Learn How To Pipe 3-Color Icing Swirls | NEW 3-Color Coupler Tutorial

Learn How To Pipe 3-Color Icing Swirls | NEW 3-Color Coupler Tutorial

This striking icing decoration may look
intimidating, but its easy with the Color Swirl 3 Color Coupler the Color Swirl Coupler simplifies the
process and makes it easy to create flawless
trendy tri-color decorations in one easy piping motion the Color Swirl Coupler is made up of 4 parts. Three interlocking coupler pieces and a ring together these components secure three
decorating bags filled with your choice of colors first drop the individual coupler pieces
into each bag cut just above the last thread. Assemble
the interlocking pieces with the notches as your guide and your decorating tip then twist the
ring to lock into place I’m using a 1M, but you can use 1A, 2C or 4B. Now you’re ready to
fill the bags, fill each bag about a half cup you can use
two or three colors I’m using three because it’s a coupler
you can also easily switch out decorating tips to create a variety a
multi colored decorations without filling new decorating bags. Pipe a Tri-Color 1M swirl for an easy, but impressive decoration or pipe a trendy round swirl using tip
1A for another cupcake look with the tri-color twist. match your party colors, team colors, school
colors and more want to match your party decor, theme, or
celebration check out the Color Right Performance Color System for bolder,
brighter, more versatile multicolor icing swirls that are easy to mix easy
to match

99 thoughts on “Learn How To Pipe 3-Color Icing Swirls | NEW 3-Color Coupler Tutorial

  1. I just got this and used it.  It was a nightmare.  Do not cut the bag where they say the bag will pop out while you are using it and you will have icing everywhere.  The idea of this product is good but the actual use is terrible.  Cut you bag just above the little  notches where the couplers attact to each other to keep the bag on.  Be prepared to waste bags, icing and time on this.  I don't think I will be using this again

  2. I tried to do this but the bags just snapped off the coupler. I seem to not be doing it right. I'm confused about putting the white piece in the bag first then cutting the bag.

  3. 1 : 19!! Ro's Rose!! That pink is the colour that Wilton staff helped Rosanna Pansino (Nerdy Nummies) make!!

  4. GREAT NEWS!!!! this works just the same using a 12 inch bag too! I had more of the 12 inch ones so I just used them. Hope this helps someone

  5. That's actually pretty cool, when I put multiple colours in the bag, it's starts mixing with each other especially when getting air bubbles our, whereas with three different bags (even though that's more money spent) the colours have no chance of mixing until applied.

  6. guys you don't have to buy this thing.
    just get a piping bag and ur desire frosting.
    using cling wrap, roll the frosting into "sausages" like.
    put them into ur piping bag, cut the end n boom.

  7. I got this for christmas last year and I can not wait to make cupcakes and use it! (by the way Wilton you are the best cake decorating company I LOVE THE STUFF YOU GUYS SELL! I have every icing tip and the perfect fill cake batter tip etc.) ❤💙💚💛💜💗💖❤💙💚💛💜💗💖😊🍰

  8. Don't waste your money. I ordered it today and it has problems. Number 1: The tips' opening is to small. Each one. Number 2: Who frosts cupcakes with just 1 1/2 cups frosting. You would have to keep refilling. I did 33 today and 1 1/2 cups doesn't come close. . What worked real well for me is using a large bag with large coupler and tip. Fill disposable bags with colors and place them in your large pastry bag. I used 3 but I bet you could use 4. It worked great!

  9. Easily switch out the tips, you say? You don't show that you need two people to get this thing together on a good day, never mind switching tips! Impossible to use this if you are alone.

  10. I got this its really good my cakes look amazing i thought it was tricky at first but i was trying to couple it together without using the notches, also had to buy a new size nozzle but got the nozzle for £3 on ebay and the coupler from China on ebay for 99p (takes about 3 weeks to arrive but you get a great product for minimum price) i love it 😀

  11. Just made cupcakes, and used this to pipe icing on the top! They looked so good! My parents thought I bought them!!! By the way, Wilton is the best baking supply store! I just got a lot of baking equipment from Wilton, and I'm so happy to use ALL of it!!!! Wilton is awesome!!!!!

  12. This does not work for me….smh….the frosting spills out the sides of the purple ring…waste of money…😒😒

  13. i just went to the tent sale at wilton i got so many new amazing supplies , i cant wait to try them all out!!!

  14. I had a very hard time working with it but once I got it working my cupcakes were beautiful…I did have a hard time changing tips because once I too the tip off I couldn't get another one on easily. I think it comes out great if it works, but if it doesn't then it will drive you crazy. 🙂

  15. I tried to use two colours once and the result was the colours going up beside the bags instead of down on the cupcake. How do I avoid that?

  16. I have this and it is amazing thing is when I use 2 colours the icing comes out of the 3rd empty area and oozes out how can I stop this?

  17. Absolutely excited to try this tricolor on cupcakes! I just bought this kit and the color system kit as well. Cupcakes are cooling and soon they'll look awesome!

  18. Just used this and found it difficult to snap the three ends together prior to putting the tip on. Ran it under hot water and they eventually went together, but not strong like when you don't have it in a bag. Recommend setting it all up with tip in place THEN putting your frosting in the bags. I found upon my 2nd try it worked much better. Also, chill your frosting a bit beforehand as it'll make it easier to get it all set up.

  19. The two young girls in my 4H class were able to set this up and use it very successfully. It is a great product and it's easy to switch the tips.

  20. I would suggest not cutting the decorating bas so high up – my couplers kept slipping out creating a huge mess!! Will definitely be more conservative with my cuts next time!

  21. Hi there, I have bought the Wilton disposable decorating bags and Wilton flower tip set, but I'm missing coupler and the ring to assemble everything up and get the job done nicely but I was wondering what coupler and ring and decorating tip size do I need to use for my Wilton disposable bags though?
    Is there any Wilton products that comes with bags, coupler, ring and tip set? if so, what size is the best to use?
    Is the Wilton color swirl has all four features that I mentioned above? please, advise.
    Any feedback will greatly be appreciated.

  22. Thank God you were on You Tube — there were NO instructions in the box—only the ones for the original single tip bag. I’m a “visual learner” so it really helped. Thank you.😀

  23. I got something like this in a set off of Amazon. I haven't even tried it. I had no idea it was so I could do 3 different colors 🤦

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