IHOP CinnaStax Pancakes

IHOP CinnaStax Pancakes

This is Stephanie Manley with copykat.com.
I am going to make a recipe for IHOP’s CinnaStax pancakes. This recipe can
be found in my book ‘Copykat.com’s Dining Out in the Home 2.’
And, the recipe is available if you click on the link in the description box.
Please be sure to click on the link in the description box because there
is lots of ingredients in here. This recipe really has three main steps. If
you’ve had these pancakes before they’re pancakes topped with a layer
of brown sugar and cinnamon, another pancake, a little more brown sugar
and cinnamon, and then it’s topped with a cream cheese frosting. This
resembles a lot like a cinnamon roll. Be aware there’s a lot going on here.
This recipe’s a little bit more complicated than most, but you can follow
along with me. We’re going to start out with making the cinnamon
layer here. I have a cup of butter in my bowl that’s been softened
in the microwave. One cup of brown sugar. Add a little bit of vanilla.
We’re going to add a couple of tablespoons of cake flour. We’re doing this
to give this a little bit of body. If you don’t have cake flour regular
flour is okay. Then, add about a tablespoon of cinnamon. I’m going to add a
pinch of salt here, two pinches. I’m going to just kind of stir this together
to where it’s a nice uniform mixture. All right. Our next step we’re going to do
is we’re going to make the cream cheese topping [Inaudible 0:01:58]. All right.
Now we’re on to our cream cheese topping. I have half of an eight ounce
package of cream cheese in a bowl that I’ve kind of let soften as well
as half of a stick of butter. So, it’s a quarter cup of butter and four ounces
of cream cheese. I’m just going to mix these together a bit.
Then, I’m going to add one cup of powdered sugar. I’m going to add a little
bit of vanilla, a little bit of flavor. Then, I want just a tablespoon
or so of milk, because we want this to be nice and drizzly. All right, so
let me stir this together and come back and we’ll make up those pancakes. All right. Now we’re going to start making
those pancakes. You’ve probably seen this recipe. It’s the same basic IHOP
pancake recipe I’ve been using for a little bit. It’s a little bit of salt,
some flour. I have my baking soda. I’m going to go ahead and add my sugar.
I’m going to give this a quick little stir. I like to make sure all
of my dry ingredients are nice and incorporated and mixed well. I’m going to add my vegetable oil. I’m going
to add one egg. I always like to crack my eggs in a separate bowl just to
make sure I don’t get any shell in there. And, I’m going to add my buttermilk.
You only want to stir this enough to where it’s fully blended. We’re
going to give this a quick little stir, and then we’re going to start making
our pancakes. All right. I’m going to use the grill, minus
the cat now, at 350 degrees. If you don’t have one of these you can use
a large skillet. Just heat it up to kind of a medium high temperature. You
don’t want it on medium. High is too hot. So, something in between will be
perfect. Put a little bit of nonstick spray in your
pan. The next thing I’m going to do is go ahead and make my pancakes. I’m using
a three ounce ladle. If you have a measuring cup about a half a cup will
do. If you like your pancakes a little bit thinner you can add a little
bit of buttermilk to them, a little extra. It’ll help thin them out. I
like a little thicker of a pancake. We’re going to go ahead and cook these. This’ll
just take a couple of minutes on each side. Then, we will go ahead
and start our CinnaStax. All right. We’ve let these pancakes cook for
just a couple of minutes. You can see that they’re starting to get nice
and dry on the tops and there’s lots of little bubbles. So, it’s definitely
time to go ahead and flip them over. Just flip them over. They’ll take another
minute or so to cook. Then, we’ll get ready to do some more pancakes. Okay. Now we have made our pancakes. We’ve
made our cinnamon filling. And, we’ve made our cream cheese glaze. So, it’s
time to go ahead and put this all together. We’re going to go ahead and
take our topping and spread it out on the pancake. This is so good. You’ll
probably have some extra here. This will go great on some cinnamon toast. The next thing we’re going to do is we’re
going to stick on another pancake right here. Then, we are going to add a little
bit more of the cinnamon topping. Then, finally we’re going to add
our glaze on top. There you go. We have our IHOP CinnaStax pancakes. I hope you enjoyed my last video. Please be
sure to give it a big thumbs up. And, leave me a comment in the comment
box down below. Let me know what you’d like to see next. You can also follow
me on Twitter. I’m copykatrecipes there. In Facebook I’m at Copykat
Recipes there as well. Thank you for watching.

11 thoughts on “IHOP CinnaStax Pancakes

  1. Wow excellent you need your own food Chanel show! Who ever is filming your
    show show get you to look more at the camera like your talking right at your viewers not off to one side

  2. I Love a lot of your recipes and being a new wife without lots of cooking experience seeing them step by step is awesome !!!! You rock and will make that sangria this Friday 👍🍹

  3. Hi Stephanie! Thanks for your recipes, you are amazing .
    Just a question, I am not American and I am not sure I know what is a cheese cream. Is something like "Philadelphia"? Many ingredients are difficult to find here like the buttermilk but luckily I found a way to make it using milk, yogurt and lemon!!! 🙂

  4. +Stephanie Manley THANK YOU! Just made these this morning for my family and we all loved them! In my case we have more frosting than cinnamon topping as leftovers

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