(man about) Rainbow Geometric Cutout Cake | Man About Cake with Joshua John Russell

(man about) Rainbow Geometric Cutout Cake | Man About Cake with Joshua John Russell

Hey kids welcome to man about cake. I’m your host Joshua. John Russell and this week this man is all about geometric cakes I’m going to build a two tiered oval cake with a fun rainbow geometric pattern and we’re going to finish it with [a] rainbow topper Let’s do it this is my vanilla cake batter that actually folded rainbow sprinkles into by the way if you guys want any of the recipes or the Supplies you see click the I in the corner or you get them in the description Box below Gonna chop these guys up you guys have made cakes with rainbow sprinkles in them I have not It’s going to change your life because it changes mine. Look at this you ready boom Looks like fruity pebbles see if you can taste the rainbow not really But I feel like it’s more delicious because it’s colorful. Alright we’re going to fill our rainbow sprinkle cake with a little vanilla buttercream Alright I’m gonna pop her in the cooler and it should be ready for a crumb coat Okay, our cakes are cooling in the fridge, and so now I’m going to start on our rainbow decorations So I have all the colors of the rainbow by the way indigo and purple seem like the same color. Oh, I get it ‘Roy’ ‘g’ ‘biv’ Roygbiv He’s a nice guy. I feel like it should just be roy g just I just don’t understand these two But we’re going to roll them all out. So I’m going to roll them into strips and we’re going to make our little geometric patterns So I’ll have a bunch of these and then we’re going to make little rainbows. There going to be so cute! Out of this guy So this is a geometric cake I want to make sure that fits around the cake correctly so I am using my spacing band So they’re all the same size and a little bit of cornstarch. This is my job. Just wanted to point that out It’s so weird Hey, we got a Facebook page by the way so be sure to like us. It’s Facebook backslash man about cake show. Nobody uses backslash Did you just call me old Brandon? Is that what that was? Now get all my colors rolled out. I’m going to cut out my geometric piece first out of each one Violet, right? (no, it’s indigo). That’s indigo? I was wrong. That’s correct. (yep) I really got to get up on my rainbows Now we’re going to cut out our circles in descending order This is gonna be fun ready I was gonna try to make that look cool, and it didn’t work Now we’re going to stack our circles up and make our rainbow So we’ll start with the red and put the orange. I have a little bit of piping gel I’ll put on the back Try to get it centered as possible. That’s pretty good yellow next Now I’m going to drive a hole through the middle with the smallest circle And then we’ll cut it in half to have two rainbows. Knocking out two whole decorations in one Wow This is going to be cool you ready for this. It’s like a rainbow poop coming out. That’s so gross sorry It was unicorn droplet. I got to get my slayer out because I gotta slay this rainbow guys, I would never slay a rainbow I think you’d go straight to hell for that. Alright we’re going to cut this directly in half Voila, doesn’t this make you happy. Like no one walked by a rainbow and was like eh You’re always like ‘look there’s a rainbow! There’s two of them’ then you cry Alright I’m going to cut out a million more of these we’re going to make some more rainbows, and we’ll decorate our cake Okay, now it’s time to stack our two cakes together with bubble tea straws alright little buttercream Now it’s time to put on our rainbow pieces. I’m going to start with red That’s the first color. Line is babies up. It should stick right to the buttercream I’m going to put the red and then fit the orange in between and the yellow will go on top of that Now I’m going to carefully place my rainbows Once I built all the triangles up, I didn’t have enough room for the purple So I’m just going to cut a purple strip and wrap it around. For the final touch we’re going to add our rainbow topper I’m going to glue it together with a little royal icing. It’s like a rainbow sandwich I think it needs rainbow sprinkles (yeah totally) Is that okay? We got some right here You can get them anywhere. It’s not like I have this special jar I’m gonna have so much buttercream on my hands. I’m not going to be able to get this open Oh wait it’s not a screw top It’s a fit. It looks like a screw top on the side I’m making it rain. I feel like there’s better colors in the front. I need some more pinks. One, two no I’m kidding. James, can you come up here and pick out all the pink sprinkles for me? Thanks. Ugh, again Alright, I think she’s sprinkled enough Can’t believe that that wasn’t a twist cap This is probably the happiest cake I’ve ever made in my entire life Thank you guys for joining me on this episode of man about cake don’t forget if you want the supplies or the recipes you can Click the I at the top or give it from the description Box below Subscribe to the video like the video and please leave me a comment Let me know what you guys wanna see on future episodes. I need to be happier so lets cut it so happy

