Let’s try out some pancake art pans!

Let’s try out some pancake art pans!

(cheering) – Check that out! That is the one. (dramatic music) Hello everybody welcome
to another exciting video. Today we’re looking at some pancake pans. These are some ones by Tefal, with pancake day coming up in the UK these are really cool because
it’s kinda supposed to make pancake art a little bit easier. We’ve got an owl and we’ve got a unicorn. This will be tricky. But if only it was half term and the kids even the big kids were around to help me. (shouting)
(laughter) – [Barry] What do you think guys? Are you excited?
– Amazing (squealing) Mrs. B are you the same
level as excitement can I see that?
– I’m (squealing) Okay let’s just take a minute.
(giggling) – I thought the pan was gonna, these bits were gonna be indent, like risen up or something.
– No! I don’t know why. – [Barry] That would be
quite clever actually. If it was indented so
that the actual lines, no. – But you got to, says here
you’ve to do the outline first and then you fill in the rest
– yeah. – [Barry] Yeah, yeah, yeah, so you fill, you get the outline,
and you do the outlines of all of these and then fill them couple minutes later. Does that make sense? Oh look at that face of concern. – Unicorn on the pan! – [Barry] On the bottom of the pan? Oh wow that’s neat. Alright, I guarantee it
will not look like that. (laughter) Ah look at the owl! That actually looks, more like an owl now. – Makes me not want to use them now. – [Barry] Oh yeah, you’re
gonna burn all that aren’t we? This is why this is so good
as a pancake pan, look. It’s so flush and low level like that. But you’ve gotta get it. The unicorn one is a
little easier isn’t it? Oh no, you’ve got the horn,
you’ve got the instructions? I think it’s pretty easy mate. You just follow the lines.
– okay. – So we might go for a
slightly more thicker batter so we’ll put the milk in last. Oh I have never seen such amazingly sift flour in all my life. Are you professionals?
– Yeah. Six eggs.
(funky music) (maniacal laugh)
(laughter) This is eggs-cellent.
– Yes. – [Barry] Are you sorry about this? I know it’s half term out there and they’re allowed to
have time off school I don’t know why, I don’t know why. This is some pug salt. Give me a couple shakes
of salt in there, alright. My fear is that we don’t want it too wet. So we might have a teeny
bit more control about that. You know what I’m sayin’? Right, oh and you’re
whisking that like crazy. I want no lumps in it. I want it smooth as a babies bum. (laugh)
– ew. (funky music) There it is!
– There it is. – [Barry] This is it! This is what is gonna make our pancakes. Yeah, do the other one. You havin’ a little, ah look at that! Is it alright? Is it like a pen?
– yes. Your finest pen ever! Like a feather quill Phoebe?
– yeah. Professor.
– Pro, professor! Squirrel.
– Professor Squirrel. – [Barry] Come on Professor Squirrel. No pressure now. A light lubrication of the
spray oil on the surface of the pancake pan and I
dilly not on the camera. Low flame.
– Low flame, sure? Yeah, do your outer lines first. There we go, alright. It’s quite a thick line
you’re puttin’ down there. You got a bit of the eye goin’ on but this is good, this is good. (funky music) – Yay, well done. – [Barry] Alright and now
you can see how it’s cooked. You can fill in the gaps. – Some of cooked, though some of it’s not. Can I just fill in the gaps? – [Barry] Uh, yeah, ’cause
once it’s solidified it won’t – Maybe do where you first started. – Oh yeah, good idea Phoebes. – [Barry] Fill in the gaps like that. Oh look at this! – [Cleo] (mumbles) – [Barry] Tell you what though that is a unicorn on the camera. That looks insane.
– Do I do the holes there? Yeah, do those, definitely, yeah. Yeah that’s cool.
– ’cause it might break. Right, now you leave it and wait ’til bubbles arise on the surface. That’s it, fill your gaps. Mrs. B you should be so proud yourself. – We haven’t turned it over. – [Barry] But look that,
if we leave it like that? Tell you what. You could just shove that
under the grill and I’ll be well happy with that. That looks insane. – Can I turn it? Should we go for it? ‘Cause I just turned the heat up. (exclaiming) – [Phoebe] That looks like a rat. That’s uh,
– look. – [Mrs. B] I think the, around the eye, it needs to be cooked. – [Barry] It needs to be hotter. It needs to be hotter,
that’s what it needs to be. You need that outline to be really brown. Flip it back. Let’s see if this sides, oh! (chatter) – [Mrs. B] It’s all puffed
up you can see the outline. – [Barry] Yeah, hey, oh, I
like that Mrs. B, well done. – [Mrs. B] Thank you. – [Barry] Good thing is Mrs.
Barry only used about a third of that bottle which means judging by this that we’ve now got pancakes
