Most Fun Candy Cake Decorating for Kids! DIY decorating with candy! Daisy’s Creative World

Most Fun Candy Cake Decorating for Kids! DIY decorating with candy!  Daisy’s Creative World

Hi, my name is Daisy today, we are decorating cupcakes and cakes We have rainbow jelly beans We have purple jelly beans Falling out We have yellow jelly beans I have white jelly beans I have green ones, I have gummy bears. I have chocolate sprinkles colorful ball sprinkles Whatever the same thing We have Sprinkles, whatever it’s the same thing We have more colorful Little balls They’re not like that one so, kind of different This is very tiny. This is eyeball candy Oh wait, that’s wrong And we also have some candles Whatever. We have a pink frosting and we can have szia frosting And we have some chocolate icing and we have gummy worms Now we are going to be doing the frosting on the cake Spread it all over. Just will get it on the cake. Yeah, now I have to put some on the side because I just started with the top Now we are going to decorate the cake The sprinkles first. Yea, I’m gonna be doing pink one first. pink sprinkles Now I will be taking the white jelly beans Now I am done with the white jelly beans This is a strawberry jelly bean cake So I’m gonna be doing some yellow jelly beans This cake is beautiful This is a very colorful colorful cake How much yellows did I put? Now I am done my jelly pink cake I still need to add a candle or so it won’t be perfect And I’m done! Now we are good to be doing my chocolate cake with blue frosting We’re still doing it on top. We’re still gonna decorate on the sides I love this color because it reminds me of the sky It’s yummy and yeah The frosting is so good. You should try this at home Now i’m smoothing it. I’m gonna lick some icing Around, that’s how are you supposed to do it Hmm…… sugar My blue frosting is done. Now we need to add the topping and I’m going to take the gummy worm. Look at that. It’s a gummy worm! Stay back Maybe another gummy worm. This is called a blueberry cake with since that Okay, don’t mind that I am doing chocolate sprinkles because they’re yummy! What color do you think I should do? Yeah, let’s do purple! Good job! Okay, what do I want to do next? Add a candle. Where should I add the candle? Right in the middle That’s beautiful! Than add some more gummy worms I love gummy worms Hey since you’re not … googly eyes let’s add candy googly eyes They are not moving so.. candy put one there, put one there… standing up…. beautiful add one there… for my friends… Now I’m ready to work on my next cake This is my next cake as you can see It’s vanilla Now we’re gonna be adding chocolate What should I do first? Okay let’s put like a little yellow . right in the middle Okay, that’s not good. I’m making bafers This is like a flower, okay, I know we should put some grass in the middle What’s the point of getting flowers if you don’t have some grass? Jelly bean Green jelly beans come with me. Come you might decorate A little bit closer yeah, yeah… I’m done with the flower cake. Now we need to add the sprinkles then the candle and then we’re done Thank you my friends! Can I show you how it looks? It looks beautifly Now we just need add.. How much candles? Whatever! Let’s just add six Four Five Last Okay, you know we’ll take that Oh no What we’re gonna do now? Okay, we’ll stick them, I don’t care. Hmm. I’m gonna make them matchees but put it a blue like here but Neh Now we are done! This is the cupcakes that I decorated by myself All the cakes. All the cakes are all from me. Do it. We have we have like a big one that I told you about This white one This and this, these are all mine. And this is the one that I am gonna eat
for myself So I hoped you liked this video and we’ll see y’all next time Goodbye! And this is my cupcake that I want to show you before I say goodbye, goodbye… Hmm Three, two, one.. Tastes like magic It tastes like magic cupcakes! Bye-bye. I hope you liked this video and we’ll see you all next time. Goodbye!

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