Infamous 21 PANCAKE CHALLENGE in Manchester!!

Infamous 21 PANCAKE CHALLENGE in Manchester!!

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel “Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of! Very very excited tonight I have not done a pancake challenge in forever I am in Manchester, England I’m going for overall in number 399 on that The Infamous Diner I’m taking on their 21 pancake challenge now this thing looks freaking delicious I’m not a huge pancake fan but even this whole thing this full challenge looks awesome! We’ve got 21 pancakes seven stacks of three and each stack has a different toppings on each other seven different toppings I know there’s some the Nutella right here some healthy looking strawberries there-there’s maple butter we’ve got some bacon we’ve got some through here and then whipped cream and some I think chocolate on there but I’ve got 30 minutes to finish i think three people have been able to defeat this challenge 30-minute time limit if I win I’ll get the 25-foot meal for free I’ll get a free t-shirt and i’ll be one of the few people up on the wall of fame so let’s get this challenge started! kind of rough on yesterday barely squeaked by, just going for the win today 1, 2, 3. . . Boom! 17 minutes 15 seconds serves the corners are six pancakes well both of your clothes 24 minutes that we are very well ornament 34 seconds so i had to walk without falling 26 seconds 10 barely got the win with 10 minutes left i was getting nervous but those pancakes were really freaking good like i said in the beginning of another huge pain to expand but those pancakes and all the toppings on there were great really happy with the order that i did a ball in getting those first two out of the way then finishing within the teller which was delicious but 49 minutes 34 seconds i got the 25 quid meal for free I’ve got to do like 70,000 miles to run all those calories off i will get a free t-shirt and all the one of the few people on the wall of fame so thank you to the infamous diner here in Manchester England wait number 390 night thank you guys all for coming to watch and thank you guys for watching too

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  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching and supporting our channel!! Another really tough challenge, especially because of the very short time limit. On Friday we will post our $20 SONIC Value Menu Challenge video!! Then on Monday we will post a delicious fish & chips challenge and during that video I will be attempting to get win #400!! Thanks again for all support!!

  2. Randy the legend! Followed you since day one. Keep it up brother you never let it get to you. Beast mode every time! P.s I live in oakville ontario where you smashed the breakfast challenge at mo's diner. I've been working up to it but man am I impressed that you did it. all the best brother. fan for life!

  3. Randy are you coming to Ireland? If you do you can come and have lunch in my house, Let me know in good time so I can warn the super markets to stock up on delicious delicious meats and healthy vegetables! 😀

  4. well done randy . i like the way you take on the local lingo when in the uk like quid and tomato lol. but if you said the 25 pound meal people out side the uk would problerly think it weighed 25 pounds and not the cost of it

  5. For Randy Santel fans check this out , a video of him being featured in Munchies iam sure you guys will appreciate him more after watching it. Respect to this guy!

  6. woot! you did it! was a close one! thought for a min you were gonna hit the pancake wall of shame…but you did it man!!! Good job!!! woot woot!!!

  7. You can consider that a 30 pancake challenge because those pancakes are thicker than any I've had in American restaurants. I want their recipe.


  9. You just had like a years worth of sugar from that meal, and you decide to go with a coke to that? How's that Diabetes 2 working out for you?

  10. for a skinny guy i kan out eat my fat homies but i get full on like 3 or 4 pancakes much less 21 plus those damn toppings lol

  11. why doesn't he ever sit on a chair and eat? How can he eat like that? That position looks so uncomfortable, especially for eating!

  12. How many views will you get because people searched for "Manchester" after the explosion at the concert?

  13. Correction those are not pancakes they are actually flapjacks. Pancakes are very thin not thick like these in the video

  14. Some of the music that is played in his videos are great to listen to! I'm an oldies fan myself…I'm 63 years old….But still find it awesome to listen to! Don't you!? 🙂

  15. 6:00 i get documenting this achievement but how many photos can u take of a guy eating pancakes? lol. jw. good job randy

  16. I beat your brains out with a time of 27 minutes. They still have the sorted out my pic on the wall or anything two months on. Disrespect that was a tough one as you know. Too much fluff, give me kilos of tasty meat any day!

  17. I just love watching his brother dominate that food, I wish I was there with you looks like a lot of fun and delicious food, thank you for sharing your adventure.

  18. Of every thing you consume food wize the diet coke is the worst thing you could ever drink randy ithink your nutrients can tell you that

  19. This challenge looks like a piece of cake…pancake 😂😂

    Anyway…as much as I like pancakes (and those look fantastic) I could probably only do 2-3 stacks…fewer with the sugary toppings.

  20. Kudos to ya Brother…i was nauseous watching you🤪 I can’t eat over 2 lol congratulations on the win!!!

  21. I think its terrible when Randy cant finsh the food, to me that restaurant SUCKS IN COOKING 80% cuz Randy can finsh almost anything

  22. He eats so much fat and fried stuff then he says healthy looking vegetables as if that's gonna make any difference. Why even bother saying healthy?

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