100 thoughts on “(man about) Rainbow Geometric Cutout Cake | Man About Cake with Joshua John Russell

  1. I just started watching your Channel and yes, I subscribed and yes, it's very cool and creative and imaginative. I think I've watched a dozen episodes or more in just the last hour or two. I was wondering if you do anything with real flowers. That is something I'd like to see.

  2. you are so awesome:) my kids and i love you! I hope to be as good as you someday:) I'm just surprised you don't have 10 mil subscribers at least! lol cause u deserve it:)

  3. I want to start baking and i wanted to know if you think it would be easier to start off with a circle or square cake. Which do you think is easier to work with?

  4. You should make a channel for kids so it has easier cakes and more colorful cakes!

    By the way I made the 🍰 and it was really fun and easy!
    (I'm 9 and I love Cale decorating and baking it is my passion 😍😄😉)

  5. This cake strikes me as perfect for a pride month thing and I know that's not the theme but it still makes me very happy

  6. They should try an Oreo cake and fill it with Oreo buttercream which is sooo yummy and good on an Oreo cupcake from Gigi’s cupcakes.

  7. I swear, the music from 3:41 sounds like music in a looney tunes cartoon(mainly the three hour long one). And I bet he and his guy friend have never grown up watching long episodes of “Looney Tunes or Tom & Jerry” before.

  8. Technically ROYGBV is more correct. Indigo is an added tertiary that while visible makes no more sense than magent or chartreuse being included

  9. Love ur cake soooo impressive you should go on the show sugar rush ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️💕💕

  10. Why are people getting so offended about people calling it a gay cake? It might not be but it totally could be. If someone wanted to make it for an lgbt even then what would be the issue? The fact that people are getting offended over cake is kind of childish and ridiculous. Just saying.

  11. I need to make this for the carnival birthday party for the child I do not have and probably won’t have for another decade.

  12. I don’t remember my rainbow by ROY GBIV, I remember it by that Cat in The Hat song:
    Red, orange, yellow
    Green followed by blue
    Indigo and violet
    That’s the rainbow song for you

  13. Hi I love watching your show! It inspires me so much… I just have a question, do you ever make cakes with boiled icing as frosting?

  14. the problem is that the subtitles always take up the half of the screen so not able to see how the cake is being made

  15. When I was in 3rd grade, my teacher taught us this song: Roy G. Bil is a colorful man and he proudly stands at the rainbow's end!!! It just goes on and on like that.

  16. Hi Joshua.
    I’m Jade.
    I’m from Australia and I have an auto-immune disease called Coeliac.
    Was just wondering if you could maybe create a Gluten free cake for all the coeliac’s out there.
    American and Australian Coeliac standards are different. Here in Australia we are not able to eat Wheat, Barley, Rye as well as oats. But in America you can eat oats.
    Would love to have/try a Gluten free Coeliac Australia approved recipe!!
    Also do your recipes have measurements for the metric system for Australia, because I’m not sure about those measurements in Australia? 😂
    Lots of love, Jade xx ☺️

  17. Indigo is just another shade of blue it doesn't belong in a rainbow, school teachers added it to make the acronym roy g biv work because people are too dumb to remember 6 colors without a mnemonic device. A rainbow should be the 3 primary and 3 secondary colors we don't need to start adding tertiary colors in with it.

  18. I honestly just watch this because I like watching baking/decorating/cooking videos, but would you be mad if someone recreated one of your cakes for profit?

  19. Fabulous cake! Instead of the sprinkles, if I get brave enough to try this, I'll scatter gold sugar at the top. 😊

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