Make a Graduation Hat Cake Using your Giant Cupcake Mould! – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Giant
Cupcake Graduation Hat Tutorial where I’ll be showing you how to make this fantastic
graduation hat cake out of your giant cupcake mold
Tools and equipment that we will be using today:
I have a couple of boards. Now I’ve iced both of my boards. I’m using an 11 inch round.
So an 11 or 12 inch round will be fine for this. I’m using an 8-inch square. If you’re
not sure how to ice your boards, I will leave a link to our tutorial for icing the boards
in fondant in the description box below. With my 8-inch square, I’ve also used a black ribbon
around the edges so we can’t see any of that silver board coming through. And I’ve gone
with red for my base board because those are going to be the school color. So you can change
this theme to match your graduation school colors.
I’ve got my “Congratulations on Your Graduation!!!” scroll printable. That one is available for
download and I will leave a link to that in the description box below. It also comes with
your little graduation scroll cakepop labels if you’d like to have a look at our cakepop
tutorial for some matching cakepops to this great cake.
I’ve got 2 knives. I’ve got some red fondant and some black fondant.
A little bit of melted dark chocolate. And of course, I’ve got my giant cupcake.
Now with the giant cupcake, I haven’t made the entire cupcake. I’ve only made the bottom
half so not the pointy top, just our bottom half. Before I started that cupcake, I made
a black chocolate cupcake case. So if you haven’t following us through our Giant Cupcake
Basics and the How to Make a Giant Cupcake Case tutorials, I will leave links to all
of those in the description box below. The black cupcake case, I made an outer layer
so my very first layer was made using Wilton black candy melts. And the inner layer, because
I always like to give those two good layers, is just dark chocolate which saves a little
bit of money on those candy melts because they’re not cheap. I’ve layered my cake inside
as per our Giant Cupcake Basics Layering and Stacking. And I’ve used chocolate ganache
because it’s the same sort of dark color as our nice dark patty pan or cupcake case. So
if any of it comes out or you can see it poking around the edges, it’s not going to be as
noticeable as a white buttercream frosting. So the first thing that we want to do today
is we’re going to take… This is our presentation board. I’ve dressed my cupcake on a different
board so that I’m not going to make a mess out of the presentation board. And I know
that my scrolls don’t go across the board like that so I want to position my cupcake
just back here on the board. So we’ll move that scroll away so that it
doesn’t get dirty at all. And I’m going to take some of this melted dark chocolate. Now
the melted dark chocolate. I just want to take my knife. And I’m just going to pop a
little dollop of it back here on the board about where I think I want that cake to go.
So just sort of spread it out a little bit. I’ve got ganache on that giant cupcake so
it’s not going to matter too much. But what we want to do is just lift the board up. So
that I can make sure that everyone can see what I’m doing, move him forward, lifting
the board up, and turning this presentation board upside down, you want to position your
chocolate [blob] right on top of that cake. And then holding both of them together, flip
it. Now you should have your giant cupcake positioned
nicely on your presentation board. And you can get rid of that other board that we’ve
been using temporarily. At this stage, you should have something that looks like this.
Now if you’re not going to use that graduation scroll, obviously yours would be in the middle.
What we want to do from here… You’ll see I’ve got a little bit of a gap around the
bottom. Now I will also mention, you’ll a have a couple of lines on the side of your
giant patty pan or your giant cupcake case from that silicon mold. So make sure that
they’re at the back of your cake and not at the front. We want to disguise this little
gap that we’ve got going on underneath that cupcake so we’re going to take some of that
black fondant. And just roll a bit of a sausage. So I’m actually
going to roll the sausage back here on the glass [half] because I do want a little bit
of a stick. You don’t want any cornflour or anything down for this or else it won’t stick
quite as well to the bench. Too much cornflour sort of slides around.
And I’m actually going to roll around quite thick. So I’m just looking at the gap that
I’ve got in between the rim of my giant cupcake and the board. And I want to make sure that
I’ve completely covered that. Alright, now taking your knife, just cut off
the two ends. Your ends will always be quite thick on the sausage. And I always want to
make sure that my sausage seam is going to meet up around the back of my cake. So whenever
you’re making your cake, make sure that you always know where the back is.
And I’m just going to rest that around like so. You can use a little bit of water to stick
that down if you like. I’m not going to today. So I know that I’m going to push it in. So
I’ve just cut the back. And you can see, it’s all sitting there quite sort of loose. So
now just take your finger and just push it into those gaps. So you really want to, sort
of, you want to go with those little grooves of the giant chocolate patty pan or cupcake
case. You’ll see it’s actually stretching out a little bit. So start at one side, go
all the way around, and you’ll cut off a little bit more as you get to the back. This is one
of the reasons that I didn’t bother using water here because I didn’t want to stick
it and then have it move a little bit as I was repositioning that like sausage. Alright,
taking your knife, just cut it off. And there we go. So that just neatens up the base of
our cupcake or our graduation [cup] base. And you can take that fondant, put it back
in the zip lock bag so that it doesn’t dry out.
Now, we’re going to attach the graduation hat top or the board. So you can take that
melted chocolate again and the knife and just… You don’t need too much here so just a little
bit of a glob of melted chocolate and take your board. Now, with my board, I’ve got my
little spot where my ribbon has met up so I want that at the back and I’m going to position
it, sort of, on a bit of an angle like so. So you can see how it’s going on there. And
I’m just going to sit it down on top of that bit of chocolate. And we’ll put that off to
the side to let it set. And I’ll tilt it up so that you can see what’s going on there.
