Macaron Macaroon Recipe Recette HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon

Macaron Macaroon Recipe Recette HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon

Welcome to I am Ann Reardon Once you have mastered the easy macaron recipe, it is time to mix it up a bit. and see what changes we can make to the shells while they still work there’s a link in the description below this video to the basic recipe if you haven’t made that yet watch that one first and the frequently asked questions video. You probably know that before the macarons are baked you can sprinkle the shells with some nuts or some sprinkles. You can even put them in a little pretty pattern on top of them and then bake them and they will bake as normal. But I wanted to experiment with putting
things under the shells to see if we could have a surprise element to the macarons. I experimented here with some ginger cookie dough a some banana
and some white chocolate melts And when they came out of the oven they all looked fine but when you turn the over you can see that they couldn’t handle the moistness of the banana, which is as to be expected. Because usually when you add any extra moisture to the shells they don’t work.
extra mile cities shows that i might But the chocolate chip and the gingerbread cookie dough both baked perfectly so that can add a nice surprise element to your macaroons If you want to add a stripe of colour to your macarons then you can use a brush and brush on some gel food coloring. if you want to make it a bit more dramatic
then use some black food colouring and then while it is still moist get some silver or some gold luster dust and just brush that over the top and it will stick to the coloring. to make a pattern like spots on the macaron then mix up two different batches of mixture and pipe one as normal and then put the other one in a ziplock bag and cut off a very small corner and put little spots of mixture over the top. once you have done that rap it on the bench just like you normally would and bake it in the oven. I think the come out looking quite cute. You can even change the shape of your macaron shells. If you want to make heart shaped shells just just squeeze at the top putting quite a bit of pressure and then pull down releasing that pressure as you go down then repeat that to make the other half of the heart. Once you have finished piping them rap them on the bench and bake as normal I have even chopped chocolate chips and added them to the macaron mixture before and they have baked perfectly and they taste very yummy. So have some fun experimenting with you shells and come up with some new unique ideas. and post a photo of what you have done in the comments section of the blog And thank you to everyone who has subscribed, I can not believe it has just ticked over 50,000 subscribers, that’s crazy. I will see you next week, bye.

97 thoughts on “Macaron Macaroon Recipe Recette HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon

  1. hi hilary, you can adjust the video quality to lower so that it is faster to download click on the 'settings' icon in the black strip below the video

  2. the brushed one without the luster dust is my favorite. I subscribed and i'm so happy i did cause these treats are so amazing!

  3. Could u use some sugar and how do we make the fillings and I am trying to make macaroons but I do not have the ingredients

  4. this is amazing!! thank you so much for sharing! i am planning on making macaroons on monday and will definitely try your ideas! Btw whats the best filling to have inside?

  5. I added dried banana under my macaroons. They baked perfectly just like with the ginger bread cookies and chocolate 😉 Just a tips!

  6. definitely ganache, if you click on how to cook that to go to the channel and look under the macaron playlist there are different vids with fillings in different macarons

  7. thank you! i have tried making the caramel and then genache, both were wonderful. My macaroons kinda worked, they were different shapes and some had cracks in and others didnt! but not bad for my first try i would say :))

  8. Hello ann ,i have make macaroon last night but my eggs whites turn to liquid when i start put the sugar. I have beat until soft peak before I put the sugar. So have idea for my problem?

  9. okay is it possible to use oat flour? I've used almost every nut and it works in macaron making. but before I experiment, could you tell me if oat flour (Finely ground oatmeal) would work as a substitute? It's easier and cheaper, if it would work. Thanks! 

  10. You are a food artist.  You make everything you do look so easy.  Keep up the great tutorials, I could watch this stuff all day.

  11. What are some good fillings for macaroons. I know how to make the shells but I never know what to fill them with

  12. i baked my macarons for 45 minutes on parchment paper , when they're done and cooled , the bottom still stick on the parchment paper . . .
    what did i do wrong ??

  13. These are beautiful!! By the way… I was just wondering what coloring you used to get that dark pink? It's so pretty!!!!!!! 😀

  14. I think u shud add some dried berries and mint leaves before you bake to make them look kinda like flowers. It would be super cute!!!!!!!

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