Meet Christopher, focus on the good | My Last Days

Meet Christopher, focus on the good | My Last Days

-I was a football player,
or soccer. I started
when I was around 4 years old, and I played quite seriously
in my early teens, and I made the regional
in Namibia. While at university,
almost every day, I’d run over and just play
five-a-side in this net. I started feeling a little
uncomfortable at the knee. There was issues with movement. Eventually, it got worse, and I went and checked
with a family doctor, and they did an ultrasound
that showed that I had a tumor. And the biopsy results showed
that I had cancer. My name is a Christopher Aiff. I’m 21 years old, and
I’m living with osteosarcoma. Doctors say I have six months
to two years left to live, but, really, they have no idea. Family is so key. My sister is truly
the most amazing person I know. We’re very much friends beyond any family obligation
that we have to one another. -He’s almost my backbone. Everything that I really want to
do and accomplish, my dreams, he’s what makes me
want to do them. -The diagnosis hasn’t, in any
way, warped the relationship. The cancer, in a weird way,
has given us the platform to explore that further together
and travel the world and do things that most people
don’t get the chance to do. It’s just sad that the cost
for that is so high. Statistically,
I could’ve won the lottery. I just happened to be on
the flip side of that spectrum. Strange. I thought that I
wouldn’t be able to handle it once they told me. And as soon as the words
came out of his mouth — “You have osteosarcoma” — I was like,
“Okay. It’s on. I got you.” I was just going to be
the best patient there was. I did nine cycles
of chemotherapy and one surgery to remove the sarcoma
from my knee. I was told
that I was cancer-free in January this year. Three months thereafter,
I had my first follow-up scan. What was once three small spots
in my lungs was now around 40 or 50
small tumors between both. I was told that… …hope for eradicating
the illness had passed. And so the focus
was now on buying time. -Watching him go through chemo and being
completely powerless… If it wasn’t the nausea, then it was the restlessness
and the insomnia. And the last round of the chemo, he said,
“Mom, I don’t want to do it.” And I said,
“Okay, we won’t do it.” -You know, I had felt
what I think death feels like. And I wasn’t willing to risk
a life to go back to that place, snot for any treatment. It was decided by myself
and supported by my family that we should —
you know what? — identify the things
that are most important to me and create a bucket list
and just do them. -I realize that other people are probably asking
the same question, “How can you, when you know
you have limited time with him, let him go? How?” But he’s — I want him to be
doing his bucket list. How can I not let him go? -I think, as a parent, there can be no
greater sacrifice than that. And if I could ask for anything,
that would be that. And, you know, a cure for cancer
on the side could be nice, but… [ Intro to Ruby Summer’s
“Mermaids & Poets” plays ] – [music] Good morning, world,
it’s nice to wake up to [music] [music] Another beautiful,
blue-skied day [music] [music] The boys are still asleep
in their drug rugs [music] [music] We played our music
way too late [music] [music] I’m gonna run down
and jump in the ocean [music] -Whoo-hoo! [music] I love the feel of the salt
on my skin [music] [music] And we’ve been living
in this house all summer [music] [music] Loved every minute… [music] -I’ve been traveling
for close to four months now. This is our ninth country, and every day
since I made that decision has reinforced and validated it. You know, we haven’t paid a dime
wherever we’ve lived. It’s all been with friends
and family, and it’s all been love-focused
and friendship-focused. Hi.
-Morning. -We wanted to get something
that was for the two of us, including our travels,
basically. -It’s just, like,
such a perfect symbol that is indigenous and authentic to Southern Africa and Namibia,
specifically. Excited? -Very excited. -Oh, it’s good someone
is finally doing that for her. [ Laughter ] -You know, I loved him
and appreciated him, you know,
throughout our entire lives, and I’ve learned so much
from him. But the past few months,
and when you start thinking, you almost prepare yourself
for a funeral, you know? And what will life be like
when he’s not around? And I — I
started to realize how… …how he’s —
he lives within me. I don’t know how to explain
how excited I am. [ Laughs ]
-I’m doing good. While I’m sad that perhaps
I may not get the chance to experience love
in any romantic capacity, I have loved and been loved more than most people will ever
in their lifetime. And of that, I have no doubt. -[ Laughs ] It’s so cool.
[ Laughs ] -And I’m glad we got them
in the same places. -I don’t think
that Dad can be angry. I have no idea
how I’m gonna do anything. -I will love my family, always. I would never lose sight of — of what they did for me
during this time… and for what this time… and this illness… has brought to our family. It would be amazing if… I could…use that gratitude
and that reference point and that perspective
still in this life. And if by some chance… the world does not feel it is
necessary to terminate my life, to get that message across, I
would be greatly appreciative. The decision to be positive
is not one that disregards or belittles
the sadness that exists. It is, rather, a conscious
choice to focus on the good and to cultivate happiness
and genuine happiness. Happiness
is not a limited resource. And when we devote our energy
and time to trivial matters and choose to stress over things that
ultimately are insignificant, from that point,
we perpetuate our own sadness, and we lose sight of the things
that really make us happy and rationalize our way out
of doing amazing things. Dying doesn’t need to be
a bad thing. It is, in fact,
a necessary thing. I want to be remembered as… someone who… did their best.

