Mimi Rotberg – WINNER: Cake Decorating Partial – 2017 #CulinaryVoice Scholarship Challenge

Hi my name is Mimi Rotberg. I come from
a family where dessert is taken very seriously. I’ve been a baker for as long as I can remember, always right next to my mother in the kitchen. My interest in cake
decorating began in about 11th grade when I made my brother an iPod cake
for his birthday and from there I became more interested in the field and I took
a beginner cake decorating course and learned how to use fondant and I’ve been doing
it ever since. I enjoy making cakes for my friends and family and I love the
challenge of making cakes in the many diverse forms that people request from nail polish
to Starbucks to bibles and boats. I’ve made cakes that look like logos, suitcases, makeup bags, sports teams and more. I would love the opportunity to truly refine my skills and bring them to
the highest professional level. I have the commitment, the dedication and the
skills to raise my A-game and I hope that you give me the opportunity to do it.
This scholarship would mean the world to me.

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