So I made a unicorn cake a couple of weeks ago and I loved the idea of the meringue wings so I had so much fun making it that I thought I Want to do this for another project So I decided to come up with some sort of Halloween treats and in the end I decided on a bat With meringue wings, so let’s get started I preheated my oven to 200 degrees then I poured my egg whites into my mixing bowl and whisked until it was frothy At this point I added my cream of tartar and beat until soft peaks formed I Then slowly added my granulated sugar and my black food color I decided to add my color at this time to avoid overmixing Once I hit stiff peaks I folded in my powdered sugar I Created this batwing template that I will link up in the description box below if you would like to use it as well after cutting them out I flipped them over so that I could see the image through the parchment paper while piping out the wings I Spaced the wings about four inches apart and taped them and the parchment paper down I liked using this tip number 366 last time so I decided to use it again for this project I first outlined the bat wing and then filled it in I Didn’t want the lines to appear in the final project so I used it butter knife to smooth them out I connected them together at the bottom, and then smooth everything together with my butter knife to make the bones of the wings I piped out three lines starting at the top of the wing and ending at the highest peak of each dip on the wing I Placed this in the oven for two hours, or if you’re not in a hurry one hour And then let it sit overnight in the oven So at this point you’re gonna want to put your cake on top of your final cake stand or plate that you plan on using to Present it on this way You can push your cake all the way to the front of your cake stand and then that way you’ll have room for Your meringue wings later moving onto the cake. I am using this tip number 233 for a hairy effect on the bats body I Squeezed out little patches of hair all over the cake covering completely I also want to mention that I made the black frosting by dyeing some chocolate frosting using chocolate Eliminates the need for a lot of food coloring when making your frosting Since I’m not using buttercream my frosting Dan crust over rapidly So I was able to attach my bat wings directly onto the back of my cake Resting the flat part of the wings on my cake stand For the bats eyes I rolled out yellow fondant and cut out to one and three-quarter inch circles I Use the open end of my tip number 12 to cut out the two smaller circles for his pupils for his ears I cut out your leaf shape out of black fondant, and then cut it in half I Curved them slightly and stood them up to harden For his fangs I cut two straight lines on the top and bottom inside of some white fondant, and then cut out two triangles I Rolled on some black fondant for a smile and then cut out two smaller pieces for the curves at the end of the smile For the cash light on his eyes. I used the smaller end of my tip number 12 to pop out two more circles I Then used my Cake Boss tip number six to pop out two smaller than small circles Sighs I Applied them onto each eye with water and place them onto the front of my cake having one pupil Pointing down and the other angled up slightly so that way you have the appearance of going batty I placed a smile underneath his eyes and applied each of the smaller pieces on either side of a smile curving them upward I Added his little tea fees and I was done And here he is here is our I am going batty bat cake I hope that you enjoyed my very first Halloween tutorial this year if you liked this tutorial Please give me a big thumbs up if you make this treat Please send me a photo so I can share it on all of my social media outlets and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel That way you’ll be notified every time. I post a new tutorial. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye bye guys


  1. Hi, Missy. Your bat cake looks simply adorable, just like you. Your voice is über adorable, and you are an inspiring storyteller. What's your favorite part of Halloween? Have a good day, Missy. <3

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