Jeon (전): Eating delicious Korean pancakes and drinking Makgeolli (막걸리) in Seoul, Korea: 김치전 vs 해물파전

Jeon (전): Eating delicious Korean pancakes and drinking Makgeolli (막걸리) in Seoul, Korea: 김치전 vs 해물파전

So as you can probably tell from those intense
sweat stains on Sam we’ve had a pretty difficult day of sightseeing. Want to tell us about it? Yeah, so originally we planned to visit a
Caffe Bene and we went there and it had shut down. So it was like oh gosh. That was annoying enough and then we walked
like several more blocks looking, and this was a big thing we wanted to do today, we
wanted to go to a parrot cafe. One of those quirky cafes you find only in
Seoul (서울). And we go up there and it is closed. And I was like knocking on the door. Tuk tuk tuk. And all I could hear is like parrots squawking. Squawk, squawk. And a dog barking. It is going Woof, woof! Nobody around. So instead we’ve decided to have lunch. Yes. And we’ve ordered a little bit of booze. Yeah, we’ve got some Makgeolli (막걸리)
and what we’re focusing on today are Korean pancakes (전) also known as Korean pizza. And that is Jeon (전) so we are ordering
Haemulpajeon (해물파전) which is seafood pajeon basically green onion Korean pancakes. And we’re also ordering Kimchijeon (김치전)
which is the kimchi pancakes or the basically the kimchi pizza. So we’re just waiting for that to arrive and
it is time to get boozy early in the morning. Eleven AM. Hahaha. So what is cool about South Korea is that
there are a number of different alcohols that are matched to certain foods so when you’re
having chicken you typically have beer (맥주) and when you’re having samgyeopsal (삼겹살)
or some other type of Korean barbecue you typically have soju (소주) but when you’re
having Jeon (전) these Korean pancakes that we’re having the preferred drink is Makgeolli
(막걸리). And it is a kind of Korean rice wine that
has a very milky consistency. If you take a look at it down here. It looks white. Yeah, it is. It is white and it kind of got it has got
a bit of chunkiness to it. A little clumpy. It is clumpy. Yeah, that is how it is supposed to be. Okay. Have your first sip then. Ah, cheers! Yes, geonbae (건배). Cheers! Oh, it has been about four years since I’ve
had this so yeah it is fantastic. The thing I really like about it right now
is that it is chilled. So I mean it is a bit refreshing. But this is the kind of Korean alcohol that
is a little bit sour in its taste and it just tastes wonderful at the moment I have to say. So the first Jeon (전) has arrived and this
is the Kimchi Jeon (김치전) so let’s have a look here. As you can see it is a flat pancake. It is a flour based pancake that has been
fried in a pan with oil and it also has chunks of the gimchi (김치) which is the spicy
fermented cabbage. So I’m going to take a little piece with my
chopsticks. Oh, we have a dip here. So this is soy, vinegar and chili. And you can dip it in. Yeah, the dip goes so well with the jeon. You can’t just eat it on its own. And it smells so good. Mmmmm. How is that Kimchijeon (김치전)? Mmmmm. It is really nice. It is like a savory pancake with lots of spice. It is really really good. Mmmm. So nice. I love this stuff. So another really neat thing about Korea is
that certain foods are often paired with certain activities. And when you’re hiking a mountain and/or if
it is really rainy outside that is the perfect time to come for jeon. Guys like when you go with friends and you
go have a jeon and you have a makgeoli. So it is pretty cool because it has been raining
a lot in Seoul lately. But not today! Not today but I kind of feel like we’re making
up for those other rainy days. Alright, so I’m just going to dissect this
here with my chopsticks. Look at you working those chopsticks. Yeah, look at that. And this one has a massive piece of kimchi. You can see the kimchi right there. So you know it is going to be good. So let’s dip it in that sauce. Oh, wow. You know out of all of the jeon and I really
like haemulpajeon. I still think I prefer kimchijeon to all of
them. Like this is just it matches my taste perfectly. It is so nice because you get the spice from
the kimchi but then the spice from the sauce as well. Exactly. First thing I want to point out here is just
how much better I feel now that I’ve had a little bit of food and drink in my belly. Like my mood has improved significantly. I’m no longer a total curmudgeon. Anyways, now that I’m in a better mood I just
remembered that with the makgeolli, I mean we’re drinking it from the bottle. This is what you would find like say you go
