Kimchi pancakes (kimchijeon: 김치전)

Hey, hey, hey Hi, everybody today I’m going to make Kimchi pancakes I’m going to show you two kinds of Kimchi pancakes first one is that I use Chopped Kimchi second one is is My grandmother’s recipe [late] grandmother. She’s using old Kimchi leaves So okay. Let’s start. I made a big disk in tea around one month ago It’s a really sour then so delicious now Just the cut it This is tap Maybe this amount chapter chapter 1 cup [4] we are going [to] make the large size of pancake Kimchi pancake Then this leftover gameplay. I’m going to just put it back [1/2] TBSP chopped onion Kimchi Juice 3 [tbSp] [water] cup water 1/2 TSP salt 1/2 cup flour all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon sugar a little bit of sugar make it taste real tasty and mix it well [so] lots of Gimchi with a little better right pick it up your pan Around 2 TbSp so I’m using grapeseed oil now Okay, 15-time see looks good press this Exodus and Then cook evenly [I] lower the heat a little bit [when] [I’m] [happy] minutes later So we are going to do you think’ll we need the one more click Okay, you [can] see that both [side] [is] of crispy look is done So we need to cool down Just transfer this your serving plate One letter I’m going to eat it [mmm] Believe it you need some garnish sour your skills So tap it up Next have another type of working, okay using this just [go] [home] Can’t you leave 1 2 3? 4 5 6 6 2 TBSP ground pork Types Maybe one teaspoon and This is around one tablespoon in a chapter of onion and little bit salt quarter teaspoon salt and black Pepper Sesame [oil] a little [bit] little bit So I’ll use this one egg for this and pinch of salt mix This this is the head cup flour Okay Put some of the mixture over this meat and tofu let’s lick the spread this way And a little bit oh Heat up a pan medium heat for some oil meat patties [sugar] all the bottom Take a few minutes until the meat is cooked thoroughly Okay, now is time to turn over It doesn’t look like a [game-changer], right? [one] [more] time oh it kind of Okay, this way Thank you, Pepper [oil] you When you serve you can cut it or you can just serve recipes Little Sweet and Little South Tower So we learned two kinds of it into pancakes first one very basic into pancake using chocolate chip second one is just using whole leaf but inside we have some mixture of meat and Tofu enjoy my recipe see you next time bye. Bye

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