Making Royal Icing for Writing: Get it Right the First Time (and no mixer needed)

Making Royal Icing for Writing: Get it Right the First Time (and no mixer needed)

it’s Cristina again, Cakelosophy formerly known as Luc & Lucy’s Cupcakes. In this video I’m going to
show you how to make a nice small amount of Royal Icing without needing
any particular equipment, I hope you enjoy this video! Royal Icing is quite easy
to make, there are only three main ingredients as you can see. And all you do, if you only need
enough for piping few words here and there, then do it by hand, Otherwise you’re just going to go
all over the big mixing bowl. Anyway, one very important thing is
to put the icing sugar sugar through the sieve. Otherwise, your very thin nozzles, through which you
pipe are going to get clogged up and you’re going to be emptying them forever and
drying out your paste, etc etc… so yeah, just keep putting you through
the sieve… at some point you would need to get some lemon juice into it. It’s not
important at which point, but I normally just break the routine halfway through.
Add few drops, it’s not important just just like this really you are never
measured I just eye ball it. Icing sugar for your handmade Royal Icing, is another thing which I never measure, and do it by eye,
because the only thing you really need to worry about above apart from the
sieve is the consistency… so this is way too runny! Probably good for biscuits or
other things but no not for writing so keep adding and adding and adding… most
common mistake is not to add enough icing sugar and then it just becomes
runny when you pipe and your icing lines just go all over the shop and then
it’s quite hard to put it right! So…if not sure add some more but I’m about to
show you what consistency it should be for piping…this is it… yep… that should do the
trick nicely… This is how you
store it by the way before I move on to the next bit, I just put loads of small wraps of Royal Icing into the freezers, they keep for about 6 months! These are the nozzles that I use most of the time You can just use a kit, you can buy them on
eBay and many other places! You fill it up with your Royal Icing, and here you are,
you’re ready to go!… Just pipe away, you could also draw and do
all kinds of little things with it … give it a go, try making it, and let me know how you got on in the comments below! Christina Wallis here, thanks for popping on to my channel, if you liked this video, please consider subscribing!

10 thoughts on “Making Royal Icing for Writing: Get it Right the First Time (and no mixer needed)

  1. Yes, you can , though it will be a bit crunchy! You might want to do loads RI straight away for that ( mine is best for small batches, but too slow for larger ones). This is a video on how to make loads of RI in one, I'd recommend. The tut's not mine , but it's ace. Good luck with your cake.

  2. it was horrible it made me sick I hate this im never doin it again im back to doing buttercream im really not impressed -_-

  3. You are amazing this recipe of yours was a life saver I couldn't get my royal icing to pipe out details if my life depended on it but your tutorial really helped and for the first time I managed to get the consistency right and I was able to pipe thank u soooooo much

  4. Hi Christina. Still loving watching you! Can you help me with this question please? I am making a gold drip cake for a very special lady but am unsure about royal icing for it. I don't want the drips to be hard, so could I add a little glycerine to the mix so it flows but stays firm and not rock hard?
    thanks. Lyn

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