Make a Fake Cake – Lesson Plan

Make a Fake Cake – Lesson Plan

(squeaking) (pop) (♪♪♪) Before the Pop Art Movement brought us soup cans
and giant soft hamburgers, California artist
Wayne Thiebaud became known for
his food paintings. Choosing delicious colour,
he created cakes and pies, hot dogs and candy, and displayed them
enticingly in neat rows and on pedestals,
a true visual delight. Well we’ve been cooking up
some visual delights too. Although these look like
yummy party treats, they’re actually
little sculptures that can be enjoyed for a lot longer than
a real cupcake. Let me show you
how to make one. First we need
a cup to put it in. These scalloped borders
usually decorate bulletin boards, but today they’re going to
make a sturdy base for our cupcake. I have a 12 inch section cut,
and with a stapler I’m making a fold
in the middle of each scallop
and then stapling it near the flat edge. I’ll staple the ends together, and put one last staple
up near the top. And there. That’s a good cup shape. Now because you want
the cupcake to have a flat bottom
and not fall over, a two inch circle
cut out of poster board, or cardboard,
makes a good base. The cake itself
is made with crumpled newspaper,
newsprint, or paper towels, as I’m using today. We’ll make a ball,
cover it with another. So I’ll have a ball about
3-4 inches in diameter. Next, we’ll drizzle just
plain white glue on the inside of the cup,
and also on the base. Then place the paper
inside the cup. It’s best to
let the glue dry first so it doesn’t move around,
but with a little caution, it could be
decorated and frosted while the glue is wet. Tacticolour 3D Bubble Paint
comes in a variety of delicious looking colours. It has a light, airy texture
that reminds me of whipped topping. Using a plastic knife,
or a spatula, dip it from the jar, and spread it right over
the top of the paper. Just like you’re icing a cake. Make sure to frost it
all the way to the edges so the paper doesn’t show. While it’s wet, it can be decorated with
any number of items. As the paint dries,
it will hold on to the items, so you don’t need
to use glue at all. I like to sprinkle on items that
look like they might be edible, such as sequins,
and glitter, coloured rice, seed beads,
some string or some thread. Faux gems, pretty much
anything you might have in the cupboard actually. Once it’s dry and firm,
glitter glue or paint could be applied
to the surface. You can even layer
colours of Bubble Paint. And for a finishing touch, and to help
conceal the staples, tie a ribbon around
the base of the cupcake and use a little glue
to hold it into place. To learn more about
3D Bubble Finger Paint and the rest of
the art supplies I used here today,
visit We have a free lesson plan
available for download. Just type the keyword
‘cupcake’ in the search area to find out how to
make a fake cake. (♪♪♪) Captioned by GigEcast

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  1. Words to the Wise: Use the Fake Icing in an icing bag with a tip to make more realistic icing, also use regular cupcake wrappers instead of bulletin board edge

  2. waoooo, I was amused by d little details. it's kinda easy,so am planning to try it out. it sure fascinates me. thank U for adding to my knowledge

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