Jaffa Cakes Recipe – SORTED

Jaffa Cakes Recipe – SORTED

When I were just a lad, Jaffa Cakes were IT!
Yep, I used to get them in my lunchbox Aah, that’s nice! And today we’re going to recreate them! As you can see, very few ingredients, it’s a very simple recipe. We’ve got flour egg and sugar to make the sponge to our jaffa cakes we’ve got orange jelly which we’re going to enhance with orange juice as well and chocolate I can’t tell you how excited I am that we’re finally making jaffa cakes I know… For the first time! Now what we’re going to do is crack 2 eggs and caster sugar into a bowl We’ve got over a pan of simmering water And whisk.
Thank you!
By using the machine it makes it a lot easier because you have to do it for a long time We’re looking for about 6-8 minutes Until it’s at a ribbon stage, and over simmering water partially cooks those eggs. In the meantime, Michael We’re going to do jelly Ooo he called you Michael You’ve been a bad boy…
Water into here about three hundred ml along with orange jelly. Now obviously this is just pre-bought orange jelly If you can break that up into there so it dissolves What do jaffa cakes mean for you? Well they’re orange chocolate biscuits.
Yeah but do you remember them growing up? I used to have a tube of 3 that I used to have in my packed lunch when I was at primary school.
I remember the advert when you got the ‘full moon’, ‘half moon’ Total eclipse!
These jaffa cakes are going to be huge because we’re going to make them in muffin tins So they are a much bigger size We’re also going to add extra orange flavour into our sponge In the form of zest And our orange juice goes into there as well, so it’s really souped up orange jelly and a souped up orange sponge Souped up? When does the soup go in? As in super Ah ok It’s so orangey! I love fresh citrus fruits.
So as soon as you’re happy that all the jelly bits have dissolved then pour it into a tray that’s lined with cling film so you get a layer of jelly That can be put into a fridge to set up.
Now, speaking from experience, do that carefully because you don’t want to spill that everywhere that’s not the fridge
Nope, but here’s some I made earlier Ah, look… Mr Blue Peter There we go, super jelly that’s just in sheet form Will you stop saying the word ‘super’? That’s about the 5th time so far! Pretty good jelly that’s in sheet form And now hopefully, there we go nice, thick ribbon stage
That took no time
I knew you were going to do that
What are you doing?
Turn it off! You’re pushing it the wrong way!
And now we can fold in our flour, so you can see how much air is in there now, that just started off as 2 eggs and a bit of sugar Now we can put in our flour, carefully fold it in spoon this into muffin tins, I’ve just lightly greased them so it doesn’t stick and we literally need this much in each – just enough to cover the bottom they will continue to rise in the oven Jaffa Cakes aren’t that thick, are they? No, this should be the same consistency as a Jaffa Cake when you eat it It’s kind of a slightly chewy soft awesome sponge Really light and fluffy mmm doing a grand job there Ben What we’re doing is just demonstrating for the guys at home how easy this is.
This can go into an oven, Mike, 180 degrees Celcius for 10 minutes…
Jamie… And then in the meantime we can melt some chocolate come back, and finish our cakes of jaffa! Ooo cakes of jaffa! Now that our sponges have cooked, and had time to cool We’ve just kind of eased around the edge to loosen them off So that you end up with our sponge biscuit base but leave them in the muffin tins.
Fantastic! Now we can come to our jelly, which is obviously our middle layer… A little cutter Just a little bit smaller than the circles and then we just cut out jelly It really is that simple! Do you want to put one on each sponge, we should end up with
something that looks like that I think that’s the best part of a Jaffa Cake
Look at that wobble! Although it does drive me mad, have you seen Barry eat a Jaffa Cake? He nibbles all the chocolate off Then all the cake, so you’re left with all the jelly bit That’s how you eat Jaffa Cakes If you read the back of a packet of Jaffa Cakes, in the instructions It says deconstruct the Jaffa Cake I don’t believe you… I want to hear from you guys, how do you eat your Jaffa Cakes? Comment below in the comment box, I want to know exactly how you eat your jaffa cakes and finally, perhaps the best part of the
Jaffa Cake Dark chocolate, and all you need to do is dribble loads of it on and then ease it to the edge quite quickly before the jelly melts like so You’ve even got the lump on top! That’s the jelly Yeah, I know but that’s what That’s what Jaffa Cakes look like!
Yeah, these look like amazing jaffa cakes except they are bigger and better So we just whack these in a fridge straight after.
Yeah you can leave them at room temperature, the chocolate will set But we want to speed that up, it’ll be even easier
We’ll put them in a fridge to setup. Meanwhile Fortunately we have some we’ve already done and these ones have already set
So we can scoop them out, and grab ourselves a plate then just ease them out and I reckon we’ll stack them up
This is just one of many desserts, cakes and biscuits Isn’t it Jamie?
Do you know what, funnily enough it is. It’s one of just many desserts, cakes and biscuits we’ve done before make sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel, it’s SORTED Food – we bring you them every week! It might be wobbly but there is our ultimate Jaffa Cake stack SORTED Now we could just eat them straight away, or we could do this
Aaw, I’m going to eat them straight away Ok, that is a Jaffa Cake It’s pretty good!
I think it’s better than a Jaffa Cake
You’ve got biscuit… Sorry, cake, jelly, chocolate Jaffa cake – what could go wrong? You’ve got a half moon there!

