LGBTQ | How You See Me

LGBTQ | How You See Me

– My mom when I told her I was gay, actually took me to a psychiatrist. And I remember coming out, and the psychiatrist being, there’s nothing wrong with your daughter, she’s perfectly healthy. (laughs) And I was like, “Yeah!” And my mom was like, “No!” – Watching TV you see
a lot of fairy tales, and you see men and women,
men and women getting married. You hear it in songs. You, just everything you’re surrounded by like hetero norms. So, I was really trying
to mold myself into what a straight man looks like. A lot of it’s kind of blur because I was trying to be someone other than me. – It was just like kind of a transition from I’m a tomboy, I’m a tomboy, to oh I’m really, really different. – I had a best girlfriend. A friend that’s a girl
who’s my best friend. And about the same time that I came out, she did as well, and it was just really helpful to have two people doing that at the same time, and it kind of brought us closer together. – Even when I was coming out, I still had the things that I’ve heard from friends and family growing up about, you know, gay people. There was still those attitudes leftover in my mind, so I had to really educate myself, and immerse myself into that
community and that world. – I’ve been more comfortable
with talking about it, but it’s still not something that I’ll come out and say, “Hi, I’m Jen. I’m bi.” One of my closest friends, I had been talking to her about how I had been dating a girl, and I really thought she was really cute, but I also liked a guy too. And she said, she got
really fed up with me, and she said, well you
have to pick sometime whichever one you’re going to be with. What does their gender have to do with how I feel about them? – When people find out you’re gay, it raises something in them. They feel in danger. They wanna change you. – And I’ve even had a priest, once in high school, tell me that I need to redeem my life. In my sociology class, in
front of the whole class. And I had an argument with him. Speaking up for myself, publicly, was a really, really, empowering moment for me at such a young age. – There are so many different colors on the LGBTQ spectrum. You know, there’s trans, there’s lesbians, bi, gender fluid, gender queer. There’s so many subgenres of people that exist in our community. – At the end of the day, I really had to accept that there wasn’t really a single subculture that was gonna define me. I had to accept that I was made of all of these things, and that all of these identities don’t necessary make me. – Be accepting of yourself. Even though other people might not do it. Maybe I lost a few
Facebook friends over it, but at the end of the day, that’s okay. – How you feel is not what
everyone says that you are. I know that sounds really confusing. – You’re gonna have to own it. You’re gonna have to get your spoon, and you’re gonna have to dig down deep, and be, like, all these layers are mine. And the sooner you do it, the sooner you’ll really know yourself.

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  1. Who they are is constantly said and is nonsense.Get naked in front of a big mirror thats who you are.Now watch the movie cool hand luke,is your mind right?Get your mind right!Your sexuality is a biological fact not choices of behaviors or preferences.

  2. I’m a 17 year old bisexual transgender guy. That’s hard… but I’m also autistic and I suffer with selective mutism, social anxiety and depression as well which is also hard. I have no friends either. However, knowing I have an entire community out there that I just have to find gets me through.

  3. I’m an Ally in LGBTQQIAAP2S 🏳️‍🌈
    (Meaning you support the LGBTQQIAAP2S community or LGBT+ without being Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Asexual, or Pansexual yourself)

  4. Nowadays, animal clever than human. They not confuse about they gender. I speak for animal right. Respect animal.

  5. Fun Fact: Christians are not that strict about the LGBTQ+, but the Baptists and Catholics are extremely strict.

  6. I see you exactly the way God and the Bible see you The Bible says you are abominations to God and man and that's how it is, was, and will be

  7. You're the sickest garbage on the planet. That's how I think of you. The Bible says that you will not inherit the kingdom of heaven so God doesn't think that much of you either. Go to church repent leave satan alone and don't spend any time in HELL because of you dumb ass choices. The choice is yours HEAVEN or HELL. But don't think that people think that you are okay because you're disgusting. The only thing worse than you are child molesters.

  8. The whole world has turned into an undisciplined mass of confused identities. It is constantly told to us that we're all free to be who or whatever we choose to be… until our final day of existence… then, it won't matter who or what we have chosen to be in life… what will matter is where we will be accepted after……… and why………….

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  11. I'm a straight Chinese Canadian 🇨🇳🇨🇦 girl who is a Christian and yeah I support you guys though 🏳️‍🌈

  12. My Highschool are sooo homophobe im scared i want to Came out to everyone but im scared that they will hurt me 😥🤨🏳️‍🌈

  13. all those people should just know, it doesnt matter how i see u or u see me. be what u are. i am so over this discussion. who is this video for. its a statement unasked for. there is not even a question given which would be answered by all those people. why is there such a need of expression? i wish all of u more cofidence…

  14. I see you LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 as the most hateful intolerant mean spirited people to ever walk this earth. Hate hate hate is all you people do. You folks want people destroyed if they have a different view about homosexuality.

  15. Lets not forget we mat have trouble beung tolerated
    But we dont have it as bad as colored lgbtq+ people

  16. Homosexuality is normal
    Over 400 thousabd species of animals insects
    Hell even fish can change genders
    But theres only 1 species that have displayed homophobia guess who that is?

  17. I'm really sick of my country, our politicians and some people take us (LGBTQ) as something like 2nd part of community. First of all we can't even get married, that's the reason why I want to move to other country. But there's a lot of time before I'll be adult so, everything can change

  18. To every homophobe- I think I remember something from the Bible that said no matter what you can be saved under the eyes of god. I think it also mentioned that hatred was sin yet I scroll down and see people calling each other sick. Stop it :’) Your no better than what you see homosexuals as if you constantly harass people of something they didn’t choose to be.

  19. This issue isnt how WE see YOU but that YOU want us to ONLY see you. You think that because you're LBGTTIZX81 then somehow i must capitulate to your way of thinking 100%. You are in error.

  20. Listen…. the concept of gay is evil but gay people are NOT evil. Hate the sin(Gayness) but DON'T hate people(gay people)..Gayness is a mental illness which doctors agree to this fact. Even ex-gay people admit it is abnormal and a mental illness. In conclusion, we should help the gay community. Love humanity but hate the sin..

  21. The funny thing is: we are told that there is nothing wrong with lgbts because they were born that way and we cant change it but then why do so many people despise homophobes, they were born to be homophobes, they will never feel comfortable around lgbts and there is nothing we can do to change how they feel, same thing with lgbts, we cant change them. It is funny how the lgbt community is so hipocritical, they want respect because they were born this way but they never give any respect to people who were born with opposing opinions to them. #HomophobesareHumanstoo

  22. At 0:11 and 0:13 seconds: I'm not too sure about her mental sanity, after the weird noises and funny faces she is making.

  23. when I told my friends I was bi they wasn't like saying it was "bad" like they respected it and when I told my bf (ex now) he respected it and when I told my mom she was saying how I should change and stuff like I felt judged after I told her I was bi I had dreams of ppl saying how it was "bad" and I need to "change my life"

  24. LGBTQ do not advocate love, when you do not agree with their community you are hated in a horrible way, so the LGBTQ is only a hypocrisi disguised as '' pride ''.

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