Now while that’s all happening, we’re going to get rolling our red tassels to match our
red board in our school’s colors. So for your tassels, you’re just going to take that red
fondant and I’ve actually rolled mine into a sausage again. But I’ve rolled it quite
thick. So once again, I’m going to do that on my black bench back here.
Alright, so there’s our nice fat sausage all rolled. So taking that knife again… I’ve
kind of like the fact that it comes up to a little bit to a thinner point on this end.
So I’m going to cut it off. That’s way too low for what we want. And I’m just going to
pop it on and just sort of measure it out. In the center of my board, I want that to
fall to about here so it’s almost touching the board but not quite. So just cut it off
when you’re happy with the length. And then we’re going to just push out just the last
sort of inch or 2 inches. Just push it out on your board with your finger so that it’s
kind of flat. And also with the very very top here, just push that down so that it’s
a little bit flat. That’s just going to give it something to adhere it all to or adhere
the chocolate to. Alright, now taking your knife, we’re just
going to make some tassels’ red bottom here so just cutting.
See there, some of them I’m splitting in two again in the bottom. So I’ve gone one tassel
in there, sort of one tassel coming down, and then each tassel I’ve split in half again
in the end. That will just make them look nice and full. Now just taking your fingers,
you just want to sort of round each of those little tassels off. So I’m really just going
to kind of mold them a little bit. Alright, so when you… Pick that up. You’ve
got there your little sort of tasseled end as you can see. So I’ve sort of got 5 main
tassels and then it splits into ten down the bottom just to make them look a little bit
more, I guess, a little bit thicker and a little bit more [full].
So just checking my height there, again. Right now, because I’ve squashed off tassels a little
bit, we’ve gotten a little bit of extra length. So just putting it back on my board, I just
want to chop a little bit more off the end. Round that off and flatten it down.
Now, so that you can see what’s going on with our giant cupcake at this stage to give you
a nice sort of a front view. That’s what you’re looking at. So you can see there, it’s really
looking like our graduation hat. Now this is still the front of my board. This
is going to be the center and I want my tassels to come just over the front. So a little bit
more of our melted chocolate glue and I’m just going to dab that into the center of
the board. Make sure not to drip it anywhere because you don’t want to mess up your beautiful
black board at this point. And rest your tassels on top draping over
the edge. Now I also like to put just a tiny tiny bit
of that melted chocolate just at this edge here so that it doesn’t move around. So once
it’s positioned and you’re happy with how it’s positioned, just another little tiny
tiny dollop of melted chocolate just wherever it’s going to sit on the board. Now you want
to leave that until it completely sets and then we’ll come back and we’ll just neaten
off that top a little bit. Okay, so I’m happy that my dark chocolate
is pretty well dry enough to hold everything together. So I’m just going to take that black
fondant one more time. And we’re just going to roll — I promise — the last sausage of
this tutorial. It doesn’t have to be an exact sausage. I’m just goint to roll it into a
quick ball to make sure it’s nice and seamless and nice and neat. And I’m just going to roll
it in my palms. You can see there, just a nice, quick, easy
sausage. And just sort of just get… You just want to make sure that it’s going to
go all the way around. So we want a nice, flat edge on either edge. Probably about there.
But you might want to cut a tiny bit more off. That looks like it’s going to be perfect.
Alright, so I’m just going to pinch one edge down and the other edge down and that’s just
going to help meet up with our little red tassels. And I’m just going to sit that on
top. I’m not too worried about its sticking or not sticking. It’s on top of the board.
It’s not going to be going anywhere. So if you’re worried, you can use a little bit of
water or a little bit of melted chocolate. And that will just finish off the top of our
hat quite nicely. So here you can see you’ve got a really nice
graduation hat giant cupcake. And I will put up some great still shot of that. It’s not
the best camera angle. So to finish that one off, I’m going to add in our graduation scroll.
As I’ve mentioned, if you want this one, we’re going to have “Congratulations on your Graduation”
option and also just a “Happy Graduation” option. And you can download those by following
the link below. And I just want to make sure that’s pretty well-centered on my board. So
make sure you’re not only [looking] at the top of your hat for centering. You’re looking
at the actual overall giant cupcake. So I think mine’s going to look best about here.
And I’m just going to stick that one down. Now I’ve actually printed mine out on a sticky
label. So you can either use a sticky label if you’ve got them, otherwise it’s the board.
It’s not going to be eaten. You can use just a craft glue or double sided tape, whatever
you like, even a little bit of… probably not water. Any sort of a craft glue will stick
that down. So there you have your really cool and really
easy graduation hat cupcake. That’s going to feed about 10 people. And when you do want
to serve that one, you just want to take a knife. You want to slip it in between the
board and the top of the giant cupcake and just twist it. That board is going to pop
off and you’ll be able to cut that just the same as we’ve shown you how to cut it in our
How to Cut and Serve a Giant Cupcake Tutorial. I hope that you’ve loved this tutorial as
much as I’ve enjoyed making it for you. Do make sure that you check out our Graduation
Hat Cakepops, the perfect partner for this great cake. And as always, thank you very
much for watching.

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