KIDZ BOP Kids – Friendly’s Ice Cream Cake Decorating Challenge

KIDZ BOP Kids – Friendly’s Ice Cream Cake Decorating Challenge

Grant: Hey guys, we’re the Kidz Bop Kids and we’re getting ready for our Life Of The Party tour in L.A. Ashlynn: We worked pretty hard getting ready to perform for all of you and felt like it was time for a little fun. Matt: Today we are challenging each other to a cake decorating contest. Sela: It’s me and Ashlynn versus Matt and Grant. And we’re going to find out who can decorate the best Friendly’s Ice Cream Cake. So, let’s get started! (MUSIC) I am proud of that, that is great. Ashlynn: Yeah. Sela: Keep decorating. Grant: Oh. It’s “15.” Matt: What? Ashlynn: DON’T COPY US! Grant: I didn’t say- Sela: Do your own cake! Grant: I didn’t say I was going to copy. Sela: Mmm hmm. (MUSIC) Sela: Mmm, it’s looking good Ashlynn. Ashlynn: Good. Matt: Ours is getting somewhere. So like………………… we have done it. So *holds up a finger* wait a minute. It’ll look really good. (MUSIC) Sela: Proud of this. Matt: *talks to Grant* You might just need to put the icing on top of the cake. We’re getting somewhere now. You might be like “What are they trying to do?” It. Is. Going to be. Amazing. Boom. Grant: *blows* Matt: Water and fire. Ashlynn and Sela: *laughs* Sela: I think our cake is pretty awesome. Come on. Ashlynn: It’s dedicated to KIDZ BOP! Grant and Matt: No no no no no no no no no. Matt: Yeah, it’s KIDZ BOP’s 15th bithday. Ashlynn: What is that? Matt: This is creative. And I am very proud of it. Grant, are you proud of it? Grant: Oh yeah. Sela: I think we are proud of our cake. We did a great job. Matt: We used the right amount of icing, the right amount of sprinkles, and the right amount- Matt: We actually mixed colors. Uh, red and blue makes purple. So we were like “Let’s use this.” and we made this Fire. So we have a border keeping the water from staying in its place. Ashlynn: Okay, so our cake is basically dedicated to KIDZ BOP’s 15th birthday. So it’s kinda like a birthday cake thing. Sela: Yeah! Ashlynn: Okay, so we have our 15 KB. Sela: KIDZ BOP. And I’m really proud of this art Sela did. Sela: Thank you! Cause we love KIDZ BOP. Overall, i think we did a pretty good job and I love this cake so *sweetly* i hope you like it too. Grant: Are you ready to eat it? Kidz Bop Kids: Yeah! Grant: Well, I think It’s pretty clear that the boys won this challenge. Sela: No way Grant, let’s let the fans decide. Comment who you think won this cake decorating challenge. Ashlynn: And upload your own video of you and your friends decorating a Friendly’s Ice Cream Cake with the hashtag #BAKBK If you’re a member of Be A Kidz Bop Kid, you’ll have a chance to be featured on our channel. Matt: Also make sure you subscribe to the KIDZ BOP YouTube Channel to keep up to date with all the latest videos. Sela: Thanks everyone!

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  1. Ashlynn and Sela won because their cake is actually dedicated to Kidz Bop! Also, it's much prettier and creative than what Matt and Grant did. I mean, their cake wasn't even dedicated to Kidz Bop! But I give them A for effort! Love you guys!

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