Kitchen Gadget Testing #35 – special

Kitchen Gadget Testing #35 – special

70 thoughts on “Kitchen Gadget Testing #35 – special

  1. Have a Barrathon, watch the kitchen gadget testing playlist

  2. My mom has a very very VERY old vaccum food scealer. In Canada we have milk that comes in bags, (look it up, it's true!) And she would keep the empty bags after washing them and fill it with her spagetti sauce. It fits a little more than a big masson jar and having a familly of 5 that worked out perfectly for us. To this day it still works wonderfuly ! This is a great item to purchase and if you remember to use it you can use it alot !! I split up my chicken breasts into batches of 2 and separate my steaks before freezing them so i deff would use this gadget ALOT ! Good buy in my opinion.

  3. The way to use Wish is to order a cheap thing and then if it feels like something you might use once it arrives, replace it with a good one. That said, I've got some great utensils off there and the apple version of that fry cutter is great.

  4. A Short Story By Me …
    I was having the worst day. I stumbled across your channel. This video cheered me up. I subscribed …
    The End 💗

  5. Using a small saw motion rather than pulling it down will help the cake cutter work better btdubs.

  6. Why would you actually buy an utensil to make dumplings? From what i've gathered it's just really hard to push the metal one due to its low quality. Just make the pastry, use a molde (or a cup if you don't have one), fold it just like the thingy does and push a fork in the rim to make a perfect pattern and a good seal. It's actually faster and cheaper, because you already have a fork.

  7. The bowl phone holder thingie I saw some where, meant for a pet. E.g. seeds for a parrot, you can put your ipad to entertain your pet (or yourself, I guess, maybe while training your pet bird?). ☺️

  8. I think we were all surprised to see that the spiral cutter worked so well. I thought it wouldn't cut at all!!! What a pleasant surprise.

  9. I hate wish. The first and last time I ordered from them i ordered fake diamond earings. The fake diamonds fell out, the posts were bent, and they smelled moldy.

  10. A lot of these are wtf, why would someone get these. What he calls dumplings are just pasties. Cake leveller, just bake 2 cakes and then join them together

  11. A good cake slicer should really be able to work without holding the cake. I’m glad I have a real one 😂

  12. If you need toy stuffing in bulk then ebay or amazon are best. I got 5kg for about £5 and it go a long way

  13. First visit here Barry. Love your hilarious reviews. If these wish gadgets are so terrible then I feel sorry for people who have ordered from Wish's erotica section.;-)

  14. Watching you cut that cake was torture…screaming at my screen “your doing it wrong!!!!” loool, you’re suppose to saw through 🙂 cheers for the video

  15. you can't take your eyes off your mobile phone for one second these days…he says as I'm watching this on my phone…uhhhh…

  16. I would love to use the hand granade as a chocolate mold to decorate a cake or something. Good idea for someone who is going in the military and be a good going away type of thing, or for someone who just likes military stuff! Be cool to get white chocolate, use army green food coloring, but don’t use the liquid kind it will make it cease up try the gel kind!!! Also it might be a great jello mold as well!!!

  17. I make polish perogies with family every year. We make anywhere from 200 to 300. Filled with cheese and potatoes or cabbage. They are them boiled and cooked in butter. So tasty.

  18. You are not supposed to use cake slicer as you did. You are supposed to do a sawing motion and keep the feet on the surface and top up at all times. In other words you need to keep it level and perpendicular.

  19. If you sift powdered sugar on top of the "Dumplings" You could make them Gourmet instead of plain. In the southern united states we call them Fried pies. You can put anything but liquids in them. If you want a pastry shell – use a pie crust recipe , and bake them at 176*C or 350*F for 12 to 15 minutes. Altitudes may change baking time. You can add colored sugars or sprinkles on top ( before Baking , after frying) for a little extra Glam. You can use icing ( cinnamon roll icing) For pastries. We make meat pies with a plain bread doe recipe which are very popular at parties. Of course you can put any kind of seasoning ,meat and veggies in with them. Pizza rolls are popular with kids and the best part is you know what you have put in them. Freeze them to cook later or cook them, freeze them for a snack later.

  20. I think the biggest issue with the cake slicer isn't that he didn't use a sawing motion, but that he kept tilting it further as he pulled it through. While I'm sure that thing is too flimsy to actually last, it still should have been better than that at least.

  21. You make me laugh so hard. Your disposition is pure joy! I’m trying to get caught up on your videos, but honestly I’m going to be sad to get to the end.

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