100 thoughts on “Meet Christopher, focus on the good | My Last Days

  1. bless his heart . oncologists are liers. chemo is murder 2 per cent survival at 5 yrs nothing they can do can make ANYONE CANCER FREE. only yur body CAN. . immune system is broken only way to self heal it is strict anti cancer diet so you dont feed it and juicing flushes enzymes into cells triggering body to self heal that immune system 8 to 12 juices a day. poor guy so young bless your soul.
    theres life there is hops gerson therapy self teach with books much love x

  2. In Japan , the doctors actually don't tell the cancer patients they are dying and they live longer. It's a mind over matter lifestyle and this dude had a great attitude

  3. Christopher you were an awesome person. You lived life to the fullest and had the love of your family. Fly high Chris. ❤️

  4. phreak1118:
    How do they know Selena and not Metallica? I KNOW THE ANSWER 2 THIS 1.

  5. Watching Christopher’s story is a wake up call, his message for us,is to never take people or life for granted. By choosing to be brave and live, love and appreciate every moment he has left instead of wasting it on feeling sorry for himself, he was able to take every act of kindness,love and inspiration he received and put it back into the friendship he made. That’s a precious gift to leave for the people in your life, and it will never be forgotten. He focus was on what’s most important in his life. If you live and love like there is no tomorrow, you live life without an regrets. Carpé Diem, seize the day!

  6. These are not his last days. Maybe just on earth. At least I KNOW THAT TO BE TRUE for me. hope never passes ….

  7. I would gladly take his place. I am 33 and disabled. I stopped enjoying life a long time ago. I am a Christian and I am miserable. I am in constant pain, lost all my friends to. I think God is taking joy over hurting me over and over again. I would gladly take this mans place. I don’t know we’re God is getting at but everyday innocents dies…..take me instead.

  8. I have a terminal illness it's very rare its called Systemic sclerosis Scleroderma there is no cure for it its extremely painful it causes all kinds of medical problems I don't know how long I have.
    I do wish I could do things before I die but I can't afford it I don't even have a car to get to my appointments I miss doctors appointments because of that. I can't afford to buy a car. I live on SSI because I suffer from seizures and my illness attacked my lungs so a common cold can kill me if i get a cold i end up in the ICU for up to 3 weeks ☹ it sucks …

  9. God Bless Christopher's friends and family… peace and comfort in memories of Christopher. Question though… Mom had a totally American English accent… but Christopher and his sister not. Where do/did they all come from?

  10. My mom told me about this video and that she watches it about once a day, she has stage four terminal cancer (metastatic lung cancer; to the brain). This is everything we live by, what an amazing person, my mom is living her best even with god knows how much time left. Thank you for inspiring my mom and I, Rest In Peace, you did get your message across and touched our hearts.

