large and mini cake decorating challenge تحدي تزيين الكيك بأحجام مختلفة

large and mini cake decorating challenge تحدي تزيين الكيك بأحجام مختلفة

Hi my name is Dana Numan in this video tutorial we challenged ourselves to decorate 2 different cake sizes ( large and mini) following the exact same steps lets get started first step is to slice the cakes I use a long serrated knife for this purpose please note this video is speeded up 4 times I wish I was that fast so you guys take your time doing this start cutting from one side and slice your way in towards the other side in a back and forth motion repeat the same thing on the mini cake ( so cute) leave them aside for now for my frosting I am using Swiss meringue buttercream I want a pastel pink coloring I use oil based colors here I am mixing pink and violet to get the shade I am looking for you may use gel colors to achieve same results as well oops out of focus ,, this is violet color keep adding color and mixing until you are satisfied 5 mins later … and leave it aside as well this is how I stack and fill my cake layers start with a cake slice simple syrup ( equal amounts of sugar to water boiled for 5 mins) a buttercream dome to lock the filling inside to keep the outer frosting clean add the filling and spread it equally then repeat the same steps until you run out of cake slices 😉 this method will easily give you leveled and clean cakes to start with now press firmly and chill for 15 mins back to the mini cake repeating all the steps but here I didn’t need to pipe a buttercream dome the cake is too light in weight , no filling will ooze out (even if it tried ) ; ) and off to the freezer it goes phew.. done with the messy part clean up and continue dressing up those cakes after the cake is chilled follow what you see me doing its pretty much self explanatory isn’t it 😉 but you know I love you guys so check the video link in the description below for a fully detailed easy frosting tutorial u will need to chill the cake again 2 or 3 times during this process to get the ultimate professional look again do the same on the mini cake and of course you like this frosting color no need for you to ask Its a mix of violet and blue color gel color I have to admit I cheated a bit here I was able to get the finish look without chilling I mean its a 4 inches cake !! as for the large one its way easier when its chilled now for my personal favorite part PIPING :>I am using plain round tip number 10 to pipe a pearl/ bead border nice right ? and everyone’s favorite DRIPPING the same on the large cake I am doing a simple decoration here of ferrero and white chocolate curls which u can make by shaving a large room temp chocolate block I added some piping and this is the final look going back to the mini cake decorate in the same way and why making one mini cake when you can make 2 mini cakes 😉 if the cake is chilled use melted chocolate to glue the decoration this is it guys you saw how we decorated 2 different cake sizes using pretty much the same steps don’t forget to like and share the video and subscribe to our channel we are signing out ,, see you next week

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