Learn How to Pipe a Royal Icing Hibiscus

The hibiscus is a beautiful tropical flower that has a dramatic show-stopping look. For this flower, you’ll need royal icing — stiff consistency icing for the petals and medium consistency icing for the stamens. Two icing colors orange for the petals and lemon yellow
for the stamens a one and a half inch piece of uncooked
spaghetti and some cornstarch. The tools you will
need for the flower are the lily nail set – use the two and half inch largest nail a 4 inch candy foil square or
aluminum foil square two decorating bags, a coupler round decorating tip number 1, round
decorating tip number 4 petal decorating tip number 104 parchment paper and a decorating brush.
Line a two and a half inch lily nail with foil Tint the medium consistency royal icing with yellow icing color. Tint the stiff consistency icing with orange petal colored icing. Fit a decorating bag with a coupler and petal decorating tip number 4. Fill half full or less with petal tinted icing. it a second decorating bag with a round decorating tip number 1. Fill bag a quarter full or less with yellow icing. For the flower pistil, hold the spaghetti about a quarter inch from the end and slide the spaghetti through the tip into the decorating bag with petal colored icing while still holding the spaghetti apply
pressure to the decorating bag to cover the spaghetti while you pull
it out of the tip Pipe a dot of icing on the iced end of the spaghetti. With fingers dipped in cornstarch, pat smooth, slightly elongating the dot onto the spaghetti. Place on parchment to dry while you make the flower. When making more than one hibiscus, you can make all pistils of the flowers first. Place petal decorating tip number 104 on a decorating bag with a coupler. To make the first of five petals, hold the decorating bag with petal
colored icing at a 45 degree angle at 3 o’clock for right handed decorators and 9 o’clock for left handed decorators with the wide end touching the surface inside the cup and the narrow end slightly lifted With the tip hugging the side of the cup, use light pressure to pip icing, moving up toward the outer edge. Increase the pressure slightly and begin jiggling the tip when you rise up and out of the cup. Gradually turn the nail one-fifth of a turn, continuing to jiggle as you work back into the cup of the nail.
Lighten pressure and stop jiggling as you return to the center starting point. Stop pressure and pull the tip away. Repeat these steps to pipe four more petals. For a visual guide to make evenly spaced petals, pipe five evenly spaced small lines on top of the nail cup with petal decorating tip number 104 and petal colored icing. Use a damp brush to blend the seam at the center of each petal. Place a round decorating tip number four onto a decorating bag filled with petal colored icing. Pipe a dot of icing in the center of the flower. Insert uniced end of the pistil into the center of the flower petals. Hold the decorating bag with yellow icing and tip number 1 at a 90 degree angle to the dot on the end of the pistil. Pipe pull-out dot stamens around the tip. when finished carefully loosen the foil cup edges from the nail and remove the foil cup with the flower from the nail to dry. For best results, adjust the foil square as needed to allow the flower to dry upright. When the flower is completely dry, gently peel the foil from the flower. drying time for the hibiscus could take
up to 48 hours and it’s best to store dried flowers in foil cups until ready to use. For a different look when the flowers
totally dry add brush accent details to the center of the
flower using icing color and lemon extract mixture color dust and lemon extract mixture or dry brushing with dust. well

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