Kit Kat & M&M Cake – HOW TO VIDEO

Hello and welcome to Todd’s kitchen, today your in for a real treat Todays cake i have seen plastered all over the internet and i have a friends birthday coming up and they asked me to make it for them So join me today as i make my version of a Kit Kat and M&M cake To start of with we have a sieve over a bowl and place in our plain all purpose flour 1 teaspoon of bi carb soda then our cocoa powder then sieve it all though next make a well in the centre then crack in two eggs then add our melted butter 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract 1 cup butter milk 1 cup super fine sugar Then with a hand mixer we are going to beat this for about 4 minutes on high until it comes out thick and creamy it should look like this OH yummy 🙂 Next i have a spring form pan here and i have lined the base with non stick baking paper Give it a light grease with cooking spray oil Now just poor the mixture into the spring form pan Just using the back of a spoon Just even it out nicely just like this Now we are going to place this into a pre heated oven a hundred eighty degrees celsius for 40 to 45 minutes Now i have just taken this out of the oven If it springs back that means its ready also just use a wooden skewer insert in into the centre just like so if it comes out clean, its ready. So what im going to do is take this out of the spring form pan and leave it on this wire rack to cool for a good two hours. So now the cake has cooled we are going to cut some of the outer border of this cake of you want to cut of the thickness of a Kit Kat So here is a Kit Kat i have already cut up So you want it to be the same thickness as that So we are going to cut all around this cake until we have a nice and even border So thats what your left with, feel free to eat the ring 🙂 im going to put it aside for now next into a bowl with a sieve on a bowl we are going to place in our icing sugar and then our cocoa powder Now sieve the mixture through with some boiling hot water we are going to put in a small amount at a time and we are going to keep mixing it until we get a very thick paste now grabbing our icing mixture that we just made up we are just going to work it around the side as best you can just until the cake is completely covered around the whole outside and what this is going to do is its going to act like a glue for the kit kats once done it should look like this, not its not the prettiest job but that makes no difference what so ever because its going to be completely covered next we are going to put back the outer ring and place it back on to the cake ok next we are going to grab the main ingredients The Kit Kat’s. So unwrap then and break them into lots of two so now its just a simple matter of placing the kit kat’s and placing them around the boarder just like so, making sure they are straight as you go ok so thats what your left with a lovely boarder of kit kats now we are going to place this in the fridge to set while we get started on the filling into a mixing bowl place in our thickened cream or whipping cream Now whisk on high until soft peaks start to form ok soft peaks are starting to form but i want this a little thicker because we will be resting M&M’s on top of it So whip it for another 20 seconds and it should be perfect ok thats exactly how we want it nice and thick so i have just pulled our base out of the fridge grabbing our thick cream just put it right on top and just spread it out until its nice and even Next we are going to grab our packet of M&M’s and sprinkle them on top next place it back in the fridge for 30 minutes just to completely set and give a chance for the cream to stick to the Kit Kats Just so the Kit Kats don’t fall out of course and it will be ready to serve up ok so it’s all done its like a work of art it looks absolutely delicious YUMMY This will be perfect for a kids part or even an adults party it takes a bit of work to get done but its worth it in the end and it just looks fantastic. Thank you for watching this episode of Todd’s kitchen Please give this video a thumbs up, leave a comment and subscribe and i will see you net time for another delicious recipe 🙂

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