Kale pancakes (kale-jangtteok: 케일장떡)

Hello everybody! Today, let’s make something delicious, nutritious, and Korean authentic side dish called Jang-tteok! Jang-tteok is pancake. You can use many different kinds of ingredients. Today, we are going to use kale. Everybody knows that kale is very nutritious. All kinds of vitamins, minerals, especially calcium – a lot of calcium there. In Korea, this is a very unfamiliar vegetable. When I was living in Korea, kale was imported from foreign countries. But everybody knew that “oh kale, you gotta eat kale.” So we used to make kale juice. We used a juicer- electric juicer, kale plus apple! But my grandmother, if she were alive today, probably she would think “I will make Jang-tteok with this.” Because I remember she made Jang-tteok with Buchu – Asian chives. Sometimes she used some green chilli pepper and all kinds of stuff. She didn’t know about kale because kale didn’t exist when she was alive. Since I live in America/Canada, like “oh this kale, how can I make delicious, nutricious side dish- Korean-ised side dish with foreign vegetable?” *laughs* So I was just thinking “what about making jang-tteok?” And it turned out so good! Jang-tteok is a side dish for rice. It has to be a little salty because rice is bland. Instead of using salt, we’ll use jang. Jang is like Gochujang, Doenjang. So Gochujang=hot pepper paste and (Doenjang=) soy bean paste. So we are going to use two items. Fermented soy bean paste. Very salty. I will use around 2 tablespoons. Sweet, spicy Gochujang – around 1 and a half tablespoon. And 1 cup water. So well mix. So the colour is turned into a little orange colour. Beautiful. We made this batter. And then, this kale we are going use, onion, and some green chilli pepper or red chilli pepper for colour – this is optional. So, first I washed this. Kale is like- between these its really leafy and really curvy. So inside you need to really wash it carefully. Stems actually not bad. You chop it up and make this like Doenjang-jjigae. Add to Doenjang-jjigae, or stir fry, sauté with a little olive oil and garlic and=tasty. Just chop it up really finely. I’m using 2 cups. These 2 cups are around 60 grams. Long green chilli pepper and one red chilli pepper for colour. Let’s mix! This jang-tteok is- you can pan fry or you can steam this. The consistency like this. The smell is really like an earthy smell from the Doenjang – soy bean paste. Heavy for me! Its a 12 inch sized. But you can use a 10 or 12 inch. We are going to make a really thin pancake. If the pancake is too thick, it’s not tasty and also not crispy. You’ll see the bottom side turns very crispy. But I’m going to wait until i can flip! Or you can use your spatula. Are you ready to flip? Awesome! I used around 2 tablespoons vegetable oil. A generous amount of oil makes your pancake very crispy. Sometimes press down like this to cook evenly and shape it. Okay, one more time, flip! Yes! Can you see? This is very crispy here. So I will just wait until the bottom is very crispy and that means that both sides are crispy. And then I still have some left over. I will make like a small sized cute circle shape with this. I will cut some garnish. Well cooked. Both sides are crispy. Today, we made Kale Jang-tteok! This is a small size like a small size and one large sized. Mmm! Usually kale by itself is not very tasty, even though it’s very nutritious, but when you make Kale Jang-tteok you will see. Its chewy, sweet, crunchy. All flavour is inside, all together – it’s a package. Really delicious and a good side dish. Just enjoy this with rice. Today, we made Kale Jang-tteok! You can make different kinds of Jang-tteok! Let me know! “Hey Maangchi, I made spinach Jang-tteok!” “Hey Maangchi, I made green chilli pepper Jang-tteok!” So let me know how your Jang-tteok is going! Okay? *laughs* So, enjoy my recipe! See you next time! Bye~ Are you planning to prepare Korean meal with kale Jang-tteok? Great! Why don’t you make soup? I recommend Beef radish soup. Beef radish soup, kale Jang-tteok, and rice and kimchi would be perfect meal 🙂 You want some dessert? Cold sweet dessert? How about make Patbingsu? Shaved iced with sweet red bean and fruit. Enjoy~

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