Japan Vlog: OMELETTE PANCAKE at Ikebukuro ft. KimDao

Japan Vlog: OMELETTE PANCAKE at Ikebukuro ft. KimDao

yeah I get anything fine I’m leaving the half it’s been like a full day of like staying inside and editing and yes sir you’re not going to go to a typical now and you’re going to go meet her sister hang out a little bit and she said that maybe you’ll be able to be another your ear a friend a mono fool yeah tofu is my voice a few seconds or French but anyways we’re going to get going now I will see you at akuto so right now Gemini away for Kim Sosa and Turkey I’m not so funny to the pokémon center on the big one is very very spicy and I’m going regional to give us right now walking to work sunshine City really crowded let’s go quick Oh Oh this is our Maya that I got given then my boy hit otherwise ready for him entertaining some money over there or something I’m just waiting for excu man dime my service finish up at the pokémon center I’m not like super super like interested in Pokemon so like I didn’t film anything inside and the pocket I think he allowed to say it’s already ready anyway that’s good in a time so yeah everyone anything okay now yeah we’re close your eyes yeah is that butter on it you don’t have to cook that we kind of he wants that once it came to retard in T for this Muncie I think a morning one and then this one I don’t know hahaha second speed committee and they make it so complicated then they give any complexes I like we put the region as you can see that was really that’s if you’re playing on a football right I mean look what we’re doing yeah ready in the Rangers everyone so if it gets messed up at their whole I can’t believe it this is where it’s going to go so yeah you might dispute this one over so you have more space back up toward you maybe yeah it’s gotta be it’s gotta be fast oh okay anything other yeah I’m not a mom I don’t know don’t say that around Tokyo people Jake coming back I’m parroting the surety saw that we know how to put it but she’s not coming back for any reason okay engine I corner like so I’m gonna be like how goodies up please yeah can i I don’t want you guys to judge me you are gonna put like okay I don’t know what that sauce tastes like something oh it was just great okay oh yeah yeah I’m Ramon sentiment and then a bit of this green stuff great friend and a bit of these really crazy stuff Wow okay yeah any office oh let me do it I like it remind me of climbing Africa finish dinner Kim and Emma so who is just settling the bill right now I paid mine paid for mine already but yes missing pains to go get some dessert because you know yeah hey and oh yeah and see me this is really fun finding how to eat it okay all right good sir Aguilar is Vegas with responding and my job is over okay so now we’re back home at Kim’s home and we’re trying to edit and yeah I change into some really comfy pants and yes but it hey it’s just like pretty normal a today tilde tilde yet shall day we need ya rested heaps this morning edited went out for a little bit for dinner mmm yeah back to editing again it’s like another video edit it tonight and then I can post it tomorrow morning yes hopefully yes that’s it now I got like this new toy was just stuff she’s been playing with it all night well it’s worth like she bought it but yeah she’s the obsession is real like I can catch pokemon by discussing this button now but I run away really easily that’s kind of annoying but I gotta take it to you not a Pikachu I call it a fairy and then I bought core like a Ken doll scratch arm and a Charmander my bad yeah look away new toy toy I’m sorry I’m taking a break from editing but tired it’s already like 12 and and like I’m not even like halfway I’ll kind of M halfway but I have to subtitle my stuff yes I have to subtitle my stuff for a lady otherwise you guys were understand right so hard work I put in seriously it takes longer the subtitle things then to edit and it’s so annoying yeah [Music] oh yeah

37 thoughts on “Japan Vlog: OMELETTE PANCAKE at Ikebukuro ft. KimDao

  1. 😀 yay Tokyo vlogs with Kim!! Btw, do you know the other Youtuber Steph Choi? feel like you guys would get along / hav fun collabs 😀

  2. Hey Rachel!! I always enjoy watching your videos and this time was no exception. Watching your videos always makes me feel so happy! ^_^

  3. Hi rachel i really love your videoo .. and please dont stop make video and keep smile , happy enjoy you life .. live from Malaysiaaa rachel admire 💗

  4. rei i've always been such a fan of you, it's hard to describe why but you give me this 'realness' persona of being yourself unlike a crap ton of vloggers nowadays, especially some jvloggers, i like watching your vlogs, please keep being the awesome you as you are now and never change for that valueable aspect

  5. 日本語うますぎ。笑 初めて動画見た日本人です。笑

  6. did you study in SG SG is Singapore I live in Singapore at woodland i have a YouTube channle is this account subscribe plz

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