to a convenience store or grocery store. You would buy it in a bottle like this. But when you’re having say a more traditional
or homemade prepared Makgeolli (막걸리) it comes in a very special pot that is used
to pour and so that is really cool. If you can have that that is definitely the
most authentic way of having the alcohol. And also the way we were drinking it here. It is not out of cups. You drink it these little bowls. Yep. That is how you do it. That is how you roll with Makgeolli (막걸리). Good stuff. Now let’s have you trying that. Okay. Mmmmm. You know I actually remember not liking this
very much when I tried it a few years ago but it is not so bad. Like I find it very light and it is a little
bit fizzy. Yeah. Normally you don’t like alcohol. Yeah. It is almost like a girly sparkling wine. Hahaha. Sssshhh. You know what I think all of that wine drinking
we did in South America has maybe rubbed off on you a bit. Yeah, it is good. And it compliments the Jeon (전) nicely because
this is really spicy. So I kind of like the sweetness of this. You know, to soften the blow. So yeah, this is a good meal so far. A little bit more of that jeon. Yeah. Oh, before Sam steals it. This is my favorite one. Mmmmmhmmm. So now the second jeon has arrived. Yeah, the pancake. Like we demolished that kimchijeon guys. It is gone. That did not last long. Like I’m thinking less than two to three minutes. Hahaha. Alright, so let’s take a look at the second
star of the meal here. And that is the haemul pajeon and that is
the seafood green onion pancake. And the haemul refers to the seafood so I’m
going to find a piece of the seafood here so you can see. There is lots of octopus (문어). Lots of octopus. I think this actually might be squid. The
ojing-eo (오징어). And so that is some of the haemul and the
pa (파) the pa part is right here. And that is the green spring onion. The scallion. So that is a very good combination and we’re
really looking forward to trying this. Dig in. I’m just going to dig right in. Alright, the nice thing is that it kind of
comes pre-sliced for you already into little squares but I’m going to just slice it up
one more time so that I don’t choke on it. Good idea. Good plan. Because the Pa, the green onions can kind
of get stuck in your throat if you take too big of a bite. Yeah, they’re quite chewy. So again, dip it into the sauce. Mmmmm. Yeah. That is really good. Mmmmm. So, again this one is savory. It is a savory pancake but it is not quite
as spicy as the kimchi jeon but you have more ingredients like with the seafood and the
green onion so it is a nice when you pair them together it is a really nice combination. Okay, so now it is time for me to try the
seafood one. So I’m not the biggest fan of seafood so I’m
just going for a little piece here. I always find seafood a little bit chewy but
I’m braving it for the video. There you go. Some kind of sea creature in there. Hahahaha. Yeah. Okay. Mmmmm. You’re right it
is not as spicy as the other one. I think you prefer the kimchijeon. Right? I do but you know what it is not bad. It is growing on you. It is not bad. I could eat this. Growing on you like the makgeollli. Right? Hahahaha. Yeah. And the seafood isn’t as chewy as I was expecting
so that is very good thing. Well, I would say that was a very delicious
meal. There is nothing left. We took care of that with authority guys. Absolutely demolished that. Once again. Okay so let’s talk about the price for the
whole meal. Yeah, in terms of the price so the haemul
pajeon was ten thousand won (원). ₩10,000. And the kimchi jeon. The kimchi pancake was eight thousand won. Ah, ₩8000. So basically in total you’re looking at like
sixteen US dollars. So about eight per person to have that glorious
pancake feast. And ah, definitely if you’re in Seoul or anywhere
in Korea you’ve got to try this. This is probably one of my personal favorite
foods in Korea. So I highly recommend it. New videos from South Korea every week! Click here!

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    All the best.


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  10. My family is from Chungchongdo & Gunsan (pronounce Koon-sahn). I lived in Tongduchon as a kid. Our pronunciation is a little different. Instead of Bop for rice, we saw Pab. Benso for bathroom, we say pyun-zo. Instead of Gimchi, we say Kimchi. Sounds more like a Busan accent (which we pronounce Pu-Sahn).

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