(man about) Whimsical Winter Cake | Man About Cake

(man about) Whimsical Winter Cake | Man About Cake

Happy holidays, guys! Welcome to Man About Cake.
I’m your host Joshua John Russell, and this week this man is all about holiday cakes. We’re gonna make a Whimsical Winter Cake. I’m gonna do a coconut mousse dome
with a coconut mousse cake and we’re gonna finish it with a cute winter scene. Let’s do it! [clap noise] [Intro music] So we’re gonna start by making our mousse dome, I whipped up a mousse mix here and
added a little bit of coconut extract. I whipped it to a medium peak
so this way we avoid air bubbles. So I’m gonna put some into our mould here. It’s gonna make like a fun little snowy hill that we’ll cover in coconut. It’s gonna be so cute! To make sure I get all
my air pockets out, I’m actually gonna
take my spatula and wipe the mousse up the side. Joshua: You guys like coconut?
Brandon: Not really. Joshua: Not at all? You’re gonna like this coconut.
Crew: He’s allergic to nuts! Joshua: [laughs] Oh, I forgot.
Brandon’s allergic to all nuts, even coconuts. All right so I’m gonna add in one layer of vanilla cake, and then we’ll fill the rest with a (piping) bag.
Same mousse in here. Now we’ll freeze this guy overnight,
and we’ll pop him out, cover him in coconut. To the freezer. For the bottom tier of the cake,
I’m using a 10-inch vanilla round. Woah, she’s heavy! I’m just gonna chop her up. That’s a lot of garbage cake. [thump] We could turn that into christmas cake pops! All right, so we’re just gonna divide this in half. We’re gonna fill our 10-inch round
with our same coconut mousse, I’m gonna spread her out. Delicious. All right, put our top on here. Then we’ll let her chill, and do a crumb coat. Smells like christmas! All right, now we’re gonna do a crumb coat, but i’m just gonna do a little bit of a trim on the side. Brandon: You gotta leave some space for the cake board. Brandon: Cuz you’ll use it as a guide.
Joshua: That’s very good, Brandon. Hashtag #soproud. Now we’re gonna give her a
crumb coat in vanilla buttercream. What are you guys doing for Christmas? Crew: We’ll be here in the studio, I assume.
Joshua: I’m not taping on Christmas!
You guys can film your own episode. All right, now back in the fridge. Time for the final coat. Oh, this is mayonnaise! I’m just kidding. [Joshua and crew laughing] Could you imagine if I was like
“Oh my god! This is mayonnaise!” I saw some guys make a meatloaf cake
and then they iced it with mashed potatoes. It was like really gross, and
then I was like “I kinda wanna taste it.” Crew: Yeah. Now we’ll get her back in the cooler
to be ready for fondant. Now I’m gonna cover our 10-inch cake in white fondant. I’m gonna roll it out to an eighth of an inch thickness. Got a couple little bubbles.
Like 30 little bubbles. What’s happening? Gotta P those B’s All right, I’m gonna flip the fondant over the cake, using my arm. [music] What are all these holiday bubbles for? No. No to you. No to you. No to you twice. All right. We’ll trim the excess with an exacto knife. [Crew making bubbling noise] Joshua: Keep going! [Crew continues to increase the pitch of the noise] Now only dogs can hear you. Crew: Brandon gave me a pretty mean look there! Crew: Guys, we add sound effects later. All right, our cake’s covered in fondant
so now we’re gonna start on our decorations. Now we’re making our whimsical winter scene,
so I have these fun cutters here, These are plunger cutters.
“Cut me out!” All right, so I have a little
gingerbread house, I have a gingerbread man, We’re gonna do two of him. and then I have a little Christmas tree. or just, I don’t know. Can we say Christmas?
Crew: We can say christmas! Joshua: An evergreen. It’s an evergreen tree that so happens to have all these coloured lights on it that has nothing to do with Santa Claus or Jesus. What’s the PC thing? All right, I have this brown fondant here.
It’s actually chocolate fondant, and I’m just gonna roll it out. So the way these work is you’re gonna cut it out, push on this plunger and it embosses the little features. There he is! Joshua: This is James.
No, what should we really name him?
Crew: Frank the Tank. [screech] Frank the Tank? You’re not allowed to name things. And I’m actually gonna cut out the
house out of the same colour. There’s our gingerbread house, Now we’ll cut out another
gingerbread man in a different colour, It feels like the same color. [laughing] I need to add something to this. [crashing noises] [Meow] I’m gonna add some white to this because I feel like it’s a little too much of the same color. That’s what I meant. See? that’s better. Now they’re different colours, okay.
Now this one’s gotta be born. The whole nubs. Here, just touch your nub to my nub. All right so last one I’ll cut out is a little tree. So we’ll stamp him out, emboss it. There he is. All right now we’ll get these on a pan to dry. and I want the gingerbread men to look like they’re actually walking. so I’m gonna prop their
little feet up with a marshmallow. All right, we’ll let these guys dry overnight and we’ll finish em with some royal detail. Come on, kids! Let’s make some Christmas trees. I got some green chocolate here in my (piping) bag. This is coating chocolate and it’s melted. I’m gonna snip the end off, and then we’re gonna pipe out some trees and then add some of these
little sequins for like Christmas lights. All right so I’m gonna start with the top, Oh, there it goes! Whoopsie. Let’s redo that. Here we go. Be careful. The bag’s a – a loose cannon. So we’re gonna start at the top,
just pipe back and forth in a tree-like fashion Then I’m gonna come back
with a paint brush, make some little tips. and then we’re gonna sprinkle our little lights on. You wanna do this before they set so they stick. All right, now I’m gonna pop these in the fridge to set and we’ll decorate our cake. Now we’re gonna add some coconut
to our mousse dome for a snowy look. It’s snow! Joshua: Doesn’t that look like a snowball?
or like half of a snowball?
Crew: It does. Okay, thank you Now let’s stack our cake! We’ll put our dome on top of our 10-inch round with bubble tea straws. I’m gonna kinda place it towards the back so I have a little bit of room for my gingerbread to walk. They’re gonna walk!
They might, you don’t know their life! Maybe – maybe they’re walking to a rave cuz they decided to skip Christmas. And now I’m gonna play a christmas song for Brandon. [‘Oh Christmas Tree’ flute music] [Joshua laughs] I play a mean bubble tea straw. [snip, snip, snip, snip] I also can play the shoehorn, pretty good. All right, let’s put our dome in place, our little snowy hill. Awesome. All right, now I’m gonna grab
my decorations and we’ll finish her off. So I start by adding some accents to the cutouts. I use royal and rainbow sprinkles
on the house, tree, and gingerbread men. Next, I add coconut to the bottom of the dome, and then I glue the house in place and the tree in place. I made a little royal icing path for the gingerbread men and then glue them together. I cut into the cake a little bit
and add in my chocolate trees. Lastly, I sprinkled coconut around the edge. [sleigh bells] Our holiday cake is complete!
I think she turned out cute as a mug. Thank you guys for joining me on Man About Cake. Don’t forget, if you want the tools or recipes, you can click the (i) at the top, or you can get them from the description box below. Subscribe to the channel, like the video, and please leave me a comment letting me know what you guys want to see on future episodes. I’m gonna eat. Mmm! That’s coconut! [closing music]

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