Marble Cake Recipe

Marble Cake Recipe

In this video I’m sharing with you how
to make an outstanding marbled cake using my homemade chocolate buttermilk
cake and my vanilla or yellow cake recipe. Yiu’ll see one way to fix a
lopsided cake and fill the layers with a simple whipped cream with sliced peaches. I’m going to show you today how I make a
marble cake. First make sure that you prepare your pans ahead. Now I do have a
video on preparing cake pans, but I will just tell you what I do, I put Crisco
shortening around the entire pan, and you can use a spray if you want, and then I
put a little dusting of flour in there, and I get all the excess out, and then I
cut a piece of wax paper to fit the bottom. And that way your cake is
guaranteed not to stick. Now I made two batters I made a yellow cake and I made
a chocolate. Now the chocolate is on my channel. It’s my chocolate buttermilk
cake. The yellow cake is not yet on my channel. it’s on my website and you can also use my one two three four cake which is also called
vanilla cake, and it’s also called my wedding cake recipe. So the first thing
you want to do is is fill your pans a little bit with the yellow or the white
cake whatever one you decide to use. And you’re going to do that for each
cake. And I do get a lot of questions about
marble cake, so hopefully this will help. Then I’m going to take the chocolate
then I’m just going to put a little bit in there. And I’m gonna take a knife,you can use a
spoon or a knife, I’ll use a spoon. And just run the spoon through and swirl the
chocolate. Don’t overdo it though, because you don’t
want it to be too muddy. That’s good. This pan was a little bit less full so I’m
going to use the rest of the white in here. So that’s what it looks like, and I’m
gonna pop it in the oven. In this case I’m gonna do
I used 325 most of the time with my oven for my cakes and it’s a convection oven.
And bake those until they are somewhat firm to the touch. So as you can see when
I push down on it it bounces back a little bit. And you can also use the
toothpick method which is you put a toothpick in the center and if it comes
out clean that means your cake is done. I’m going to add a little more chocolate
to this one. Okay here we go.
I’m gonna pop them in the oven. Cakes are done. Here’s what they look like when
they come out. Beautiful. Now if it sinks a little bit like this one here is sunk
in a little bit, it’s fine. If it was sunken deep then I would worry but it’s
fine. These are going to be delicious. For the marble cake I’m using a whipped
cream and a peach filling. I’m using some peaches that I got at the
grocery store in a jar and I’m gonna go ahead and strain out the juice. The
peaches are not in season right now so I went with the nice,, I went with a really
good-quality cling peach that’s already sliced and stored in syrup. I’m gonna
set that aside. For your whipped cream simply just put your whip on there. This
is for a ten inch cake. I’m going to go ahead and do the whole
two cups it’s gonna be probably more than I need. About a half, I have 1/3 cup of sugar
here confectionery sugar. I’m gonna put like half of that in there and a little
bit of vanilla. I’m just gonna put a couple of dollops in there and whip that
up. I tasted it and it needs more sugar so I’m putting the full 1/3. I just
cut my peaches and what I did, sorry the camera wasn’t on and I thought it was. I
just cut them in, here’s what the original thickness was, and I just cut
them in thirds basically, lengthwise. and then I just cut them in half. So here’s
the size and the thickness that I want for these peaches. I cut
this one out of a bigger board because I didn’t have any in the house. Got my cakes here. So the cakes were frozen, there’s they’re not solid
frozen they’re just very very chilled. They’re a little bit frozen but not
completely. They’ve been in there overnight. I’m gonna leave them as a
thicker layer and just do one thick filling. And the sticky side is gonna go
down. This is the sticky side that’s on top and it’s now at the bottom. You can
always go back in trim if you need to trim the cardboard which I will probably
do. I’m just gonna get this one ready. Just
gonna see how this might best fit. My cakes came out a little uneven. So that
looks pretty good right there. And what I do a little trick, this is kind of a little
tip, it’s still not perfect. Let me see if I can get that better. It’s definitely
lopsided. In a case like this I would either trim the cake or I would add a
little more butter cream on the side that is off, which is what I’m gonna do,
So just to mark it I’m just gonna put a little line here with the knife. Little notch. this is where I want it to
be. Where I want to match it up. Okay so I have my… You want to put buttercream into
a pastry bag. I’m using a I think it’s a 4B tip so any kind of a big tip you
don’t have to it doesn’t have to be a 4B. It could be just a round tip and you’re
just going to put a border all the way around. Now I’m going to make it I’m
going to come back around make it even thicker on this side because I have a
little bit of a lopsided cake here. And then I’m going to fill. So you want to
fill this area here with whipped cream. Alright I’m gonna make this a little
higher because I want to put more whipped cream in there. And this dam will
help keep the whipped cream in place. So I’ve got my notch I’m going to line
them up. And look at that came out nice and
straight. So here’s the finished cake. I’m working
on creating a tutorial on how to do these textured buttercream paintings on
the side of a cake like this one and this beautiful soft pastel version. Thank
you so much for being here I really appreciate it and if you haven’t done so
already subscribe to my channel and click the little notification bell so
you’ll know when I upload all my videos. And I also want to remind you I do have
a book that’s called Wedding Cakes with Lorelie Step by Step and it has all my
best recipes as well as how to make a wedding cake. So thanks again for being
here and I’ll see you soon bye bye

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  1. With this cake having the whip cream filling, would it need to be served the same day it was made? Should it be refrigerated until it served, I didn’t know how long the whip cream would be stable between the layers, with the sealing of the Buttercream.

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