Korean Green Onion Pancake

Hi, I am Mama Kim. Green onion pancake is a popular Korean dish. You can easily find recipes for it. In general, Koreans use whole green onions like this. We put green onions on the heated pan. And batter them. But, it takes skill to maintain the shape. So, I’d like to take you to the easy way to make green onion pancakes. which is called “Pajeon” in Korea. Before we start, let me explain about the ingredients as usual. This is Korean pancake mix. You can get it from any Korean market for an inexpensive price. It will give you a very very nice result for you. Let’s begin. Cut the green onion into six to seven centimeters. Half the thick one to help them cook evenly. Slice the shrimp. I am not using prawns. Prawns are too chunky for our pancakes. Now, heat the pan. Beat the eggs. Remove the ice from the ice water. Coat green onion with one table spoon of pancake mix to help them to stick to the batter. Add ice water to the pancake mix. Mix the coated green onion with the batter. Add oil generously. Pour the mixture on the pan and spread out. Place the shrimp on top. Pour the beaten eggs evenly. After one minute, lower the heat. Once the rim is cooked like this, it means it’s almost ready to flip. But, it’s not ready yet. Now, it’s ready. Check the bottom of the pancake. Oh, it’s golden brown. OK, flip it over. To make the sauce, add one teaspoon of water and few drops of vinegar to one table spoon of soy sauce. Very simple. Let’s transfer the pancake on the plate. Hmm….. With Korean green onion pancake, crispness is the key. So, cook the pancakes with generous oil. And add more after you flip. At last, we got beautiful green onion pancake. Our traditional green onion pancake is thick like Italian Frittata. We got the right one. You can cut before you serve. Or it is good just like this. You can use chopsticks when you eat. Dip in soy sauce. Hmm…… Very good! Why don’t you try to make it? Thanks for watching. Ginger wants you to click and check out our previous videos.

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