Instant -No Soak – Christmas Fruit Cake|Kerala Plum Cake|Fruit Cake -Recipe no 79

Make each Black Raisins into half (Big Raisins) and mix it with Tutti Frutti (or any dry fruits of your choice) – 1 Cup We cut the Raisins into half as the Raisins will absorb the juice and become double the size Put 1 Cup of dry fruits in a pan Then nuts .,,here i took 1/2 cup of cashew nuts ..u can use ur choice of nuts crush or chop these nuts..add these nuts to the pan along with dry fruits Add 1/2 cup of freshly squeezed orange juice(without water) Mix Well 2 tbsp Red Wine (optional) Red wine is not a compulsion ..If u dont like wine no need of adding it Then add 1 Tbsp honey Soak this in this syrup for 10 mins On Medium Flame you need to cook this This recipe is very useful for those people who forgot to soak dry fruits in rum for 30 days .. its very easy to prepare ,no pre soaking needed .. cook this in medium flame till the mix got dry when 3/4th done Add 1 tbsp Rum (Optional) u can increase the amount of rum if u want and no need of adding if u don’t like Honey helps in making our cake really soft our mix is ready ..We can see that the Dry fruits have absorbed the entire syrup Keep it aside on a plate to cool Once it is absorbed dont cook for long.otherwise it will start to burn Take a big pan to caramelize the sugar. Big Pan will ensure our safety Add 1/2 cup sugar Add 3 tbsp of water Mix well Now dont stir with a spoon.Wait for the sugar to turn brown in colour. Cook in medium flame While the sugar is turning brown.Heat some water separately always add boiling water to the sugar never add cold water .. if so the sugar will become crystal This will take around 10 minutes You can see the sugar is turning brown in colour Caramel colour will determine your cakes colour This is the colour that we need the sugar to be at Reduce the heat to minimum and add 1/4 glass of piping hot water Mix well Stir till all the sugar crystals melt in this water Keep it aside in a separate vessel to cool down now we need orange peel ..for that take an orange Without the white part of the orange skin , scrape out the orange zest into small dust form Take 160 gm of Maida 1/4 tsp of cloves powder two pinchs of Dry Ginger powder u can adjust the spice mix level according to ur preference Pinch of Cardamom powder 2 pinch of Cinnamon powder you can also add Cake Jeera Powder if you have 2 pinch of Nutmeg Powder We need to sieve this powders 3 times so that it all mixes well Preheat the oven to 180 degree C Add 150 gm unsalted Butter(kept in room temperature) We need to cut the Butter/parchment Paper to keep on the bottom and round the sides of the baking tray Grease butter on all the sides of the baking tray before placing the butter paper This is how you need to place the Butter paper Beat the butter smoothly Add 3/4 cup sugar and powder it Add the sugar in batches and mix to the butter try tale a big bowl whiling beating butter and sugar .. Beat it till the butter become fluffy Add 3 medium sized eggs (eggs to be kept in room temperature) add egg one by one and beat Add 1 tsp of vanilla essence mix well Add the orange zest Keep aside 3 tbsp of this maida powder .Rest sieve it 3 times after adding 1 tsp baking powder and pinch of salt The 3 tbsp Maida add it to the dry fruits. This is to make the dry fruits to spread evenly in the cake rather than depositing at the bottom Add the caramel sauce to the fluffy butter mix Add the flour in batches to this beaten butter. Mix well. This is the consistency for the cake mix. Now move it to the baking tray Tap the baking tin on the flat surface. This will help in removing any bubbles. Dont open and close the oven many times Bake it at 180 degree for 55 minutes Just cover a foil to avoid the blackeing of the cake top If it is salted butter no need to add more salt You can cover this in a butter paper and store it. This will stay for 3 -4 days and the taste would only increase

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