  11. Rest In Peace Chris. I admire your calmness in the face of death and at the same time the desire to live and repay your parents. I think the thought of it will console your family a lot.

  12. God, I wish I had the chance to know you. You are awesome Chris. Maybe one day in the afterlife we shall meet. Until then, rest in heavenly peace.

  13. What’s more unfair is that so many people die unexpectedly on a daily basis, not being able to say good bye to the ones they love, not being able to fill a bucket list, not being able to make preparations, not be able to make a youtube video and leave their family with the love and admiration of the whole of society. And on top of that having lived lives of abuse, pain and loneliness.

  14. At times I loathe physicians, never say cured concerning cancer at least for five years. I worked in Oncology and saw this mistake so many times!

  15. ❤ Christopher, you have been and still remain such an inspiration to so ❤ many ❤ people including myself. Fly sweetly with the angels dear ❤ one.

  16. Jesus loves you so much he died to set you free from sins "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16

  17. Why is it always chemo??? There are so many natural remedies like CBD oils diet change! Cancer grows when surgery happens. 😢 no to chemo! It actually kills more people then cancer. God bless you for sharing your story! Praying that people with cancer will choose better options. I would for sure!♥️

  18. We shall see you again for now goodbyee .I can tell your such a blessed soul May you rest in perfect peace .

  19. “Statistically I could of won the lottery” lol don’t know what was so funny about that but it made me laugh

  20. The world truly lost a treasure … a more beautifully spoken human being have I rarely heard in my life. Christopher could have been a great writer and taught us all something important about humanity.

  21. What a beautiful soul💕I can only hope that his soul comes back soon…this world is only a little darker without ppl like him & we NEED more light!🤗😇🔆

  22. "the decision to be positive is not one that disregards or belittles the sadness that exists. it is rather a conscious choice to focus on the good and to cultivate happiness, genuine happiness." this is so important. remember this. being pessimistic and nihilistic gets you nowhere in life.

  23. I'm so sorry for his loss…I myself have acute myeloid leukemia
    ..I myself am trying to stay positive…my heart breaks for his sister…

  24. My heart 💔💔💔… such a wonderful person he didn't deserve this but he makes you realize life is short. You need to enjoy every minute of it full of happiness.

  25. I swear Chris you are such a genuinely beautiful soul ❤️ I strive to be even half of the person you are my love 💋

  26. we need to find a cure to ALL cancers now!

    He is an inspiration. He's so young but yet seems to carry a very old and wise soul. I'm 38 years old now and lost both my parents to cancer in my mid 20s. It eventually caused to be struggle greatly. His story is both very sad but also beautiful

  27. Cancer is not a contagious virus. We are born with it already. The cancer exists within us. The cells change why. The only thing I figured is the cell has to have oxygen to breed. Its a normal cell until its not. Has anybody kept the body after death to see what happens to the cells.

  28. 🙏bless all the remaining family, for the pain they shall feel living on earth without you is as bad😭 where are you from, your strength & sweetest is a true gift🙏

  29. Wow, such wisdom from someone so young! Such a shame he had to leave us. It is the world’s loss!

  30. As I sit here at 1200 am I just think,as a believer in Christ what can I do rn to help. I have no idea but to pray. As I think of a prayer nothing comes to my mind. But I know Jesus can hear my heart desires for healing and transformation.It is done.

  31. What a great person and son you are, your sister is your best friend. I wish you and your family the best. 👏🏻✌🏻🥺

  32. This is really sad…2019… Cancer is man made to keep population under control and its taking away alot of good people.. God sees his children suffering god have mercy on all our souls!

  33. I'm always inspired by these stories…I get the parents letting him choose to live a quality of life❣ It's making so very many memories for them to reflect on and have forever to cherish. RIP Christopher…💙😇

  34. A hero's journey indeed! Chris, keep following your bliss. Evolved souls often do not need to stick around long on this physical plane.

  35. I think it's misleading to say "doctors told him he was cured" when he was in remission. Very common after the first round of chemo.

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