uh. (laughter) – What kind of wine do you want? – White wine, please? – Okay I’ll give you
the whitest wine of all. There ya go! – Oh, that’s water come on come on Hannah. – You got to drink that before
I give you another drink because we here on My Drunk Kitchen believe in responsible, indulgent fun. You studied Chemistry, huh? – I did study Chemistry. – That’s really good. – Chemistry is basically like cooking. It’s just you can blow yourself up. – Okay, let me hear your best boop,boop. – Okay. – You got to boop, boop something? You can’t just boop, boop by yourself. What? – What was that? – Ned is married. – Ned is married, he hasn’t
boop booped in months! (laughter) – We’re trying to have kids. – You’re trying to have cats! – No, kids. – Oh, kids. Oh, guys this is a My
Drunk Kitchen exclusive! (laughter) – We’re trying to have cats! – Have you been trying to
have cats for a long time? – Mmmm, relatively recently. – You should each boop, booped
and show me you best ones. Not that it’s a competition! – Okay. – So give me your best boop, booped. – Boop, booped! – Oh, we’ll have to see. I’ll have to check it against the rest. Thank you so much I’ll use that. – Okay alright. Today we are making a pizza cake, but not just one layer but four layers. Each of the Try Guys are
going to make their own layer of the pizza cake. But at the end of the day,
it’s not going to be cake. It’s going to be pizza. – So this is my home. So, the first step in
making a pizza cake is to.. – Make the dough. We have pre-packaged
dough from Trader Joe’s. – It’s not from Trader Joe’s. – It’s not? – Mmmm. – You sure? – Whose show is this? – Okay. – Once you made the dough, you have to set it into a little cube. We’re making a pizza
cake this is next level. – What! I thought we were just
making individual pizzas and then dumping sugar on them. – No because then the cake would bleed together and it would just be a mess. My Drunk Kitchen is
about aiming for success! – When can I put this in? – And you guys do this like as a team? – Oh, these are just cubes. No, we don’t need this. – Oh my God, Ned! – Jesus help, he’s probably fine. Okay so we’re going to put
the pizza in this later. – Oh, okay. – Alright. – Oh, we’re making sheet pan pizza? – No no no no we’re making
literally just circles. – Four little circles. – Yes, that’s correct! – Alright, easy. – Easy! – Well do we need to cut that in four? (laughter) – I think I understand
what man-splaining is. – I’m just trying to help. – Will someone open a bottle
of white wine for Ned? Before we get a- – Maybe a nice savvy-B pinot grig. – Let’s not get a Ned of ourselves. – No one’s ever done that to me! – Really? – Yeah! – Man you got to get more clever
people in your social life. – I’m really Hannah-in out
with some nerds over here. Oh, pretty good though, right? So, we’re just not making my pizza We’re making everyone’s pizza. – No Ned this is the first step that I was going to do off camera, but then- – Why are you doing it on camera now? – Just you know Ned just is here and he wants to be apart of it. This is the size of our pizza cake. We need to make four. – That size cake, four. – So why don’t you do your
best to make it shaped like that and we’ll put them on here. Head’s up, If you want to
make a pizza cake of your own what you need to do is take each layer and bake it individually for
eight minutes at 400 degrees. So. Whoa, Ned! – Whoa, what, how did it get here? – You seem like a pretty wacky guy. What kind of pizza do you like to eat? – Well, you know me, I
like to keep it classy. So today I’m going to do a mozzarella and pepperoni pizza, that’s it! – Whoa! – What is happening with this? Did you not spray it down, what is this? – Dough no touch. – What is this? – Ned, I chose you to be
the first layer of the cake because you are the most drunk. But also because I thought that you know you can really give us. – Oh, no my (mumbles). (laughter) So we can’t put to much down there. – Power bottom of the pizza. – Power bottom of the pizza. What does that mean? – It means you’re the toughest. – Kind of is me. – You’re the power bottom! – I’m the power bottom pizza! So, what I’m going to do
is I’m gonna put mozzarella – You got to put the sauce on first. – So I’m going to put the
sauce on the pizza first. I’m also going to put
pepperoni and that’s it. But you told me it’s a cake My favorite type of cake is funfetti. – Oh. – Boom! – Beautiful! – Pizza sauce, now mozzarella. – Mozzarella. – Oh, and last but not least, the meat. Cause you seem like a meat eater. Are you a meat eater, Ned? – Oh, yeah. – Would you say you are a
power bottom meat eater? (laughter) – [Together) One, two, three! Wow this is just a real
nice piece of meat here. – Thank you, Ned! – But I like pepperoni, but
I don’t like anything else. – That’s right! – I just want a lot of pepperoni. In fact, let me get a little
more pepperoni in here. I know what I like. – Yep. – And I like pepperoni. – Mm-hmm pizza cake,
more like pizza steak. – Yeah that’s great, wow. – I know yeah I know, I know. – Do you do this show all the time? – Yeah, it’s a gift. – We’re going to do a singular layer of cheese here because I really want Zach to be farting later. – Oh no Zach’s precious toots! (laughter) – Huh, wow! – Ah, it’s beautiful, Ned. – Thanks sparkles. – That’s really good, let’s do it. – We ready to make this cake, okay. Ah. Bottoms up, boom! – Boom, baby! – Wow look at that! – Yeah! – I really felt like just
like the weight of the bottom. – This is beautiful I feel like we could have done this
one kitchen at a time. Maybe I’ll roll it out and make it consecutive series of four, who knows? Milk it for all it’s worth, bye! – You know I was going
to apologize for Ned but now I feel like I got
to apologize for myself. – Yeah we all feel that way
after a My Drunk Kitchen. That’s the joy and the terror. – Broccoli!

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  1. I know I am 9 months late….but can we take a second and talk about how Eugene initiated a hug….not only a hug, but a "I'm sorry, I love you" hug. ❤❤❤

  2. 6:04
    H: "Power bottom of the pizza."
    N: "POWER BOTTOM OF THE PIZZA whispers whas that mean?"
    H: "…it're the toughest"
    N: "it kind've IS me…I'M THE POWER BOTTOM PIECE"

  3. For me the whole vibe of 'hosting a show where you get someone drunk and then talk down to them when they display signs of drunkenness' doesn't quite make sense. He was just trying to do the show and you were naught but dismissive. Making your guest uncomfortable makes your audience uncomfortable.

  4. When Eugene emerged at the beginning with the cat on his shoulder I first thought he had some new kind of fashion accessory.😂

  5. Please take a moment to take a look at my GoFundMe page. Please share. Anything is apriciated.

  6. 2 things, # one Eugene is 10 different drinks apparently on another try guy thing
    # 2 Ned is funny drunk

  7. I love how hannah was more excited about thinking ned was getting cats then she was about learning he was trying to have kids lol

  8. The cake would bleed together
    It would just be a mess
    My Drunk Kitchen is about
    Aiming for success
    Edit: 3:46 I put this together cuz it rhymed

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