Modeling Chocolate: 3 Expert Tips | Cake Decorating Tutorial

Modeling Chocolate: 3 Expert Tips  | Cake Decorating Tutorial

Do you know the best way to make 3D shapes
in minutes? Modeling chocolate can work wonders, when you know how to work with it. Here I’ll
share my top 3 tips for success. Hi, I’m Joshua John Russell, a cake designer
and an instructor on Craftsy dot com. Modeling chocolate is fun and easy to work with (plus
it doesn’t require drying time!), but it can also be a bit fussy and melt while you are
working with it. I can help you with that! Tip one….keep your cool. I like to keep a wet towel close by when I am working so
I can cool my hands. You could also use a cold soda can or ice pack.
Another option is to make your modeling chocolate a little differently. This brings me to tip
2: use coating chocolate Real cocoa butter melts at a low temperature.
Seriously, I could melt a piece of chocolate with my hands!
Coating chocolate has fats that are not as temperature sensitive, so if you replace real
chocolate with coating chocolate in your recipe, you will have more working time.
Tip 3: Use your tools! Working with gumpaste tools, rather than your hands can help minimize
the melting. Get your general shape… this chocolate
ducky and use tools to finesse the shape and add detail. Following theses simple tips can help you
make all sorts of fun creations quickly and easily, like my little ducky!
Thanks for watching, and don’t forget you can click the “i” in the top-right corner
of this video to learn more Cake Decorating techniques or to find supplies I’ve been using
in this video.

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