MARDI GRAS Mask Cake | Man About Cake with Joshua John Russell

MARDI GRAS Mask Cake | Man About Cake with Joshua John Russell

Hey guys welcome to man about cake I’m your host Joshua John Russell this week, we’re celebrating Mardi Gras I grew up on the Gulf Coast and used to celebrate Mardi Gras every year So we’re gonna build a three-tiered cinnamon swirl cake filled with cream cheese frosting Cinnamon granola and finish it with a beautiful Mardi Gras mask. Let’s do it Let’s start by breaking down an 8-inch cinnamon swirl cake If you guys want this recipe it’s in the ‘i’ at the top or you can get it from the description box below It smells so good
I love cinnamon I’m gonna break this one in half. That’s new garbage cake no takers nobody no one
actually I want a piece of this garbage cake too Mmm It’s so good the idea is that we’re trying to mimic King cake here You have had king cake? (camera man) Is that the one where you eat the baby? (JJR) You don’t eat the baby If you get the baby then you have to like buy the cake for next time. (camera man): This is really good JJR: I know! (cameraman): tastes like a cinnamon roll and a cake made of baby. JJR: I got a wipe off the Slayer. She’s so sticky. I think I baked way more cake than I need, but maybe we’ll just make a really tall tier We seriously have like 20 layers of cake here I’m not I’m gonna cut that one we’ll save that for another time because this is way too much I’m gonna clean up my crumbs and then we’ll fill it Before we fill the cake I’m gonna make a little bit of a bourbon simple syrup, so I’ve got a simple syrup here It’s a little bit warm, and I have a little bit of bourbon you can taste it That tastes like Mardi Gras all right. Oh, all right. I’m gonna stir this up, and then we’ll soak our layers This is me coming back from Mardis Gras right there half of my head’s missing, and an eye I hadn’t been in a couple of years all right, so we’re gonna soak It’s gonna be so good bourbon and cinnamon them together Mmm All right, so now we’re gonna put in granilla, so this is Like vanilla granola, I guess, but I call it granilla because it’s a lot, sweeter So when your guests are eating you get these nice pops of crunch, and this is cinnamon You can get the recipe up there or down there. Okay next layer on wow this guy’s sticky. Let’s get that guy down a little more syrup. Cake it’s gonna be druuunk. Hopefully she’ll catch some beads (camera man) It’s the granilla cam! Woah super tall. All right we’re gonna take our first trip to the cooler, and then I’m gonna trim her, crumb coat her, final coat her. She is druuunk! (upbeat music) Now we’re gonna make a mask for our cake but I need to make the pieces out of gum paste first so they can dry. So the little piece of gum paste here and Then I just got this mold I found at a craft store. She’s super creepy though We’re gonna make her beautiful, so I’ve got a piece of gum paste here now. I’m gonna roll out with a little bit of cornstarch (camera man) Can she have a New Orleans accent? (camera man, attempting NOLA accent) Oh yah, de yeah, I don’t know how to do, New Orleans, but uh
(JJR) you need to stop that immediately This gum paste is super tight (effort noises) Okay that feels about good So we’re gonna put it over the mold, but I don’t want it to stick So I’m actually going to take a little bit of high ratio shortening, just a little bit, on my fingers We’re just gonna rub over it
(camera man) Brandon. It’s Horatio shortening again. (JJR) It’s Horatio! It’s high. ratio. shortening. Okay, so now we’re gonna put this over the mold I’m actually gonna make this a design on top, so I’m not gonna cover the entire mask but the first thing you wanna Do is make sure we secure the nose because this is the part where it’s going to rip probably. Once that is secure I’m actually just going to take a cosmetic sponge and use this to get all my little details Alright so I’m just gonna take a Dresden tool here, and we’re going to kind of shape out the bottom before we cut it And then we’ll take an exacto to trim the excess Now I’m gonna cut her eye holes with this little paisley, so she’s like winged eyes Alright now we got to try to get them even And she’s crying tears of bourbon Alright like I said, we’ll come back and sand in here so if you have some little stray pieces, it’s fine. And then the last thing I’m gonna do is cut a design into the top of her head Alright She looks pretty good. I’m gonna set this aside to dry it and we’re gonna make the other pieces of our mask I’m gonna take the same white gum paste and make a fleur-de-lis mold So we’ll take a little piece and we’re gonna roll it out. Just a little bit It’s the celebration right before Lent so you’re supposed to like let loose and be crazy, and then you give up something What are you guys giving up for Lent? Let me know down there Alright you can see this mold has this little lip here and as I’m rolling it out. It’s actually cutting the mold out for me I’m gonna take my little pieces out, and then we’ll take it out Look at that detail Look at the little beads. Now we’re gonna make the top part of the masks which are kind of these little… little thingy things I’ll show you. So, I’m actually gonna cut these out by hand Alright, I’m gonna cut out a skinny triangle I want it to have some life, so I’m gonna kind of roll the top up a little bit And then we’re gonna lay it over our former here, so it has some life to it So I’ll make a bunch more of these and we’ll let them dry overnight, so I’m gonna cover the cake in white fondant But we’re gonna do a crackling technique, so I’m gonna roll it out a little bit And I’m gonna use an airbrush and a torch You know it sounds crazy, but it’s gonna be a really cool effect So I’m gonna roll this out a bit with a little bit of snow. It doesn’t snow in Mardi Gras land Uh oh, we got bubs
