Love At First Sight | The Marriage Project

Love At First Sight | The Marriage Project

-No, I don’t believe
in love at first sight. I don’t think there is such a thing. It’s impossible to love anyone
at first sight. It doesn’t make any sense,
because love, when fully developed,
takes time. However, having said that, I sort of felt
when we first met, when we went down those stairs
to have a beer, after about 15 minutes, I sensed there was
something unusual happening. I think it was a little faster
than she felt that way. -One thing that really
impressed me about him — We dated a couple of times, and after the third date, during that time, he kissed me, and it was okay. It was a good kiss. But later on, I was in my dorm,
and the phone rang. It happened to be Bob, who had called me back
after being away a half-hour. He said, “Well, I think
maybe you should gargle. I’m coming down
with a sore throat.” So I thought, “Well, that’s
a very interesting thing.” Here he’s considering my health,
my well-being, and boys of that age, 21, weren’t particularly interested
in that kind of subject. And that sort of made me feel
what a good nurturer he was, that he could probably
be a good parent. That was very important. -In my own mind,
things moved along swiftly. So by the time
we’d had three or four dates, I felt that this was
more than just a date. -We had, actually,
a lot in common. We both came from families
that were stable, who were basically
happily married. We had similar values. We had sort of similar goals. We both wanted
to create a family. -Shared backgrounds
and shared values and similar histories
enable you to feel more comfortable
with the other person, and one of the four roles
of a spouse is to be a good friend,
companion, and adviser. And you do that best
when you know the other person and they know you, and particularly
as time goes on, you develop that interest. Another role is lover. I believe while sex
is absolutely essential — I don’t think
you can have a decent marriage without proper, successful,
joyous sex. Nevertheless, it’s no more
in the total pie than 5% or 10%, but it’s a very important 5%. If you don’t have it, the other 90% or 95%
is not gonna be there. Business partner in a business that will last a lifetime
if there are children. -Lots of money
comes and goes in a marriage. -Lots of money. And the other —
the final one is a parent. Well, I’d say that marriage
and love — and marriage and love are,
of course, together or practically close —
they should be the same. I would define it
as a combination of sex and friendship
come together. That’s love. Isabelle may have
a different definition of it. -Well, I think sex and affection
and an altered state of being — When you’re in love, you’re
really in an altered state. I think marriage — You can stay
in that altered state for part of the time, but when you experience love, I think you feel,
consciously, a little different. It’s an altered state
of consciousness.

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  1. Hey I'm Sian and I have just hit 1000 subscribers! I upload a video a week and it would mean the world to me if you could come over and have a look

  2. In fact I disagree. Don't get married to a similar type with similar background. That's too safe a little boring and if advocated at large scales leads yo racism and social gaps. Actually don't get married at all lol

  3. I wish i will find my other half! That we will have a family and that we will be parents not only due to dna, but we are parenting, showing love to our kids etc. Have deep conversations, but can be silly too. To be happy just with the other person being with you. We dont need a lot extras, just enough to live….

  4. 1% of the population is asexual and can get married and experience love just as well as anyone else.
    This video also assumes that monogamy is the only way for people to go. It's not.
    All in all, wisdom of age is often more like the wisdom of cultural norms and doesn't actually apply to reality.

  5. My grandparents celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary a couple weeks before my grandpa passed away.  They had been through so much together:  WWII, leaving their birthcountry to come to the US, raising two children, losing a beloved son, building a life together, and growing old together.  Their tenderness and affection with each other was a wonderful thing to witness.

  6. While heart warming they had amazing advantages. Pre TV, pre Internet, pre-post-modern (they probably weren't trying to be sarcastic or ironic all the time) under 30, in college, white… Sure they weren't "Fated" to be successful, but I don't ever take advice from outliers.
    I'd much rather hear stories of people that slogged through a lot of wrong ones to find the right one. That would be waaay more realistic.

  7. wow he so old and he still says sex is important, good for him
    most men after they age and sex stops act like sex was never important to them and thats a lie

  8. "Marriage and love" should be the same.

    Old people are so cute, yet so unaware of what's going on with our legal system and how actual psychology works.

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  10. hehe, this video got uploaded right after i got my heart broken… hehehe

  11. Sadly, the world is a very, very different place than it was when Bob and Isabelle fell in love. I don't think they'd recognize it.

  12. The way the video is orchestrated reminds me of PBS Blank on Blank. I love both series and look forward to more SoulPancake!

  13. Well said that the most important %5 of marriage, is sex. You'll lose your partner, if you don't enjoy touching his/her body.

  14. a relationship does not need to depend on a large percentage of the pie in bed. I feel that it's not essential to lust one another

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    But not only are White people expected to become minorities in ALL White countries within a few decades, people actually celebrate this fact.
    What's going on here?
    Under international law, imposing conditions on a race causing it to become a minority in its own lands is genocide.
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    Instead, anti-Whites use terms such as "multiculturalism" and "diversity."
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  16. Thank you for being a normal couple… I thought for a second that was going to be a video about a couple of queers. I approve this message.

  17. This advice works for all the normal human beings… not the ones that are born with dicks but wanna have a vagina, born with vaginas, but act like they have a pair, dudes who love the cack, and sexxually outta this world people…. haha

  18. i saw a girl at a gym BOOM
    love first sight now i cant get her out my head sex not the only thing running thru when i think of her IDK. but now i cant find her

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