Lightly Frosted Wedding Cake and Placing Fresh Flowers on a Cake

Lightly Frosted Wedding Cake and Placing Fresh Flowers on a Cake

Welcome to Wedding Cakes for You YouTube
I’m Lorelie and this is semi-naked wedding cake video which I’m doing in
collaboration with Tracie at Auntie’s Cakery. Tracie made this beautiful red
velvet semi naked wedding cake for you. Check out Tracie’s amazing cakes and
Channel and let her know that you stopped by.
Enjoy our cake collaboration. This three-tiered semi-naked wedding cake
starts with my orange butter cake, which you can find in my book Wedding Cakes
with Lorelie Step-by-Step. Now to fill in frost you will need about five batches
of my Italian meringue buttercream recipe, which I will link to in the
description box and or at the end of the video. You’ll need five pints of fresh
Raspberries if you can’t find good fresh raspberries you can use frozen. A 14-inch
cardboard is hot glued on to a 16 inch base. The cake is placed sticky side down
and excess crumbs are brushed off the side. A sugar syrup is brushed onto the
layer. You can find a link below to the sugar syrup recipe. Then the buttercream
goes on. This has white chocolate added to it which gives it an extra-special
yumminess. The raspberries are added. Stay clear of the edges because the berries
can leak a little and you don’t want any juices escaping out the sides of your
cake. Then another layer of buttercream is added to seal in the fruit. Repeat that whole process for the next
layer. Fnally the top layer goes on. You may
need to trim the sides like I’m doing here. Repeat the layering for the 10 and the 6
inch tiers and now you’re ready to frost. Use a generous amount of buttercream on
top and then spread the frosting down the sides of the cake. Use a bench scraper tool to scrape off
the excess until you’re satisfied with the way it looks. An offset spatula can be used to trim
the top edge. Use a cake pan to mark where the next tier will be placed.
I’m Doweling here with straws to support the next tier. Cutting the dowels. The
cake was pretty even so I’m cutting them to match the top of the cake. A piece of
waxed paper can act as a barrier to keep the tiers from sticking. The tiers are
then placed and a dowel goes all the way through to the bottom and into the base.
A simple border is piped with a star or shell. This is a number 22 Wilton. The cake is done and ready for delivery.
The cake is boxed and in the air-conditioned van and ready for a two
hour trip to Massachusetts. Yay the cake made it to the venue. and
all in one piece. So in this part of the video I’m just going to share with you
some tips on putting flowers on your cake. I find it’s best to clip some of
the flowers first to get started. The bride requested dollops of buttercream
as part of the decoration. I’m using the 1M Wilton for the dollops. Buttercream is the
perfect base for your flower arranging. I like to start from the top and work my
way down. For each arrangement you can use a
dollop of buttercream as a barrier and as a way to stick the flowers on to the
cake. It’s helpful to create the arrangements ahead of time This border needed to be bigger so I
used the 1M and I piped another border around. Generally the flowers get larger
as you make your way down the cake. We decided to use just petals around this
cake so it wouldn’t detract from the simple beauty of this rustic semi-naked
wedding cake. For a final touch pieces of white Hydrangea are added around the
base to tie everything together. A final bit of advice. Celebrate every success!!!
Thanks for watching and thank you Tracie of Aunties Cakery for joining me in this
fun collaboration. See you next week 🙂

27 thoughts on “Lightly Frosted Wedding Cake and Placing Fresh Flowers on a Cake

  1. Me encantan tus diseños , son muy hermosos.
    Gracias por compartir.
    Saludos desde México.

  2. Hi Loreli . Can you tell me please what kind of cake pans you are using for this cake ? Sizes and brand ?

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  4. Do you put the second and third tiers on a cake board? How do you get the dowel all the way through all the cakes to the bottom?

  5. 😘😘😘… I adore Your art 😍… A very lovely wedding cake… Thank-you ❤ … Please do not stop surprising us with fabulous Cakes 👍👍👍… Love from Africa Cairo Egypt 🌷

  6. Which boxes do you use to deliver your cakes? Have you ever purchased a cake safe or similar product?

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