(popping sound) So I’m gonna airbrush green on one side purple on one side and then gold in the middle Now we’re gonna torch it what this is gonna Do it’s gonna kind of like bake the surface so that whenever it’s set and it cools And we start to roll it out it will crackle and look really really awesome, and if it bubbles a little bit that’s okay, but when it starts to bubble move away from the bubbles quickly because that’s when it will burn Oh no! it’s okay
what did I just do
(camera man) watch out! See that’s what you don’t want to do right there when you make this line on accident and then burn that part That’s okay, that marks okay, because we’re gonna roll it out. It’ll be all crackly okay now She’s pretty cool to the touch, so I’m gonna continue rolling it out Put a little bit of powdered sugar on the top All right, I can already tell some of this didn’t get torched enough, so I’m gonna retorch it here All right that feels about good. It’s time to cover our cake All right now it’s time to stack the cake with bubble tea straws I’m using a small piece of sandpaper to just get rid of all of my little imperfections And I’ve gotten most of it actually done But because it’s dry we can actually handle it and then we can get rid of all these little pieces There I think she looks about good Now we’re gonna paint her. So the first thing I’m gonna do is on the bottom half I’m going to go over with a little bit of pearl dust Glue our little fleur-de-lis that we made earlier on to the top here right in the center And then I’m gonna paint the top half Gold, and then we’re gonna pipe some really awesome like filigree work on top of it Alright the last part of the mask that we have to get color on to are our little bitty things that are going to Did we figure out what these are called? (camera man) jester caps (JJR) jester cap pointy things I’m gonna do this with the airbrush half of them will be purple and half will be green Alright, I’m gonna let these dry for a few minutes And we’ll flip them over and do the other side, and then I’ll do my green ones as well Okay now that everything is colored and dried we’re gonna glue this thing together I have a little bit of white coating chocolate and some freeze spray. I’m not really sure how this is gonna work I’m just gonna sort of like place pieces to see if it looks good and then I’ll Commit and dip it in chocolate Now I’m going to use the same white coating chocolate to glue my mask to the middle tier, and we’ll finish up with some piping Our Mardi Gras cake is complete. I think she turned out super festive I cannot wait to dig into this one. My cinnamon swirl cake is literally one of my favorite recipes if you guys want it, click The ‘i’ above me or you can get it from the description box below While you’re down there hit subscribe. Be sure to come back next week! We’re gonna make a black forest ‘cat’eau. Let’s eat her! Mmm. That’s a party in my mouth
(camera man) Wait I want to eat the baby! (off screen) uh, you’re a little cut off
(JJR) ya, i’m growing – it’s because i’m vegan (off screen) It looks like there’s light coming (JJR) it’s just me, I’m an angel. (off screen) You ready. (JJR) Yep (off screen) alright in five I mean, it’s, we just started guys. Let’s get it together. Hey girl muttering Bohemian Rhapsody Why did we stop?

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  1. JJR I am shocked of how good you are I want to be like you and be the best at making cakes you inspire sooooooo muchπŸŽ‚πŸ§

  2. I found your channel and fell in love with your skill and personality and crew!
    Then.. found out your favorite band is Florence and the machine!
    Shake it out is my favorite song ever!
    THEN downloaded your recipes and was like.." wait, is he vegan? I don't have to veganize this?! ..and found out you're vegan.
    You just became my favorite youtuber ever!🍰❀

  3. I love the song you used when you were stacking the cakes! I play that instrument so I loved it!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜…

  4. OH!! GULF coast. I kept thinking you were saying GOLD coast, which didn't make any sense. Hallo from Florida! But on the Altantic coast, sorry.

  5. You are amazing such a helpfull videos. I want to ask some questions please answer. What type of liquid you use in airbrush with golden dust alcohol or water? And which spray you use to paste your gumpast decoration?

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