Incredible Marshmallow Icing

Incredible Marshmallow Icing

beat that with the hand mixer for a
minute so that was my corn syrup and my egg
whites and my sugar and my cream of tartar I’m going to wait a little bit
later for the almond extract I’m going to give this us a little mix to get the
sugar off the bottom of the bowl then I’m going to start to beat this with the
electric hand mixer for one minute so I just be it for one minute and now
I’m going to put it on the boiling water make sure your bowl doesn’t touch the
water and beat it for seven minutes this is after one minute this is after
two minutes I think while I’m moving the beater I
can see the bottom of the goal this is five minutes here’s six minutes watch out for your cord I’m kind of
leaning against it we don’t want that cord to get into your
flame under this is 7 minutes how gorgeous that is
I’m going to add my almond extract evaporated
I just added a little better than a half a teaspoon of almond extract now we’re
going to go ahead and ice our cake

6 thoughts on “Incredible Marshmallow Icing

  1. Lovely 👍 🎂🍰. You need to add 'Cream of Tartar' to your written list ☺ will try this on a sponge cake.

  2. Gorgeous icing! I used to make this, but I used brown sugar and I frosted my spice cakes /cupcakes with it, so good! Do you find that after awhile in the fridge that the icing starts to get liquidy bc it start to separate? I just mixed it up and that solved it, but of course it just separated after awhile again which happens naturally, so I only iced my cake just before I took it somewhere. Great recipe that also tastes great on banana, or lemon cakes or anything really! Thanks Margie!

  3. I'd only use it to frost a snack cake, not as a layer in between a tier cake either. When my mom used brown sugar she called it Seafoam Frosting and it's still the best today!

  4. Hi Margie and happy Friday! This icing looks so beautiful! Love it!! Tfs. Have a great weekend. Sending Cali love. XOXO 🙂

  5. Oh I wish you would have cut into a slice of that for us to see! But I will try this, looks so yummy 😋 😊
    Thank you

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