for the rest of our lives. (exclaiming)
(laughter) – How’s about this then friends? Cloe’s given up for the minute and she’s doin’ drawin’ or somethin’. Doin’ some paperwork, you know, invoices that sort of stuff. (funky music) – [ Mrs. B] Looks like an owl. – Yeah, I’ve gonna crank it up. I’m just, I’m gonna go for it. I wanna be a bit darker. (funky music) – It does not look like an owl. – [Mrs. B] It does. – Does that look like an owl to you? A bit.
– A bit yeah. – Oh I can’t wait for this bit to cook. It’s so hard, because there’s like how, maybe we need to put
some more flour in there make it thicker ’cause it’s just droopin’ straight out of the bottle. – Not bein’ mean but it
looks like on its beak it has a wart.
– brilliant. – [Mrs. B] Oh you’re
actually gonna flip it? Stand back. Yay!
– Oh! (exclaiming) An owl!
– it is an owl! – [Barry] Does it look like an owl? I don’t know
– yeah. I almost hate that. Great.
– Yay. Boom.
– There we go. Now that’s neat right? We just added a bit more flour and found that if you do that, it does give you a bit
more control like this. So, although might not help us, it might help you.
(laughter) We think that you need to go a little bit hotter on the heat. Are you really sure
that looks like an owl? Oh yeah, it does a little bit. – [Cleo] It’s a bit like sketchin’. (funky music) – [Barry] Alright you’re goin’ for it? – Yours looks better than daddy’s – I have got the thicker batter though. – Well that ain’t gonna help me. Well there you go! Look at this!
– oh I love it! Oh, the owl.
(gasp) oh my (exclaims) His buck teeth!
(laughter) This one. Look at that, Boston, that’s you! (laughter)
(funky music) – Not the best one I’ve seen. – Awe thanks mate. – But it is good. You’ve shown a lot of progress. Oh!
– yay! – [Barry] I’m really happy
with how these have turned out. Obviously you can tell the difference if you go a little hotter. I love how this looks
like some sort of like weird tree person. I’m sure I’ve read a book with like one as a kid with a
character just like that. With like toes, and maybe it’s
just gonna haunt my dreams but actually if you go for a lower heat, you still get the honest
colour showing through in a light brown. So the kids now dyin’ the batters up. Look at that we’ve got
blue, we’ve got pink, and is that black?
– yes. We’re gonna go black for the eyeball. I think we’re both gonna try
to give the unicorn one go but compared to our normal
pancake day pancakes, this, I don’t know, they look pretty cool. So what I’m gonna do is try to
do a slightly bigger eyeball. Bigger eyes like that, okay. And then I’m not gonna risk any of this. Oh, okay.
– Wow. – Let’s see if it works. I’ve never made blue batter in my life or any colour batter.
(funky music) Alright here we go. Yay!
– Oh! Is that alright?
– look at that! Look at his eyes! Pretty neat colours.
– Oh! Oh check that out!
– Yay. That is the one.
– yay! I’m so glad I flipped it again. Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all night. Here’s your owl pancake,
thank you very much. (funky music) – [Cleo] That is (mumbles) Flip, oh my gosh!
– Yay! – [Barry] Is it cooked? That is a proper unicorn right there and I like that you’ve
actually given it an eyebrow. Oh!
– Yay. That is so good. – That’s a lot better than
I thought it was gonna be. – I’m just muckin’ about now. Hey!
– Yay! Oh my gosh!
– Look at that! What a hero! Yay!
– Yay! Yeah, awesome.
(chuckle) Aye!
– Yay. Rainbow. – Feel like I’m ruinin’ the pancake. – It does feel a bit weird we’re just like puttin’ Nutella on our pancakes it’s like. It’s a bit sad innit? You’re eatin’ your creation, no! There we go then, the pancake pan. We’re not the best at pancake art but we’ve made some pretty
darn cool creations there. It tastes alright? – Yeah. You got coloured tongues,
stick your tongue out. Oh yeah, I wasn’t thinkin’ about that. – Have a bite of this
rainbow that you made. (groans) So there you go. Grab some of the shops, a nice little thing to
have for pancake day. Check it out, have a grab, have go. And if you make any creations, do some of your pictures on social media I’d love to see it, bye! Check your level player no matter what your style the kitchen’s for me side burns, moustache
guarantee maybe all three. We’re gonna make a simple pancake batter a bit like the crap batter
that we did with Stuart. At his house. On the subject of Stuart. It was valentines night he tried doin’ jerk chicken recipe from
my book, my second book for valentines day and he
kinda needs some help cooking so the next time we go to Norwich, here’s a picture of what he sent me, next time I go to Norwich I genuinely want to give him some decent
like basic cookin’ lessons ’cause I was like, oh no.

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