Hey, guys! It’s Ro! I am super excited, and I just wanted to make a video, Because I have a big announcement and some updates, But let’s start with the big announcement: My baking line is officially here for pre-order! It’s going to be available in a few places. You can pre-order today to make sure that you get the items right when they come out. My line is officially out Friday, August 18th. It will be sold online, on Amazon and Then in stores, at Joanne’s and Michael’s. Then later in the year, you’ll be able to find it at Party Cities, some other places. I’ll keep you updated as soon as I know. I created really fun molds, cookie cutters, sprinkles, candies– –Plus some basic bakeware, like mixing bowls, measuring cups, rolling pins. It’s got everything! It’s even got these cute little mitts that I designed to look like The apron that my mom made me on the cover of the Nerdy Nummies cookbook. We also made a matching apron, but we made it better– –We added pockets! *Giggling* I can’t wait! Oh! Also, it might be fun to do an unboxing video. Let me know in the comments down below if that’s something that you’d like to see, Because if it is, I think that might be really fun. Now, before I talk about some more updates, I highly recommend pre-ordering, so that you get your baking items right when they come out, And they don’t get sold out. I’ll put the link down below. Onto some updates! I had a great time at VidCon this year– –I presented at YouTube On Stage with Swoozie. It was amazing. A big thank you to everyone for coming. There was so much energy; it was so fun. And that was the first time I ever hosted on stage– had a blast. Also got to do a Q&A on the Instant Stage And a meet-and-greet, where I got to meet so many of you guys and take pictures and hugs. It was so much fun. Also, even though I was having a blast at VidCon, I left a little bit early, which I never do, But it’s because I threw my parents a 40th wedding anniversary party. I’m so happy for my parents; I just want to show my appreciation. I absolutely love them as individuals and as a couple. They are adorable. I had friends and family come in from out of town. We celebrated at my house, and we went all out. We even recreated their wedding cake! Funny story– when my parents got married 40 years ago, the wrong wedding cake showed up, And it’s been a joke in our family ever since. So we had to recreate it! It was layered, it had doves on it, it had flowers! And it was a hit. We had a blast. There was dancing, music, flower crowns– –All around, a good time. We even jumped in the pool at the end of the night. That was kind of an accident. My cousins and I were all floating around on the pool floaties, and she fell in, And I instinctively thought, *Gasp* , I have to save cousin! It was a great time. Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad! Next update! I’ve been doing a bunch of collabs. I’ll put links down below to all of them if you’ve missed them. Baked Nintendo Switch themed cookies with MatPat. And I went on with on GTLive, his livestream. Posted GMS, Good Mythical Summer, with Justine. We did a lollipop tasting challenge, a fan Q&A, and a blindfolded unboxing challenge. Baked a Just Add Magic cake with Olivia, Made Zootopia popsicles with Teala, Created Froze Toes cookie pops with Colleen, And we played a doughnut tasting game on her channel. Whipped up some pug cupcakes with Doug the Pug, the cutest pug out there. And did a bunch of videos with my friend Justine, Like trying Japanese beauty gadgets, Trying odd Peeps and Kit Kat Flavors, Lots of Mexican candy for the first time, And some face masks. And again, if you missed any of those collabs, I’ll put the links down below. Now, final update! I went on Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family for Christmas in July And baked some reindeer brownies using the recipe from the Nerdy Nummies cookbook. It was delicious– –Delicious and easy and fun. Alright that does it for all the updates! Just a reminder: if you would like to pre-order my baking line, go to Amazon; I’ll put a link down below. I am so excited! Alright, bye bye!

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