Magic Cake Pop Maker!

Magic Cake Pop Maker!

What’s up, guys! It’s Justine. Today we’re gonna be making cake pops. I’ve made them before. And I’ve basically failed miserably But today we’re gonna be making them in this. It’s a cake pop maker.
I got it on Amazon, where I buy everything And I thought this seems foolproof. after doing a little bit of research though most of the people recommended not using boxed cakes with this and when you make cake pops they’re cake, but they’re also mixed with icing so this is not going to be the traditional cake pops that’s smashed up cake with smashed up icing. we’re going to be making a special concoction that is that I don’t even know I found this recipe online so to be honest with you I have no idea what I’m doing. Huge shout out to Munchkin time it’s actually a super cute little website this woman has her little daughter baking everything. So I feel like if this small child can do it pretty good chance I’m probably going to fail at it but let’s try I mean what’s the worst that can happen? So we’re going to follow her recipe, let’s get all of our ingredients we’re making this thing from scratch apparently the cake box consistency is a little bit too thin and it doesn’t make your cake pops turn out round I don’t know a large mixing bowl with butter sugar until light and creamy okay well this is our butter it’s actually softened for once put you in there we’ve got our sugar nicely labeled cuz I’ve got a labeling machine and I love it in you go Honestly getting a mixer was the best thing that I’ve ever done in my entire life it does everything for me now watch me mix now watch me nae nae let’s turn it up to 11 one two one two all righty you got to time it perfectly Ow! Ow! mix flour with salt and baking powder I like salt all right got our milk Now let’s add the other half I don’t know why we do that really this is our last step Now watch me mix, until it’s creaming so far so good let’s taste it oh my sweet SwEeT batter ooh. oh yeah that’s good so here’s our little thing So we’re going to make the cake pops first and then we’re going to decorate them I guess that’s how it works I don’t know how long I don’t know anything about this thing I do know we need to spray it cuz we don’t want stuff getting stuck in here okay so I was doing a little test so that I wanted it to be perfect on my first try that looks, that looks pretty done to me I think we should get them out I think we should get them out of here surprisingly all I got to do is just peel that crap away and we might have a pretty solid cake pop on her hand the heck look how good this is hold on it’s really hot it’s so difficult to be like a little test they look really good oh well gee oh my god my fingers are burning up my body is a wild Wonderland by the Wunderland cheese always ensues again basically when you guys while you were away I just scooped scoop into there just like it up so I definitely put too much in that’s for sure closer up hey Google set a timer for five minutes okay five minutes, starting now What’s this taste like, good it tastes really good well this insanity has been happening I’ve been over here melting some chocolate or some candy. oh boy I dropped through treats a candy has been over there melting and I’ve got this new one that I wanted to try it’s a pastel candy melt with sprinkles in it I thought since it’s going to be st. Patrick’s Day and I don’t even know like the soonish that I would do some say Patrick’s Day themed cake pop people’s good I’m surprised I’m super impressed look at this this is not nothing oh yeah oh yeah they look good Wow so hot we’re so hot they’re so hot ah ah oh gosh burning so dumb you think I’ve learned in the first one thanks lamb super impressed look at our balls look at this little thing it’s a little tiny cake pop tray I’m not sure if that’s actually going to hold up so we’re going to do a few of the white cake pops first set a bunch of these little cake pops popsicle sticks probably should about shorter ones piece of cake pop minis going to be a little bit big but that’s alright Duncan here stick it in our cake pop dunk it in it nice and covered nice and covered a little bit chunky I think I’m going to like let them sit a little bit come back I with what’s cooking and sliding off the sticks looking good this cake pop maker is incredible and is it going to fall over and I’m going to ruin all my cake pops and I’m going to be severely enough happy named by her today oh yes we’re going to have to look he’s falling off it’s okay little guy I know you’ve seen better days Oh This is kinda hard when some of them have real crispy little corners here and one last one for our collection while here they. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I’m pretty impressed there’s a lot of things that I could have done better to improve them but overall I think they look pretty fantastic so I want to taste one because I gotta do a taste test here we go it’s actually really incredible it was real close I’ll help you guys enjoy this video and to answer your question and my question does the mini cake pop maker work yes it works so well I thought a bunch of other recipes online for things that you can make in a cake pop maker that aren’t take top so I can’t wait to try some of those out there’s like little hotdogs there’s all kinds of things my life is changed forever forever from the mini cake pop maker you guys enjoyed this video make sure you hit like so we can subscribe so you’ll see future videos and I will see you in the next video there’s also going to be a little m screen that pops up here very very shortly where you can watch my previous video so check that out too yes later I’m going to order a pizza right now I’m not going to touch my phone I don’t know if I get a notification like what happens like how’s it going to nowhere just get my pizza from we’re going to try so ready one two

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  1. ijustine when you said ok google set a alarm for 5 minutes my google responded and said ok alarm set for 5 minutes hah ahahahahaaha

  2. When it is about to drip off the side
    Justine is not paying attention

  3. Hey gurl erm bit of advice your meant to fold in the flour not beat it as u need air In the cake and it will rise

    From your fan Georgezzz

  4. Ok so I got this for my birthday a few weeks ago, and I got a box cake mix to go with it. I know Justine said you're not supposed to use a box cake mix with it, but has anyone tried it with a box cake mix? If so please tell me how well it worked.

  5. Next time try to pick up the pop with a knife and put the stick in the hole (no hate just trying to make sure you don’t lose your hands)

  6. scoop and check s2 of escape the night
    Scoop and check let’s go
    Scoop and check
    Scoop and check let’s go

  7. que chevere!!! ya encontre la receta.. se las dejo

  8. I made strawberry cake pops, 4 of like 16 fell of the stick when I coated them (they were too big) 🙁 tasted good, looked bad

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