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  1. First off when I eat a Jaffa cake I eat the chocolate first and then the jelly and then I eat the spounge till last

  2. I do the same as Barry. I first pick off all the chocolate piece by piece, then I eat the cake and save the best for last – jelly ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜

  3. I have a question, if I cannot find pre made jelly cubes, can I make orange jello to replace the pre made jelly cubes?

  4. Disassembling all the way! We have those here too (though they're not called Jaffa cakes) and everybody eats them like this. My aunt even called her friend a barbarian for eating it as a whole. I'm a 100% sure that I will make them someday.

  5. I'm from New Zealand and I doubt we actually have Jaffa cakes but I love this channel and it looks great. Something I should make myself

  6. Jaffa means the city of ูŠุงูุง in Palestine and the appellation cames from because of the best Oranges in the world used to be produced in that wonderful City of Palestine before the F**king British Colonial gives it easy measy to the Zionist in 1948, any how and faaaar from F**king Politics it is a very delicious Cake, I love you Jaffa / ูŠุงูุง Cake …

  7. And how I eat a Jaffa cake cuz I've just eaten one:
    1. I eat around the edges so that there's just the shape of the jelly
    2. Eat all the chocolate bits off the jelly
    3. Eat the sponge
    4. Eat the jelly!!!!

  8. I eat the sponge off the bottom and then eat the orange and chocolate together ๐Ÿ˜€ It's a little fiddly, but I've never been one for eating anything in a straightforward kind of way ๐Ÿ™‚ (at 33 years old my Dad still tells me off for eating food 'like a child') hehehe

  9. I pick off the chocolate, eat it, lick the jelly until it's thin then I peel it off and chew it then I roll up the sponge and enjoy it

  10. I love Pims (in the US), but they're crazy expensive where I live. Years ago, I tried making some, but there weren't any tutorials like this online at the time. While I liked Pims a lot, I always thought the cake is a bit dry, and the filling a bit scanty. So I made hot milk sponge cake (so moist), and then piled on homemade preserves and topped with chocolate. It's less "authentic" than this recipe, but incredible! I just make them in a whole sheet and cut them into squares; the filling goes all the way to the edge.

    I will definitely make this when I want the neat little rounds, and do it the easier/tastier way when I'm feeling lazy. Thanks for sharing this!

  11. I'm American and my boyfriend from the UK sent me Jaffa cakes. I'm not a big fan. Mostly because I don't find citrus a very pleasant dessert ingredient. And the fact that it's in the form of a gel… blegh XP

    ….now MUNCHIES :O I just tried those and they were SO good! ๐Ÿ˜€ Also I really enjoyed Boost

  12. i love love love Jaffa cakes, but you canโ€™t get them where I live, so every time we go to Ireland I buy lots of Jaffa cakes and mint aero bars.

  13. I have been your fan for years and for some reasons I have very much missed the โ€œoldโ€ version of the vids. I feel Im learning more that the fridgecam version x Keep it up guys!

  14. So I'm watching old Sorted videos, and I seriously thought, "Who is that hot celebrity with them today, the guy in the black/grey shirt?" It's MIKE. Damn…..looking good 2013 Mike. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. I nibble the excess cake and chocolate off around the jelly center and then eat it, usually I eat the part with thinner chocolate first

  16. These look so good, but I'll have to stick to the store bought kind made by McVitie's. McVitie's version doesn't use gelatin, so it's vegetarian.

  17. Hi im from Ireland ,Im 43 and I think Im addic ted to posh black coffee and Jaffa Cakes..,great video,Think im gonna bake the sponge around an Orange and melt choclate over it..im looking for extremity

  18. Okay, due to different terminology in the U.K. versus the U.S. I'm a little confused what you guys mean when you say "orange jelly." Is that like chewy candy or jello?

  19. I pick/lick the chocolate off, peel the orange jelly from the sponge, eat the sponge then suck on the jelly. I also separate double deckers, the pink and white nougat bars, Mars bars, crunchies etc….I have a problem….

  20. Jaffa Cakes are NOTHING like what they used to be… now the box only weighs 110g…absolute pitiful size of each cake and the choc is thinly sprayed on and uneven….never buy these again and now buy Jacobs. McVities have become like a cheap brand…like Tesco essentials or similar.

  21. I eat them in three delectable bites….I take a bite, and inside my closed mouth, (lol!) with my tongue I separate the cake from the jelly/chocolate bit. I eat the cake, enjoying it's tasty soft chewiness and then I eat the orange/chocolate bit while the cake part is all chewed up, kind of mixing it all together in my mouth-propelling myself STRAIGHT into Heaven!!!. That's it! Yummy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. I eat them while reading my favorite old books so I'm mostly not paying attention. I'm gonna say I nibble distractedly.

  23. Never heard of a jaffa cake before lol. Its probably because im american tho. Id most likely love them because I love chocolate and orange together โค

    May 18th 2019

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