Making Perfect Royal Icing: 3 Expert Tricks | Cookie Decorating Tutorial

Making Perfect Royal Icing: 3 Expert Tricks | Cookie Decorating Tutorial

Discover a surprisingly easy way to give your
cakes classic appeal. In this quick video, I’ll share three special tricks for making
the perfect royal icing every time. Hi, I’m Joshua John Russell, a cake designer
and an instructor on Craftsy dot com. My first tip will help you acheive a consistent icing
everytime. Traditionally Royal icing is made using fresh
egg white and powdered sugar, but I’ve got a better idea. I like to use meringue powder
instead of egg whites. Eggs can vary from place to place, but meringue powder is the
same everywhere you go. And here’s where the second tip comes in.
Be sure to always sift your sugar. In America most powdered sugar is already sifted, but
doing it one more time will help prevent clumps from forming, which will clog your tip when
piping. Now that your ingredients are all ready, mix
your sugar with the meringue powder and water. Be sure to add the sugar slowly, this isn’t
a race. Mix until the icing forms peaks.
This is the point where you can add color, but be careful, you don’t want to add too
much or it will break down the the icing. When you’re finished using your royal icing
be sure to follow my last tip; always store your royal in the fridge between uses, and
let it come to room temperature before you use it again. This will save you a ton of
headaches. Now go make your beautiful cookies, cakes
and confections! Thanks for watching, and don’t forget you
can click the “i” in the top-right corner of this video to learn more Cake Decorating
techniques or to find the supplies I’ve been using in this video.

5 thoughts on “Making Perfect Royal Icing: 3 Expert Tricks | Cookie Decorating Tutorial

  1. Another great video, Joshua! I think I'll subscribe! I've been doing royal icing cookies for several years now , yet I still learned something from your video! I didn't realize that too much coloring breaks down the icing. I've certainly had icing break down over the course of 2-3 days (in a refrigerated piping bag), but I didn't realize that the cause was too much coloring! Thanks!

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